This takes place long after our world collapsed. How can that happen, you ask? Read on and find out.

The Sun was long gone when Jude found it, a small silver rectangle. He picked it up. It was the size of his thumb, and had a little knob that, when slid up, made an even smaller rectangle extend from one end.

It wasn't uncommon to find something this in the Trade, but still, this was a little too weird…

He scanned the throng surrounding him with his green eyes. The table he was at was very crowded, even though it just had old things that you would never use again. No one looked all that suspicious, but Jude had learned the hard way that appearances are very deceiving. He checked for a manufacturing code. There wasn't one. Odd. He instead found what looked like a date, scratched out on one side in hurried, irregular scrawl.

June 19, 3119

Jude blinked. 3119? That was hundreds, thousands… oh God, oh God, oh God…

But this couldn't be true. Something like this couldn't survive for that long. That was at least seven hundred years older than WDTPsi. The date was probably just a lie, but still… Maybe Lou knew something about it. There were few things he didn't know… Shit, didn't he want Jude back by five? But Jude couldn't just leave the rectangle here, it would surely be gone by tomorrow…

Jude knew when he was beaten. With a few shouts and pulls on his sleeve, he managed to flag down the table's owner.

"Yes?" He smelled like sweat and jufruit. Weird.

"How many Saturs is this?" Jude asked, showing him the thin rectangle.

He squinted at it. "Sorry," he said, as a pair of Plutonian tourists pulled him away, "That's not mine, I've never seen that before."

"Oh." Oh God, oh God, oh God…

Jude ran, hoping that he wasn't going to screw this up.