A/N: Another oneshot... it's about a vampire and a human girl. CC is welcomed.

Fangs and normality

"Leila?" she was greeted with that simple question to try and get her attention, and this time it worked. Leila, the brown skinned individual looked up, she was greeted by a light skin colored Hispanic individual who had light colored eyes, wore glasses, and had dark brown blonde tinged hair. Her name was Marie Muñez, Leila recently had forged a good friendship with her during their junior year of high school. She spoke one more:

"I wanted to know if you were going to be able to go," she said in her kind manner and Leila nodded. She loved hanging out with Marie and her group of friends, they were people she could be herself with, she could be happy with them.

"Tomorrow's Friday…" Leila said smiling and stood up, dusting off her grey school skirt. The two of them attended a private all girl's high school, and it was horrible. They only had one more semester to go, so there was nothing they could do but ride it out when senior year came by. "Are we eating at Sakura again?" she couldn't but ask.

Marie laughed and said it was up to Esme, another one of their friends. Esme had slightly lighter skin than Leila and had a charming personality, it was easy to make friends with Esme. The two school mates heard the next bell signaling the beginning of their next class, it meant that they had five minutes to enter to room before the last bell rang. They walked up the stairs grabbing their rather heavy literature book and went up to the third floor, to their AP English.

It was there that Marie and Leila parted ways because of the seating arrangement they had made for themselves. Leila sat near the edge of the teacher's desk while Marie sat far away in a corner. Marie sighed and placed her books down trying to look over the pages they had to read two days ago, nothing stuck in her head. 'Great…' she thought, remembering that Leila hadn't read anything at all. 'Senioritis is kicking in…' the young individual thought and looked up at the board.

Her thoughts were running around, she had been dating this one person by the name of Peter. She loved him with all her being, but at times it felt like he wasn't really being himself when it came to certain things. She remembered that a while back they were talking about vampires, something that Esme liked for a while. He seemed a bit uncomfortable when it came to that. 'Could it be he just doesn't like vampires?' she thought to herself absentmindedly before she felt something move around in her black school hooded sweatshirt.

'Again I'm telling you ur friends are weird…' she couldn't help but laugh what was on the message. She did the actions as low as she could so as not to get the phone confiscated.

"Louise…" she heard him sound a bit annoyed when she said his middle name. "Come on you're up to something I know you are." Marie said biting into a sandwich. Leila was sitting with them at the lunch table, Esme was buying some food, and Nicolle was just getting ready to buy something to drink.

"All right you got me…" a voice said on the other line. "I have something to tell you, but I won't tell you right now, I'll tell you when I get back." the voice said in a soothing tone.

Marie sighed and swallowed her sandwich. She didn't really like it when he used that tone of voice, she couldn't really say anything against whatever he said in that tone, he was the music that calmed the beast. 'He's in… I doubt he's coming by train…' Marie said her good byes to him and pressed the button on her cell phone.

"What did he say?" the others asked, they watched her for a moment noticing she turned red. Peter had gone with his family on a vacation, they would come back some time before April, that much she knew was true.

"Nothing really. He's coming back before April-" she was cut off.

"Just in time for Prom!" Nicolle said happily and clapped her hands, and then stopped when she say no one else doing it. She laughed nervously noticing the confused look on Leila's face. Esme was doing impressions of various actors, her goal was to try and get Marie to spit out her drink. Somehow Marie managed not to spit them out, but the others ended up laughing like crazy, this was their lunchtime.

"It's really quiet now…" Leila said noticing the action left as soon as Esme left the table, she went with Nicolle to buy something. Marie nodded slightly and looked off into the distance. Peter was starting to creep into her mind and she smiled for a moment thinking about something that had happened a while back.

"Look who's back…" a tall, slightly tanned individual said as he unfolded his arms. He had dark yellow colored eyes, that he passed off as contacts with ease. He got a better look at the pale person before him, he was of the same height as well. "Peter Lou," the individual said grinning.

"Sorry Peter, we tried convincing Alec to come but…" a young teen around 17 said. He had slightly tanned skin, and shaggy black hair. The other one that was taller than him had hair that was parted to one side, his bangs in his face, with the hair spiked up in the back.

"It's all right, we'll give him a little bit longer." The teen by the name of Peter said. Peter was around 6 feet, with dark chocolate hair, and matching eyes, at times he had been told they changed with his mood. He hissed slightly feeling a strong sunray touch his skin.

