Animal Magnetism

Chapter 1

(Alan Silverstone)

Looking back, I guess I should have seen the signs. I mean, it really was a bit obvious that they were both…different. Maybe I just didn't want to ruin my excitement. Yeah, that was probably it. I was just too happy to be loved by anyone, and not just anyone, two wonderful women I will never forget. Even now, as my thirty-third birthday nears, I actually wonder for the first time what the past twelve years would have been like for me had I chosen the other. Would I still have a similar sort of family? Would she have turned me? Hell, would I even be able to live a semi-normal life? Heh heh, well, normal was never an option by being with those two.

"Uh…H-Hi there," I walked to the girl sipping punch. I was just barely twenty then, it amazes me how different I was. "Y-You diggin' this p-party?"

My only response from the girl was shoulder colder than Mt. Everest as she left.

"Dammit…Well, at least she didn't laugh at me…"

"Alan!" Yuri smacked my back hard, typical of him, and making me spill my drink all over my white shirt. Coming to this mixer was all his idea. "So, how long did she pay attention to you before she got bored?" he grinned as he parted his blonde hair.

"Yuri…" I grumbled. "This was a good shirt…" I moped at the red stain all over my clothing.

"Ah, don't sweat the petty stuff when you should be pettin' the sweaty stuff," he laughed to himself. "Speaking of which…That gal over there sure looks lonely. Maybe you can feel lonely together with her," he pointed to a darkened side of the room. The lighting was fine, it just seemed…abyssal. It didn't help that the blonde girl standing there, a sorrowful look of nervousness on her sweet face, was clad in a gothic dress that seemed to cast an ominous look over her form.

"Uh…I dunno…She looks like one of those vampire-fetish girls who thinks they're the Countess of Transylvania or something…I bet she even likes to drink blood…"

"All the more reason to go talk to her, Alan. Chicks like that BEG to have a guy pay any attention to them, and are always devils in the sack. 'Kinky' is written all over them," my long-time friend nudged my ribs.

"Is sex the only thing that matters to you when it comes to women?" I scowled.

"No, it's just the most important part. Everything else is optional," he shrugged with his charismatic smile.

"Riiiiight…." I shook my head. Before I realized it, Yuri had me by shoulders and was pushing me in the direction of the Goth girl. "Wha-? Yuri, what are you-!?" I went silent as I was standing right in front of her. I got a better look at her from where I was, and I had to admit she was hot! I had never seen a girl with such creamy yet perfect skin, a perfect complimentary color to her black dress. Her hair was golden and soft, no stray strands or split ends as it was held in the back in a folded bun.

And her EYES.

I could look into them for hours, their sky-blue hue mesmerizing.

"Um, yes?" she blushed at me suddenly being put right in front of her.

"Uh, I-" I turned to find Yuri for some help, only to see him busy smooth-talking another girl, yet was able to give me a thumbs up and a smug grin. "Uh, hi," I turned to face the girl again.

"Oh, hello," she smiled uneasily with a French accent. "Um, is zere somezing you wanted to ask me?"

"Oh-! Uh…W-Well…" I stuttered. "I…Uh…Well…How do you l-like this p-party?"

"Honestly?" she blinked. "I would say zat zis party, how you say, sucks."

Well, at least she was the honest type.

"Oh…Um…Y-Yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing," I smiled, trying to keep the conversation in a good way.

"Really? Oh, I'm so glad," she smiled back at me cheerily. DAMN what a beautiful smile she had! "I don't usually do too well wiz ze parties you people host. And zis one is razer boring, no? People are just drinking simple punch and listening to troglodytic techno noise."

A VERY honest girl.

"Oh, well, yeah I guess it's rather lowbrow," I chuckled in agreement. At that moment, something struck me. Mentally, I mean. I did something I never thought I could do at that point in my life. The action I took right then forever changed my life. "Say, you wanna go somewhere with better atmosphere?"

I asked a girl out.

