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I walked down the street briskly as I listened for sounds that would confirm danger. The atmosphere felt too strange, it was as if something was about to jump out at me. I closed my eyes and concentrated on feeling.

I shouldn't have been having so much trouble. I was a huntress and a powerful one at that. My family was renowned for having the fiercest vampire hunters in history, but I rarely ever lived up to those standards.

I turned my head quickly as I heard the noise, footsteps to quiet for a human to even barely notice. He turned up behind me. Logan. I had been hunting him for two weeks now and he kept escaping me.

Not this time, I thought as I looked at his eyes. Oops, bad move, I was entranced. Vampires had the luck of having eyes that could hypnotize anyone. Not that they really needed it, their looks were enough. They were gorgeous, there was something about the change from human to vampire that could make you look perfect, some always looked better than others of course, but you would be hard pressed to find an ugly vampire.

Logan moved in closer to me. I knew exactly what he was going to do of course, he was planning to bite me, either he would suck me dry and kill me, or he would allow me to drink some of his own blood and turn into a vampire like him. I don't know which fate would be worse. It was funny how the idea of living forever was as scary as the possibility of death. I realized both possibilities but I did not move.

I tried to take a deep breath, Logan was holding me now, I struggled to gain focus, and my control was coming back now. His lips were almost at my throat now, I tried to move and then before I knew it Logan was wrenched away from me and his hypnotic spell was completely broken.

"Ethan," I said noticing that my savior was also my best friend.

He didn't waste time talking instead he took out a knife and in one swift movement he plunged it into Logan's heart. Logan let out a pitiful scream and then his whole body disintegrated into dust.

"Evy," Ethan said using my childhood nickname, "why did you go after him?"

"I've been trying to get him for days," I explained, Ethan was overprotective. Ever since we were little he always took it upon himself to take care of me. He'd gotten me out of trouble a good few times too, so I couldn't really complain. Things always ended up going like this, I would be in some kind of big trouble, but somehow he would always be there. Ethan was great; I could talk to him about anything, except for recently since he decided he had a crush on me.

"Let's just go home," I said not in the mood to go into why I had lost control to a vampire again.

Ethan came and wrapped his arms around me to teleport back to my house. I instantly felt uncomfortable, we had done this hundreds of times before, but now whenever Ethan hugged me I could sense something different. A smoky mist surrounded us and we disappeared. Ten seconds later we reappeared at my house.

"You know he could have killed you Evy," Ethan chastised.

"I know Ethan, relax okay? I'm fine, it's late, and we have school tomorrow, I'll talk to you later okay?" My ego was bruised and it really was late. I decided to avoid my mom and my sisters and go straight to my room.

In my room I stared at myself in the mirror. My mahogany brown hair was all over the place, and my olive green eyes had a tired look to them. I had always been told that I was pretty, but I didn't know what attracted Ethan all of a sudden. The worst part though, was that everyone noticed his crush. I sighed and imagined trying to talk to him about it.

I eventually gave up trying to think up a scenario that wouldn't be awkward. No doubt, tomorrow my mom would be appalled at my lack of hunting skills and no one was going to be surprised that I had to Ethan save me again. I contemplated skipping school tomorrow, but then decided against it, Mom was going to be angry enough. I realized I would have to go downstairs to get my backpack to do my homework, and so still with the desire to remain unnoticed I used my power of invisibility to walk past everyone unnoticed.

That was of course the best part about being a hunter. The powers, all hunters could teleport and we could hear, see, and smell better than any human. We also were stronger, but we had to be to fight the vamps. Those abilities were all fun and whatnot but the most amazing part was our individual powers. I could become invisible, it was one of the most useful powers one could have, and yet despite my amazing advantage I could never compete with my older sisters.