Animal Magnetism

Chapter 3

(Angela Zhivago)

They say a girl never forgets her first love. I can attest to that.

My name is Angela Zhivago, daughter of a proud and noble werewolf family. We werewolves take pride in our heritage and our nation that has stood strong throughout the centuries.

But that's another story for later. Let's skip to the part I love remembering.

"Out!" I shoved the lingerie-clad vamp Christine out of Alan's bedroom.

"Watch it!" she squeaked as she fell on the floor. "Do not go sucking his very life out of him just because you werewolves like it rough!" she bitched.

"Fuck off, bitch!" I said with a straight smile as I closed and locked the door behind me.

"A-Angie…!" Alan gulped. He's so cute when he's nervous. "Now, let's not jump into this so…uh…quickly. I mean, it's late, and I have work tomorrow. So, uh, how about we cuddle for the night…?"

"Can you honestly say you mean that when you're pitching a tent like that," I grinned as I tore my shirt off and yanked off my thong. The damn thing was a little tight.

"Um…" he quickly covered his boner. "Look, relationships don't need to be strongly based on sex, right?" he argued as I came closer to him, cornering him to the bed.

"Nope," I licked my lips. "But it helps." In an instant I sprang for his lower body and tore his shorts off in one swipe, his stiff limb poking upwards. "My my…" I awed at it. "Nice shape and size. I'm really impressed a mortal guy like you is so…gifted."

"W-Wait, I thought you said you were a virgin…?" my beloved squeaked as I held his warm rod delicately.

"I am," I chuckled. "But in the military we had coed showers, so it was normal to see comrades' dorks. Besides," I then grasped his love handle teasingly. "I may be a virgin, but I did a little 'research' in my spare time for when this moment would…come…" I then took his piece to my mouth and began to suckle and lick.

A whine-moan from him alerted me that this was Alan's first blowjob, all the more for the better. It didn't take long to get him to burst, his flavor pungent but in a good way.

"Gah…!" he gasped. "Th-That was…!" Alan tried to speak in between breaths, but I was quick to pin him to the bed.

"Not so fast, lover-boy," I grinned as I straddled his waist, sitting above his still stiff piece. "You aren't getting any rest until I get satisfied tonight, understand?" The look of fear upon his cute face was priceless, and it served as a goad to let me go through with this. Of course, being my first time, I figured it wouldn't take long anyways. Slowly, I guided him into me, my body flinching at the loss of my maidenhead. I was quick to heal though, and in no time at all I was filled up and feeling incredible.

"…Hhhhk..!" my boyfriend gritted his teeth as I began to move up and down. "T-Tight…!"

"Mmmm…! Yeah…You and me make a…Aaaaah…Perfect match down here…!" I murred in delight as I felt my body cascade with hot pleasure. I let my insides clamp a bit tighter around him, savoring his shape and texture, bringing my body to a higher state of arousal.

"Gah! A-Angie…!" Alan squeaked. "I'm…I'm gonna…!"

"Go ahead…!" I said in between a moan. I brought his hands to my bosom and allowed him to feel my soft breasts. His hands were still a bit inexperienced, but the fact that it was Alan made up for it. "I took a pill before tonight…" I smiled with a blush as my body's heat grew to a white-hot intensity.

"Okay…!" my darling sat up and buried his smooth face into my tits, suckling and rubbing them as he pistoned in tune with my hips. Hotter and hotter, our bodies were shining with sweat now as I felt my orgasm approaching as his lower body's grinding increased in speed.

"Angie!" he coughed in one gasp as I felt him give one deep final thrust into me, filling my belly with his seed.

"AH! Alan, I love you!" I held onto him as I felt my body explode with erogenous joy as we both climaxed in synch. Alan was first to come down from his cloud of pleasure as he fell back onto his bed with a plop. I was still enjoying my prolonged orgasm for a few seconds longer until I gave a happy sigh and fell to his side, his member pulling out.

Oh GODS did it feel so good…I felt like I could die from how wondrous it was.

"That was…Incredi-…ble…" my dear panted. "I…I could get used to this…" he said light-headedly.

"Me too…" I purred as I snuggled close to him, our bodies' heat keeping us nice and warm. "So, now Christine and I are even…" I grinned as I saw Alan's face turn pink.

"Um…Yeah, I suppose so…" he nodded hesitantly.