I know. Shocking.

"Oh zank you, I zought you'd never ask," she gave a joyous sigh as she took my hand and led me out of the building and outside to the downtown nightlife. It was just barely dusk, the clouds a deep smoky-black sign of oncoming rain. "Oh, how rude of me! Where are my manners?" she stopped and spun around to face me, curtseying in her long skirt, revealing her black stiletto boots. "My name is Christine Clémence Bellemont II. A pleasure to meet you monsieur."

"Alan. My name is Alan Silverstone," I blushed. "A p-pleasure to meet you Christine."

"Oh my, so polite," Christine smiled as she took my hand, her soft yet tight grip less rushed as it was before. "I know ze perfect place to be at for better atmosphere, chéri. Zis way!" she led me downtown across the streets and around corners to a place I had not seen despite passing by it on my way to school. It was a café of some sorts, complete with outside seats and a porch on the second floor for more outdoor sitting. Written in elegant scarlet letters was the place's name: Red Deluge.

Christine didn't let go until we were well inside, the smell of sweat wine, coffee, and tea a pleasant and arousing aroma. Throughout the large indoor area built like a fancy restaurant were customers in fine attire and the air rang with the soothing melody of Pachebel's Canon.

I felt so out of place in my stained shirt and straight-leg jeans. Not to mention my short black hair was a bit muffy too.

"Here, chéri," my date led me one last time over to a table for two. "So, Alan," she smiled as we took our seats. "Tell me a bit about yourself."

"About myself?" I blinked. Wow, I never got this far with a girl before! "Oh, well, I'm a student at Ogidnew University."

"What are you studying?"

"Um, my major is going to be European History with the minor probably going to be Literature."

"Ah, so you are planning to be a scholar, chéri?" Christine brightened with her radiant smile.

"Well, maybe later," I chuckled. "I think teaching would be a more rewarding career."

"Zat is good. People zese days do not appreciate how important school teachers and professors are to society."

"My sentiments exactly," I nodded. "I have a history scholarship by a historian league of some sort that my mother's father had ties to, so I don't have to worry about books or tuition, just living expenses with my part-time job at the library."

"Oh, you certainly seem to have a very fortunate situation. And your family has ties to a historians' league? Zey must be quite wealthy if zey have ties to such an organization.

"Sorta," I nodded. "We weren't like those rich families that have mansions and grand estates. I mean, our home was pretty nicely sized, and we never had to worry about financial problems. But, we were pretty frugal, and I carry on that tradition myself. I live well for a college student, but I like to keep things simple."

"I see, chéri. And your hobbies?"

"Hobbies?" I blinked.

"Oui. What do you like to do in your spare time, Alan?"

"Oh, well," I blushed. "Not much. Maybe play some basketball with my friend Yuri, but um…Well, I sorta like to write poetry…"

"You write poetry?" Christine gave me a very scrutinizing look.

"Uh! Well, I mean, j-just, you know, scribble stuff here and there. Nothing…um…" I looked down in shame. She probably thought I was some pansy for writing poems. I mean, real men aren't supposed to do that kind of thing.

A giggle from my date brought my attention back to her.

"You silly," she smiled pleasantly. "Zere is nozing wrong with a man writing poetry. In fact, I like zat in a man."


"You…You're serious?" I gawked, relieved by her comment.

"Of course, chéri. In ze old days, men were often ze primary writers of poetry. It is truly a shame zat zis generation's men zink zat zey need to be overly masculine, how you say, meat-heads zat care only about cars, sports, and bikini-clad women. Men like you, chéri, who are in touch wiz zere feelings should be an example to ze boorish men of today, no?"

"Wow…" I blushed with a smile. "Thanks for the compliment." I gave her a smile as I then asked her, "So, tell me about yourself, Christine."

"Moi?" she blushed. "Well, what can I say? I don't go to school, since I live with my papa our friends."

"Oh, I see. And what do you like to do?"