The young one, known as Edward, looked at Peter's skin noticing that it was turned black as night, giving off a metallic like luster. Peter was one of those they called 'bloodsuckers' or 'the undead' he just liked the name 'vampire'. The black mark disappeared into the air in the form of a crystal.

Aden, the one with dark yellow colored eyes was what the humans called a 'demon'. He had noticeable claws, and slightly pointed ears, but other than that he looked perfectly human. Edward was a werewolf, he had recently mastered how to change into his wolf form, and he was proud of it.

"So you're going to visit her?" Aden asked noticing the change of eye color on Peter. He nodded and looked up, he was pestered by the fact there was a small ray of light that was in the area. "She doesn't know about us, does she…?"

"I'm not willing to expose her to that…" Peter said softly as he hovered about them, using his choice of transportation. Edward watched as Peter was determined to try and prevent sunlight from coming within the area they met up at. "But I want to tell her."

"Then tell her already…" a voice came out from the shadows. A young individual around Edward's age came out, with mahogany hair and crimson colored eyes. He had fox ears on the sides of his head, right where a human's ear might have been located. The boy's name was Alec. He wore a large purpled beaded necklace with eagle feathers at the bottom of it, this was his 'soul' in every literal sense.

"Little fox came out, it's about damn time." Aden said gripping the fox demon into a head lock. "Jeez they don't let you come out at all, how are you going to find a girl then?" he said sneering.

"Whatever…" Alec said pushing Aden away from him. He shook his head and tried fixing his messy hair. Alec watched as Peter descended to the ground and landed gracefully on the tiled floor. "I heard you were back…"

"Meï told you?" Peter asked, he was familiar with kitsune abilities. Kitsune, known as 'fox demon' in western society had the abilities of becoming 'god like' when they reached their thousandth year. The young fox demon known as Meï had the ability to see into the future, hearing voices that told her what would happen, or what would've occurred.

"Yeah…" Alec said rubbing his head. Alec could read minds, but he was having some trouble shutting off of the noise that the humans made, but he knew that pretty soon he would be able to, and his thousandth year was starting to approach.

"A little demi-god in the making…" Aden said patting Alec on the head.

"She doesn't know you're coming…" Alec said softly looking up at Peter. "It's written across your face…" he said noticing the change of eye color in Peter's eyes. "I doubt she would run from you though, but I could be wrong…"

"If she cares about you…" Edward said pulling up a chair from the room. Aden leaned against the wall of the area and looked around. There were a lot of different scents in the air, something that made the world full of life, he loved how all the different scents came together and created the sense of being alive.

"She's not going to leave you…" Aden said stretching for a bit. "I'm willing to bet five dollars on it. You in?"

"I'm in." Alec said grinning. "I'm putting on also he changes her into one by this night."

"Alec!" Edward said growling. He noticed the change of expression on Peter's face, it was with anger, or something close to it. Alec stepped down and moved back a it trying to apologize.

"What else did Meï tell you?" Peter asked, his eyes turned black as night now. "What did she say, Alec?!" the young fox demon felt his back slam against the wall, the pain wasn't as bad as it seemed.

"She didn't tell me anything… I swear. I swear on my hoshi no tama." Alec said feeling Peter's fangs dig into his shoulder. Aden pulled the vampire back:

"Back off Peter, he was just joking. Besides you know once they bet on their 'soul' they really mean it." Aden said noticing that Peter was starting to relax a bit. Peter moved his hand and dusted Alec's shirt for a second and apologized.

"It's okay…" Alec said laughing nervously. "I should've been a bit more respectful."

Edward wasn't bothered by this at all, he had grown use to it for some time. This was their unique little pack. A demon, and fox demon, a werewolf, and a vampire, despite their differences they held a strong bond, worthy of having them call one another as 'brother'. Peter would only resort to turning Marie into a vampire if she were ever in mortal danger, or if in the long run they should ever marry, that was it.

"You probably should get going though…" Edward said starting out of the window from the little area. "The sun's starting to go down."

The sunlight didn't hurt Peter at all, if anything it gave way the presence of a vampire. That was the one reason why he didn't walk so much in broad daylight, his skin would turn black, and glitter like diamonds once her stepped into the shadows.