"You know, Alan," I snuggled closer to him, my breasts pushed against his chest. "You're in a position guys would KILL for…Just remember how good you're gonna have it for the next year, dating and banging two girls at the same time and both not bothered by it…"

"Y-Yeah…" he gulped.

"Oh MY," I mewed as I patted his crotch. "Seems like you're ready for another turn."

"Wait! I'm still sensi-Aaaahhh!" he gasped as I leaned over him once more. I paused, then got off him. "What's wrong, Angie?" he blinked as I sat next to him on my hands and knees.

"Take me from behind this time, Alan," I grinned as I gave a pat to my ass to invite him. "I was in control last time, so this time let's switch roles. I'll be your bitch," I moaned to him as I spread my lower lips for him to see.

"You certainly are enjoying this…" he smiled weakly as he got behind me and slowly guided himself into me, my mouth issuing a canine yelp of joy as he pushed all the way to his base. "Now then…" he slowly pulled out and moved back in at a slow and steady pace.

GODS was it agonizing! I had only cum a minute ago, but I was already wanting it again!

"Aaaahhhh….! Don't t-tease me, Alan…!" I cooed as I felt my tits swell in excitement. I had heard that slower paced movement drives us women crazy and yields a better orgasm. I found out that night that such was an understatement. Just when my vision blurred with my erotic insanity, I jumped as I felt a quick shafting into my honey pot…then another…!

"I didn't….aaaahhh…think I could do it again…" Alan purred. "But I think I can let loose one more time….Hhhnnn…! Here it comes…!" he grunted as he paced back and forth at blinding speeds now.

And me? I was mewling like an injured puppy as I yipped and yelped in pleasure, until I felt him stab me deep one last time as I was stuffed with his essence, bringing me to my second (and far more massive) climax. I gave a long and loud lupine howl of excitement as I felt my body center melt around Alan's staff. I collapsed, breathing hard as my body burned with sensuous joy.

Thank the gods I took that contraceptive…I swear…I swear that I could feel every one of those little guys poking against my walls….

I fell asleep in my exhaustion, dreaming of nothing short of delightful as I had visions of being done by Alan in my sleep.

I awoke the next day with a long yawn. Alan was still asleep and we were both under the covers together. What a guy, he tucked me in. I looked out his window to see it was just before sunrise, my internal clock already adjusting to Eastern Time. I had today off, so I didn't need to worry about getting to work until tomorrow., so I decided to freshen up a bit.

Gods knew I needed a good shower after the sweat and other fluids that got on and in me. It was nice to take a shower in a stall bigger than mine at the home I acquired at Oncealoft to live at until I found Alan. Even better, the showerhead was detachable, so I got to clean out my inner channel. I could still smell his milk as I finished rinsing out the last of it, then finally drying off. I had only my shirt and panties to wear for the time being until I could get my clothes moved here, but I didn't mind. I was too excited to be with Alan at long last to give a fuck.

I decided not to dress and cuddled back in bed with him, his soft warm skin against mine as I fell back to sleep in his loving embrace.

About four or five hours later, an annoying knock on the door by that bitch Christine woke me from a wonderful slumber.

"Angela! You are not going to stay in zere all day, are you!?" she bitched in her ear-splitting soprano voice.

Grumbling, I went to the door and opened it, still stark naked.

"Gah!" she jumped back as she saw me in my birthday suit. "W-Well, are you going to sleep all day? I zought you military-types were early risers."

"We are," I shrugged, enjoying the fact that Christine didn't know whether to stare at my body or not. This was gonna be a fun year. "Alan and I are just bushed from doing it twice last night. Man, he really can bust a load," I whistled happily.

"I do not need to hear zat!" she blushed as she turned away.

"What, you didn't let him cum in you?" I purred as I draped my arms over her shoulders, my D cup breasts pushed against her back.

"Wh-What?!" she spun around with a horrified look on her face. "Y-You mean…He impregnated you…?" she gulped.

I decided to fuck with her some more as I rubbed my lower abdomen.

"Mmm, you bet," I gave a matronly smile. "I can't wait to bear this child for him and start our family together. Oh, it's gonna be so nice…."

The little vamp looked like she was going to DIE with terror!

"Z-Zat is cheating…!" she began to look paler than usual.

"Well, it will be a half-blood though," I gave her a smug glare. "But, if you turn him and then let him knock you up, then he'd more than likely want to be with you, right?"

"I-I am NOT a floozy!" she sniffled. "Damn you! Now Alan will have no choice but to choose you and leave me!" She then buried her faced in her palms and began to sob pathetically.