"Oh, well, I like to read romantic novels by ze fireside, but I also like doing ze finer zings in life such as attending operas and concerts. Papa is a businessman of sorts and a diplomat, so I am often come wiz him to social occasions such as dances and various parties at grand restaurants."

"Wow…" I awed. Had I hit the proverbial jackpot?

"Um," my blonde companion flushed a bright pink. "Sorry, I do not mean to sound like some spoiled rich girl…"

"Uh-! N-No, Christine, it's nothing like that," I reached over to her side and clasped her hand. "You certainly don't come off as someone like that to me."

"Really?" she paused as she stared at me.

"Y-Yeah, and, I mean, you certainly have the common touch by showing up at that mixer-party. I mean, I bet you like to keep it simple too, right?"

"O-Oui, chéri." We looked into one another's eyes for what seemed like an eternity until a cough from off to our side got our attention.

"I don't mean to interrupt, but may I take your orders?" a tall man asked with a French accent. He wore waiter attire like the others here in the café, toting about a small notepad.

"Ah, George, you surprised me," Christine jumped as she smiled at the waiter.

"So sorry, Madame Christine," he chuckled before looking at me. "Oh my," he grinned back to her. "I see your dry spell has finally ended."

"G-George!" my date went redder than a radish at his remark. "We've just met…"

"Well, a date is still a date, oui Madame?" George chuckled.

"O-Oui…Um, sorry," she smiled as she looked over to me. "Alan, zis is George Arosse, he was a personal assistant to my papa many years ago. George," she turned to her old friend. "Z-Zis is Alan."

"A pleasure to meet you, monsieur," he bowed. "A friend of Madame Christine is a friend of mine."

"Nice to meet you too," I nodded back.

"Well zen, what can I get for you two?"

"Oh, I'll take a cappuccino, please," I ordered.

"Very well. And for Madame," he winked to Christine. "Does a glass of aged Burgundy Red Silk sound appeasing?"

"George, are you serious? Red silk is so expensive, especially from Burgundy. I did not even bring any money wiz me."

"It's on ze house, in celebration of your first date, Madame," George smiled as he wrote the order down. "Only ze finest for a princess of our people. Well zen, I'll go get your orders," George excused himself and left us alone.

"So anyways, Christine," I asked. "You've never been on a date? Not to sound rude, but, how old are you?

"Oh, um, well," she fidgeted. "I'm 18…"

"And you've never gone on a date?"

"Oui, chéri. I know, it is not normal for a girl my age to be dateless, but it is ze truz."

"Well, if it makes you feel better," I chuckled with a blush of my own. "I'm 20 and you're the first girl I've ever gone somewhere with."

"R-Really?" Christine brightened up.

"Yeah. I just don't do well with women," I laughed weakly. Why was I being so open? Christine seemed different than any girl I had ever tried to talk with in that I could actually TALK to her!

"You seem fine wiz me, chéri," she blinked. "And really, ze reason I have been single for so long is zat I suppose I have razer high standards. I always envisioned my lover to be smart, sweet, and kind. He would be a modern knight in shining armor, willing to risk his life for me and could bring joy to my heart wiz just a smile…" she stared off with her hands clasped together in deep fantasizing.

"Oh…" I awed.

"Erm-! Oh my! I have been, how you say, blabbering!" my blonde date blushed and laughed in embarrassment. "Of course zere is no such zing as a man like zat anymore! Ah ha ha ha ha! I mean, what woman really wants some myzical knight in shining armor zese days?"

"But," I brought her attention back to me. "Those don't seem like high standards for someone like you, Christine."

"Like moi?"

"Yeah. I mean, you're obviously a very proper and classy woman, you shouldn't' accept anything less than what you just told me. I mean, as long as you have some hope, any wish or dream is possible. Hell," I smiled. "If I didn't have any hope of meeting a nice girl one day, I would never have gone to that party we just met at. You'll find that special man one day, Christine. I'm sure of it."