Marie's face was red, she found a blue rose on her front doorstep, but she couldn't tear her eyes away from the person standing several feet away from her home. She was 'glowing' in that logic, she never dreamed that Peter would've returned home today. She couldn't find words to say at all.


Peter smiled and walked forward, he didn't hug her right away, something was bugging him, and Marie could read it across his face. She hugged him, taking the blue rose in her hand. She noticed that he felt a bit colder than usual, which was strange for it had been sunny all that day. She didn't say anything, she tried to warm him up but it felt as though his warmth was starting to drift away.

Peter said his 'hellos' to Marie's family before they went into the living room to watch T.V. Peter sat on edge of the couch while Marie sat in the middle, it was either that or go out for a walk, but Peter said he was tired of walking.

During the whole episode they were watching together, Marie could have sworn that she had seen Peter stop breathing for what seemed like minutes. 'Maybe my mind's playing tricks on me…' she thought and sighed loudly trying to push the thought away.

Music was playing in the distance, Peter had changed the channel on the television set. He placed the Dish Network on the Sirius Radio station flipping through some of the channels. He stopped on the 'trance' and heard the song for a moment dancing in his chair for a second before noticing the look that Marie had given him.

"What?" he asked chuckling. "I like the song."

"I'm sill mad at you, you dragged me out to dance…" Marie said tapping her foot to the rhythm of the song. "But I got you back…"

"I know you did." Peter said standing up and bowing. "Does the lovely lady want to dance?"

Marie knew for a fact that she laughed and said no, but something was guiding her anyway. Some strange force opened her mouth, worked her vocal chords into producing a strong 'yes'. Her nerves moved on their own, she stood up and somehow found her hand on Peter's as he gripped it for a moment, and that point she found herself out of her daze.

She was becoming aware of what he was doing, those little actions were starting to make her wonder again. 'So… what is it? What's he going to tell me?' she wondered to herself watching him dance for a bit. The music was starting to go into a stutter affect, and it broke her from her thoughts, and at that exact moment Peter sat back down, for a moment she wondered if she blinked when he sat down, but no, she didn't. '…Maybe I'm just tired…'

"Far from it…" a voice said in the back of her head. It sounded like Peter's voice, but it was all in her head. She sat back down feeling her head spin, and she removed her glass for a second, the pain was starting to travel down. 'Man maybe I danced too much…'

"No you didn't…" there was the voice again, loud as day this time, for a second she thought Peter had spoken.

"Did you say anything?" she asked. Peter looked up and looked at Marie, scanning her eyes for a moment. He shook his head, and placed a cool hand on the young female's forehead.

"You're not sick… right?" he asked with concern. She couldn't answer and he held on tightly to her. Time seemed to stop in the moment, she couldn't breathe, she didn't hear anything else besides Peter's breathing, and then it stopped all together. Marie knew that a human couldn't last that long without oxygen, but she was beginning to doubt it now. The more and more the young girl thought about the past events, the more she began to wonder.

"Don't think so much… you'll hurt your head…" Peter said softly whispering into her ear. Marie closed her eyes, the cold radiating from Peter's body was starting to make her drowsy. He sensed it and pulled back letting go of Marie all together. Within two seconds he stood by the edge of the living room. Marie knew she wasn't dreaming this time, something was definitely going on.

"What's going on Peter?" she asked, almost afraid to her the answer. 'Maybe I'm just going crazy…' she thought as Peter didn't say anything. Marie could feel her heart beating, she was afraid, but why? Something in her own instincts told her to be afraid, to be fear Peter for some reason. The human instincts within her were screaming run, to just run away from him, and she had a feeling that Peter could hear the voices of her instinct. 'Don't run…' she thought starting to get up.

"Don't… please." Peter said softly. "I'm sorry…" he said. His eyes became like honey, they were soft, but mesmerizing. Marie couldn't help but look at them now as she placed her glasses on once more.

"Why are you sorry?" she asked moving towards the other edge of the couch to try and get a better look at Peter.

"For not telling you…" he said pulling back the sleeve on his black sweater. The mark was still there, and the small crystals were starting to float into the air, taking some black marks with them. "I'm one of them…" he said feeling disgusted now. Marie wasn't saying anything; her brain was rejecting information now. Peter stopped breathing and watched as a small black piece of the mark left his skin floating into the air, giving off a crystal like glow. He spoke once more:

"Before I tell you, would you ever make a choice between 'fangs' or 'normality'?" he asked looking back at her.