Things are the same

Your coat is still here

Clothes unfolded on the bed

Sometimes forgotten that

You ever left at all

Any minute now, you're coming


It looks the same

Yet completely different

I can still feel it

Hand on my heart

Sometimes it feels like

There's just no life now

It makes even the worst

Seem not so bad

When you told me to be strong

This time was never implied

Did you know?

Your arm around me

I can still touch it

The walls hold too much space

Without you

Damn videos from

A completely different world

Before you left it all behind

We passed around your coat

I'm waiting for you

Come out of that room

And look at us like we're crazy

I can still see it

Never thought at all

The whole long drive

What the night held

Curled up in the hall

Waiting to wake up

A child again, I can't breathe

You'd be so worried

To find me that way

Speak life into me

I can still hear it

A quiet night

Broken by cries and phone calls

Saying goodbye

So cold and silent

It isn't real now

I hope wherever you are

This reaches you

As though you've just left

A long time

I can still feel it