rain-rhythm still shaping a melody in the curves of my mind,
acid rain eroding
corroding my fa├žade
the clouds still smother the sky
and my longing is a soft collision of star and heart-flesh exploding.
supernovas in the dark, empty expanse.

i wasn't asleep, but i was dreaming.
she said she wished it were different
but i knew the impact of pain would always be the same

it was dreamt white-silver and
spiderwebs weaving rainstorms in the absence of one's soul
she said it was empty and grey, this feeling.
i know.

wide awake, falling in sequences molded for no escape.
colorless, fadeless.
illusions fabricated by the heart and the mind, agree to disagree
and never again would i be the same.
the dreams evolved into monsters that caged me and murdered my sanity.

set me free,
let me bleed.