Ears cannot see

Eyes cannot hear

And the heart cannot love

So full of fear

Looking down quietly

Shaking like a leaf

So cold and nervous

That elusive relief

I take your hand

So limp and so small

Almost as if

You've never loved at all

Deep in the darkness

Do you hear my voice?

I want you to know

I'm waiting on your choice

Seeing your worries

And feeling your pain

Wanting so bad

For words not in vain

Life is too short

Opportunity too rare

To let it all go

To simply stand and stare

The people I've met

And what I've been through

It can't be by chance

That it's led me to you

This is the beauty

Of all of the change

It isn't too late

It's not out of your range

Reach out and touch this

You can't make it alone

You're only human

Blood, skin and bone

We're ready to live

Inch by inch, day by day

Don't let dreams die

We are one -

We'll be okay…