What is this place?

Such emptiness, such hopelessness

Falling through the numbness

I don't feel you let go

Wandering eyes in blurry skies

Wondering how it went awry

But does it matter?

Why not?

Why not anymore?

Your fire burns so bright

I'm blinded by the light

My blood has gone so cold

Life starts now, or so I'm told

I see your smile

Guiding us, the lonely ones

But voices do not reach those

Who lost this day, the holy way

What's happening? I'm spiraling

But I am not dizzy

Please help me, God help me

You love me

I won't see

I've tried so hard to feel this

To taste the warmth of your kiss

But cold air fills these broken cells

The violent story that time tells

You're so beautiful

My one and only, my love

What is this place?

Why don't I love you?