My date's eyes widened at my explanation, tears falling from them like a gentle stream of joy.

"Chéri…" she sniffed. "I…Oh, to hell wiz it!" she shook her head as she walked straight up to me and planted a firm and passionate kiss upon my lips. My first kiss! When we finally parted, I stood up as she hugged me tightly. "I knew zere was somezing special about you, Alan….Do you believe in love at first sight?"

"Um…Well…" I struggled to find words to put in a sentence after such a display of passion towards me. "S-Sure, I suppose. I mean, I definitely feel something special about you….if that's what you were going to say about me…" I smiled as my face glowed beet-red.

"Oui, chéri…" my newfound lover gave my taller form a squeeze before parting, her face just as red as she smiled. "I suppose zis is what love feels like. I must say, all zose novels did not prepare me for how wonderful it feels."

"Y-Yeah," I nodded as I found myself growing bolder as well, nearing Christine's soft lips as I kissed her this time, softer and longer than she did to me.

"Oh ho!" George laughed from behind us. "Tonight certainly IS a special one for you, Madame Christine!"

My lover didn't move from our lip-lock until after our waiter set the tray of drinks down at the table.

"Oui, George," she held onto my arm as we faced him. "It is a very special night for boz of us. Right, Alan?"

"Yeah, it is," I winked at her as we took our seats. The coffee smelled exquisite, but it paled in comparison to the sweet scent of love blossoming between Christine and me. "A toast," I offered my cup to her glass of thick red drink.

"To a hopeful future?" she giggled.

"Yeah, to a hopeful future…together." With the clink of our glass and clay, we drank to the lovely music of the restaurant. When the two of us had said our goodbyes to George and exited the building, a low rumbling shattered the night sky with a bright flash of white.

"Yikes," I hissed at the thunder. Slowly, the pitter of rain descended as we both headed for some place dry. "Do you live close to here, Christine?" I asked as the rain grew heavier.

"I'm afraid not…" she stayed close to me.

"Damn…" I sighed. I hope she didn't get the wrong idea when I asked her, "I live just two streets away from here. If you want, you can stay at my place…I mean, if you're comfortable with it…"

"I trust you, chéri," Christine pecked my cheek. "Now it is your turn to lead ze way," she laughed.

"Alright, try not to trip," I took her hand as we ran through the downpour together to my apartment complex. I lived on the fifth floor, so we had to endure some shivering while being soaked until we made it inside my home. "Well, here we are. Home sweet home," I led my equally drenched lover into my apartment. "Here, my bathroom is this way," I held her close to keep her warm as we walked to my bedroom and over to the washroom.

"My my," she awed at the home and my room. "You certainly have a nice place to live despite being on your own, Alan."

"Well, the family put in the good word for me when we got this little apartment set up for me," I smiled. "Go ahead and get a nice hot shower. Or a bath. Whichever you want is fine."

"A shower will do," Christine nodded. "I'm trusting you not to come in here and peek, chéri," she giggled as she closed the door.

"I wouldn't dream of it, Christine," I laughed back as I went to my dresser to change, but eventually froze in thought. "W-Wait a second…I didn't give her a clean change of clothes yet…Which means…Eep!" I felt my face grow hot with blood. Dammit, I'd have to sneak in there for a moment…!

Grabbing a long-sleeved button-up shirt and a pair of shorts, I slowly opened the door, letting clouds of steam out as I heard the shower running already, Christine humming to herself pleasantly as I neared the closed toilet seat to drop her clothes off without her noticing.

"You know, I did not zink voyeurism was your zing, Alan," I heard the shower door open next to me and saw my long-haired love giving me a sarcastic grin.

"Gah! Sorry!" I turned away and covered my eyes. "I didn't come in here for that, honest!" I pleaded.

"Oh, a fresh change of cloezing," she brightened up as she slide the door shut. "It's alright, chéri, I figured you weren't zat type of man, hehehehe!"