I snorked a little, then busted out laughing like an idiot, holding my gut in my belly-aching.

"What is so funny!?" she fumed with a sorrow-wrenched face.

"Oh GODS!" I cried in laughter. "I can't believe you bought that pregnancy shit! Ahahaha!"

"What do you mean??" Christine blinked.

"You think I'd be stupid enough to get pregnant before winning against you and marrying him? HA! I took a contraceptive before he even came home last night!" I continued to laugh my ass off until I felt a sharp smack against the back of my head.

"Chienne!" the vamp cursed at me. "How dare you make a fool of me!"

"What can I say?" I stood back up. "It was worth the neck-chop you gave me just now. Heh heh heh," I grinned.

"Whatever…" she humphed. "Just do not try such an underhanded tactic again," she went back to the fold-out bed from the couch in the living room. "Well? Are you just going to walk around nude all day?" Christine fumed at me, her face still pink.

"Hm…" I grinned. "Maybe…I bet I'd get Alan's attention more that way."

"You wouldn't…" she scowled.

"Of course not," I chuckled.

"Why are you so jovial and carefeee?" the blonde bitch asked. "I figured an ex-military werewolf like yourself would be…"

"…Disciplined?" I gave a wicked grin. "Oh, I am. And quite polite too. But I've been in the military for over five years now, and so I'm taking advantage of the fact that I don't have to act like I have a broomstick up my ass all the time."

"You make it sound like it was unbearable," she blinked

"Let's just say it's a relief to be so relaxed about things now," I winked. "Still," I gave a long stretch with my arms. "I wouldn't mind going back if they let me. It was great being in the WAF."

"Werewolf Armed Forces?" Christine gulped. "I…I zought sat you were simply in a human military unit…."

"Nope," I gave an evil grin once more. "I was in the Lycan Special Forces, as it happens. Not a ranked officer, but still, you don't get better than the LSF."

My rival's face bleached in fear at my words.

"Oh don't get your panties in a wad, Christine," I sighed. "Just because I was special forces doesn't mean I'm a sociopath."

"I beg to differ…" she scowled. "I have heard reports of ze LSF's missions. Your branch of ze werewolf military has decimated vampire strongholds in Europe for decades on end. I now have even less reason to trust you."

"Pff!" I sneered. "Did you forget what the first article of the Pax Tenebrarum stated? Europe was, is, and always will be the Lycan Nation's lands. You vamps are guests in our homelands, less than that, you're given only the privilege to live in our domain so long as you don't try to set up shop. We have every right to ice your bases you try to set up, remember?" I looked down at her smaller form.

"And what of ze Hunters?" she glared back. "You kill humans that do the same too. Are ze simply guests?"

"Hunters are the enemy of both our kind," I humphed. "So their presence is not even welcomed in the first place. And as for the civilian humans, they are distant cousins to our race, so we're being courteous enough to let them have partial rule over themselves so long as they accept that we still hold sovereignty over the EU, former Combloc nations, and Russia. That simple."

"Who holds sovereignty in the EU and the former USSR nations…?" I heard Alan from his doorway, yawning. Looking over, I saw that he was dressed in his boxers and looked too tired to make sense of the situation.

"Ze werewolves," the blonde bitch sneered.

"Huh? Is that true, Angie?" he blinked at me after rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

"Yeah. Here, let me make some breakfast so we can discuss some history with you," I cooed as I gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Sure…" he yawned with a smile. "But put something on, please."

"Ha!" that vamp bitch smirked at me as I went to get my night clothing on.

I made some eggs and sausage with what Alan had left in his fridge, adding a pinch of this and a dash of that to give it all a good flavor.

"So then," our mutual love-interest began as we all ate. I made sure to give the two of them bigger portions than me. "Maybe you should start at the beginning about werewolves and vampires being around to begin with…"

"Fine. You start, Christine," I shrugged while munching my food.

"Very well zen," she began. "It all began wiz ze humans in ze Middle East. When God created Adam, he gave to him both Liliz and Eve. But Adam-"

"Hold on a sec," Alan blinked. "I believe in God and all too, but are you saying that humans really did come from the Garden of Eden? I'm pretty liberal in my views, so I kinda always went with the whole Homo sapiens coming from Africa theory…"

"Humans," I grinned. "Were made, not born. And not just from Jehovah."

It was apparent he was confused by all this.