"Thanks," I gave a relieved sigh. "Oh, that reminds me, would you care to read some of my poetry when you're done?"

"Really? I would love to!"

"Cool. I'll get it out once you're out of the bathroom."

"Very well zen, Alan," Christine returned to her washing as I left the bathroom to grab my clean clothes to change into. I had a towel folded up for when I would change my bathroom towels and dried off with it before getting my new clothes on.

"Well, I gotta admit this is certainly been a night of firsts for me," I chuckled to myself as I pulled up my boxers. "First date, first kiss, first love confession, and first girl to spend the night…Well, not in a sexual sense…" I blushed.

"Aaahhhhh…Zat was one well-deserved shower!" Christine stepped out of the bathroom with her silky gold hair down and dressed in the clothes I left her. "Alright, chéri, let me see your-"

We both froze in place as she saw me only in my underwear before I got my shirt on.

"Ah! Sorry, Alan!" my lover turned away and covered her eyes just as I had.

"N-No, it's fine," I fought my embarrassment hard as I pulled my shirt on quickly. "I should have waited to change until after you were done anyways," I gave a reassuring laugh.

"Well, I suppose it is my fault as well," Christine chuckled back. "Zis IS your house after all. I should have expected somezing like zis to happen."

"Well, anyways," I took a black leather-bound book and handed it to her. "Here ya go."

"Hm? Is zis…?" she turned to face me.

"Yup, every poem I've written thus far since middle school," I smiled. "Bon appetite."

"All zese pages are filled wiz your poetry? Bon appetite indeed!" my golden-mane girlfriend giggled as she sat on my bed's edge and read through page after page. She stopped at one page and read it with especial interest, her face going pink as she finally finished it. Oh no! She didn't read that one, did she…???

"Um… Chéri," she closed the book as she looked at me with rosy cheeks. "Zis poem you wrote called 'Consummation'…Ze one about making love for ze first time…?"

"Hrk! Y-You weren't supposed to s-see that one!" I took the book and put it away. I wrote the poem half-fantasizing what my first time would be like… "I know, what you're probably thinking, but it's-"

"It was wonderful, chéri!" she leapt from the bed to hug me tightly. "You have such a way wiz words, Alan! It so beautifully painted ze perfect picture of true love."

"R-Really?" I blinked. "You didn't think it was raunchy or anything like that?"

"Oh, no, chéri. In fact, I've always imagined it like zat myself…" she blushed further as she then looked deeply in my eyes. "I…I would like to ask you a favor, chéri…And…If you don't want to do it, zat is alright wiz me…I mean…we just met after all…"

"Huh? What?" I gulped.

"I…I've always wanted my first time to be wiz someone special and that didn't see sex as somezing for brutish pleasure…And…well…meeting someone like you is a once in a lifetime happening…Chéri…Please…Please make me a woman!" she begged as she held me tightly.

"M-Make you a woman??" I sputtered. Was this all a dream!? How did I go from zero to hero in one night??

"I…I do not want to sound like a slut, chéri…But," she parted as she gazed at me lovingly. "Part of why I fell in love wiz you was zat you reminded me of my papa. You are boz caring and gentle men, and I always wanted my true love to be like him…"

"I'm….I'm flattered you think of me in such a way, Christine…" I stretched my shirt collar to vent some of the heat growing from me. "W-Well…I can d-definitely say that having you be my first would be an honor too…"

"I'm glad to hear zat, chéri," she brought her lips to mine as we kissed, our nervous but questing tongues meeting as a hot electricity shot through us. With a gently swoop, I took Christine's smaller form into my arms and gently laid her on my queen-sized bed. "I promise I'll be slow and gentle," I breathed as we parted, my hand going to her soft and small breast, rubbing the tender flesh softly.

"Aaahhh…." My beloved groaned as I laid next to her and brought my other hand to her other one and alternated between massaging the soft orbs while kissing her deeply. I trailed my kisses to her jawline and down her neck, her skin prickling at my lips' touch. I slowly undid her shirt until I was able to slip it off her just before taking mine off. Her bosom was somewhat perky, but she was only 18, it would grow more no doubt. As I brought my lips to her cleavage, her back arched with her lovely moan.

"Ooohhhh, chéri…!" she panted as I kissed her nipple and began to suckle. More and more, our mutual arousal escalated as I felt my member pressed tightly against her hip. I hope she didn't think I was a pervert for having it touch her like that… I could smell her sweet aroma as I brought my attention to her legs, pulling off her shorts to leave her completely nude, a goddess in human form as I gazed at her lovely and young figure.

"You're absolutely beautiful, Christine," I took off my boxers as I kissed her more. My questing hand snaked to her wet womanhood, stroking it gently as she moaned into our kisses, until she let loose a shrill cry of pleasure. I released my hand and allowed her to catch her breath. She looked absolutely lovely as her body glistened with sweat and her cheeks flushed.

"Ch-Chéri…" she panted in between breaths. "I have n-never felt zis way before…I…I am still frightened…" she looked at my lower limb. I felt the urge to cover myself, but her delicate hand stopped me. "I…I know it will hurt…So, please go slowly…"

"I-I will," I gulped as I readied myself in the position in front of her. The entering was tight, and when the flesh tore,

"AAAAAAHHHHH!" my beloved clung to me as her voice shrieked, her nails digging into my shoulders and back. "It…Tssss! It is in…!" she sniffed as her body still shook in the pain. All I could do was hold her as tight as she was holding me, petting her long golden hair in hopes that I could soothe her somehow. "Alan…Hhheee! S-Slowly…!"

"Of course, Christine," I cooed to her as I slowly laid her on her back, then with a gentle push, I entered further. Her hisses of pain came out in gasps as I moved slowly, until they became short gasps as she weakly smiled at me.

"I…I zink I'm g-getting used to it now…Just a bit more at zis pace…Please…"

"Alright, then," I smiled to her as lovingly as I possible could. It was a gradual process, but soon the gasps became little mews of pleasure. And then, finally,

"Aaaaaahhhhhh….!" She arched in her first true climax before falling back down into her afterglow. I was close myself, and withdrew before it was too late. I managed to get off quickly enough to lay next to my partner, her weak hand reaching for mine as I brought the covers over ourselves, a warm union of love as we embraced in our sleep.

I awoke with a sudden call from nature. Was yesterday just a dream? As I stood out of bed to use the restroom, I noticed I was naked and an equally nude Christine slumbered next to where I was just at.

"Unreal…" I smiled as I did my business and got back in bed. I stroked my lover's cheek delicately, a smile ran across her sweet lips as she slowly opened her beautiful azure eyes to see me. "Good morning, Christine," I snuggled closer to her.

" 'Good' does not describe it, chéri," she brought her lips to mine with a giggle. "Last night…I…I can not believe how lucky I was to meet you…"

"Same for me, Christine," I held her warm and smooth body close to mine. "I might have to re-write that poem now," I gave a small laugh. "It felt so much better than I could even imagine."

"Oui, chéri. I agree completely. So," she propped herself to a sitting position with the blankets over her chest. "I zink zat it is safe to say zat I will be seeing you again soon."

"Where would you like to meet up at?" I sat up next to her as she rested against my shoulder.

"Does tomorrow around noon at ze mall food court sound alright?"

"Tomorrow at noon?" I thought for a moment. "Um…How about at around three? I have class from eleven until two."

"Fine wiz me, Alan," my lover kissed my cheek as she climbed out of bed, walking to her clothes. "Oh my," she turned to me with a blush. "We forgot to put our clozs in ze wash."

"Oops…" I blinked as I exited and rounded up a new set of clothes for her. "Here, just wear these until I can get yours dried and ready," I smiled as I gave her a long-sleave shirt and a pair of baggy sweatpants.

"Not a problem," Chrsitine gave me another heavenly smile as she dressed while I put on my clothes from after we got home. Luckily her dress and my outfit weren't smelly from being left damp in the air for all of last night.

After setting the dryer, I headed to the kitchen to fetch a breakfast worthy of our grand relationship. Eggs, bacon, and even some hash-browns I had in the freezer went into an intricate feast I concocted for my new girlfriend.

"Ooh, zat all smells lovely, Alan," my beloved came to the kitchen and sat at the table.

"I hope you worked up an appetite from last night, because I made a lot for both of us," I grinned as I set the omelets on the table with the cheese already melting inside them. In seconds the bacon and potatoes were done, the mighty breakfast to celebrate Christine and my pre-marital union as lovers.

"Mmm! Zey smell so wonderful, chéri!" she licked her lips as I finally set up all the necessary utensils and plates.

"Bon appetite, my love!" I beamed as we dug into our meal. I was hungry as it was, but Christine somehow managed to gobble more food than me. The part I really didn't understand was how she was able to stuff it all down and not even so much as have a slight protrusion from her belly!

"Aah…I have not had such a good meal in ages…" she smiled joyously as she wiped her lips with a napkin. "You should work as a chef, Alan. Zat meal was simply divine."

"Well, my mom taught me how to cook when I was young," I grinned at her compliment as I cleaned up the kitchen. "Well, our clothes should be dry by now, Christine. Why don't you go get changed and I'll walk you to your house?"

"My house? Oh, zat won't be necessary, chéri," she giggled as she went to fetch her dress, heading to my room to dress herself as I took my clothing out as well, but to wash with stain-remover later. As my blonde girlfriend returned dressed in her gown, she smiled pleasantly. "I'll call one of our chauffeurs to pick me up. You can wait with me, zough."

"Oh, alright then," I nodded as I went to my room for a new change of clothing, returning in a black shirt and semi-loose jeans. "Shall we go?" I offered my arm in a gentlemanly way as Christine took it.

We walked together down the street to a not so busy area downtown where my love dialed her home on a payphone (I paid, of course).

"You know," I smiled as I held her hand when she finished. "The last twelve or so hours have been a major change in my life."

"How so?"

"I went from a guy too nervous to talk to girls to making love with a woman I feel so strongly for."

"I know," my foreign lover nodded as we kissed. "I went through some major changes too. I hope we can stay true to each other for a long time, chéri."

"Same here, Christine."

We stood there, admiring the soft spring breezes as we held one another's hand until a long black limousine pulled up, the driver escorting Christine in just after we gave one another one last parting kiss.

I waved as I watched my newfound love drive off into town, my heart fluttering with the bright future I might have found. I had class that day a few hours later, so I went back home to grab my backpack and head to the university.

My class that day seemed to fly by, my mind too engrossed in the thoughts of my lovely Christine. I was finally brought back to reality while leaving the class when a rogue hand smacked my back.

"Alan!" Yuri cheered.

"Gah! Oh, hey Yuri," I looked over to him as we left the class with other students.

"So, how long did you last yesterday when you and that girl left together?"

"Last?" I blinked.

"Yeah, you know, until you were shrugged off as being boring," he grinned.

"I'll have you know that we went out to a café together," I beamed.

"OH? And then she dumped you, right?"

"N-No!" I blushed. "A-Actually…We really hit it off…and um…" I mumbled to myself.

"Huh? What's that?" my childhood friend leaned towards me.

"Well…We sorta did 'it' too…" I felt my face burn crimson.

Yuri then faced the students walking about and yelled, "Hey everyone! Alan finally got LAID!"

"Y-YURI!" I panicked as girls wooed at me and gays gave me a 'hell yeah'. "Cripes, you're hopeless…"

"Well come on, Alan! Oh, no pun intended," he chuckled. "I mean, you never had a girlfriend in your life, never even went to a single dance, and in one night you made up for the lost time and caught up with the regular guys. Seriously, I'm proud of you, dude!"

"Gee…Uh, thanks…I think…" I sighed.

"So, you gonna see her again?"

"Yeah, actually," I nodded.

"Cool. Glad to see you finally doing things a guy should be doing at our age."

"Yeah, I suppose I'm glad for that too."

"Well, I gotta head out, man. I've got a little love-session with one of the chicks I met last night, hehehehe!"

"You never change…" I gave a snort. "Alright, catch ya later."

"Later, pal," Yuri waved as he headed off to his place while I went to mine. I had work later in the day, so I didn't have too much free-time until I got home. I couldn't sleep that night, the excitement of seeing Christine too great for me to calm down and rest. Well, I did finally sleep, and was the first person to rush out after class to get ready at home, donning cologne I had saved for a special occasion and formalities, and even gelling my obsidian hair back.

I got goose-bumps as I made my way to the city mall, my heart pounding into my throat as I made my way to the food court. There at the wishing fountain was my beloved Christine wearing a less formal outfit than before. Her hair was in a high ponytail today, and she wore a magenta turtleneck with a knee-length skirt with short-heeled shoes. He face brightened as we made eye-contact.

"Ah! Chéri!" she waved as I we jogged to meet up with one another with a hug. "I'm so glad you showed up so soon."

"Well, of course, Christine," I gave her a soft kiss before we parted. "You look awesome. I like this outfit even more than last night's dress."

"Really?" she blushed.

"Yeah," I nodded. "You look a lot more-" I couldn't finish as a girlish squeal called my name and its speaker pinned me to the floor with a hard tackle.

"ALAN!" she hugged me tightly as I was pressed by her heavier body. I looked up to see a girl my age with long brown hair and bright blue eyes. I had to admit she was quite gorgeous! "Oh WOW! You really matured these past years!" She giggled as I stood up, a little weirded out.

"Um…Have we met?" I blinked with a leer.

"You don't remember me?" she pouted. "Here, I'll give you a hint," she winked as she puffed her cheeks out a bit. The face seemed familiar and…Wait a second!

"Angela??" I gawked.

"Yup!" se chirped as she made her face normal again. "Long time no see, Alan," she hugged me tightly.

"Wow, no kidding!" I cheered. "I can't believe it's really you! I mean, after you left America, I thought I'd never be able to see you again."

"Well, I've been given some time off back home, so I'm taking a bit of a vacation here, and you were the first person I wanted to see!"

"This is great!" I laughed. "Wait until Yuri sees you. Oh geez, wait until you see Yuri! He's a real ladies' man now," I laughed.

"Ahem!" Christine broke her silence.

"Hm?" Angie looked over to my date. "Who's this?" she pointed to her.

"Zat is MY line," my beloved glared at Angela, then to me.

"Oh, sorry, Christine," I reassured her. "This is Angela Zhivago. She was my childhood friend years back. She left America about ten years ago," I said with a smile.

"So, you two are not an item, zen?" my blonde partner asked with a rather annoyed expression.

"Hm?" Angie walked up to Chrsitine, her form a bit taller and more developed (her bust and hips were WAY more mature than Christine's were!). She then started to…sniff her? After a few smells of my date, she turned to me with a sigh. "Alan, I know some guys have a thing for older women, but you're practically robbing the grave with this hag."

"W-W-WHAT!!!" Christine fumed with a tomato-red face.

"Just what are you? A hundred and thirty?" my brunette friend grinned.

"I-I am eighteen, you bitch!" my love snarled.

"Pff! Yeah, when you were TURNED. I can smell at least a whole century's worth of age on you, grandma."

"Angela!" I growled, pissed that she was being so weirdly rude to my girlfriend. "What the hell are you talking about!?"

"You didn't notice?" she simply blinked before pinching the corners of Christine's lips open, revealing two sharp canines. "This hag's a vampire."

And that was how the madness all began…