"Did you really think that all those cultures' creation myths were just stories to tell kids?" I laughed. "Gods and Goddesses exist, Alan. Our kind have each known it for millennia."

"I'm….I'm gonna pretend I believe you on that…" my love slumped as he continued to eat and listen.

"Anyway," Christine continued. "Adam chose Eve over Liliz, and zus Liliz scorned Adam in jealousy, becoming a succubus-like demon. Years later, Cain encountered Liliz and ze two mated. Zeir son was named Akmed, and he was ze first Western Vampire. All Vampires can trace zeir heritage zrough blood and bite to Akmed. It was Akmed who found zat he could turn ozers to be like him but not quiet as strong as he was. He founded ze Vampiric Royal Family, which only bred wiz zeir own Bites to produce royalty to succeed ze zrone. Akmed was slain by Jewish assassins, and so he was succeeded by his firstborn son Hakim. Hakim established ze vampires zat were created by ze royal family zrough bite as a people of zeir own, fighting ze descendants of boz Ishmael and Isaac for control of ze holy land. Hakim was poisoned by his usurping wife to let zeir son Ragziel take ze zrone. Ragziel organized all Western Vampires in what is now called ze Vampyrus Impirium, or Vampire Empire. It was he who made our people stay in the shadows and puppet ze Mediterranean cultures wiz figureheads zey controlled."

"And so he's the current Emperor?" Alan interrupted.

"No, and ze titles are different zan zat. Ragziel established a dual-figurehead executive branch while a council of elders were ze legislative and judicial branch. Ze Dominus Primus Vampyri, or, First Lord of Vampires was in charge of executive matters and court rulings. Ze Dominus Secondus Vampyri, or Second Lord of Vampires, was in charge of ze empire's legislative and economic matters. And no, Ragziel is no longer ze emperor. He stepped down from his rule to let his son Dmitrius take succession and died years later in his retirement by ze werewolves."

"There's never been conclusive proof of that, though," I smirked.

"Nonezeless," the succubus coughed. "Dmitrius set his sights on ze European lands after ze Western Roman Empire collapsed. However, he was met with much resistance by ze werewolves."

"Okay, back up a bit," Alan held up his hand. "Angie, your turn to start from the beginning."

"Fine by me," I grinned. "For werewolves, we can trace our lineage to one man: King Lycaon of Arcadia."

"I remember learning about him in my mythology class," our lover nodded. "He ate human flesh and Zeus cursed him, right?"

"Correct," I nodded. "He was cursed with immortality and to forever be a great wolf-beast. Thrown out of his kingdom during the sixth century Before the Common Era, he wandered as a nomadic beast. In his travels, he came into contact with the barbaric tribes of Europe, the Nordic and Germanic people. They welcomed him as an ally for his incredible strength and also because they felt him to be kin as a wolf. The Germanic tribes of Europe all saw him as a friend and welcomed him, even the Celts in Scotland found him to be a worthy ally. Some how or another, as an attempt to cement bonds between many of the great tribes, Lycaon had eight wives. Each were from different parts of the continent. Scotland, Germany, England, Russia, Italy, former Czechoslovakia, France, and Sweden. The eight half-wolf-beast children he fathered became the first true werewolves in Europe."

"And so all werewolves today are descendants of those eight?" Alan asked with interest.

"Sorta. The thing was, the werewolves Lycaon fathered were powerful, almost as much as he was. Rather than keep the ties between the tribes, they formed their own werewolf clans with Lycaon as the supreme chieftain. The eight children, once they matured, fathered and mothered their own descendants with humans and then turned them. This was how the eight tribes were founded and was the beginning of the Lycan Nation. Around the eleventh century of the Common Era, Dmitrius began his campaign to conquer Europe."

"How is it that no history books tell of this?" our lover blinked.

"Well," Christine blushed. "Ze Church was ze only literate institution at ze time, and wiz ze vampires' persuasion, ze forced zem to expunge all information regarding ze werewolves and vampires. Zough zere was a sect of ze Church zat sought destruction of ze vampires, werewolves, and ozer non-human races."

"That Hunters," I nodded with a stern expression.

"Hunters?" Alan narrowed his eyes in confusion.

"Yeah, a sect of warrior clergy like the Knights Templar," I explained. "They were originally young priests, monks, and nuns who fought against all non-human beings, forcing some to extinction and all others to hide in the shadows."

"By non-human beings, you mean other races besides werewolves and vampires?"

"Yup. Centaurs, fairies, elves, dwarves, dragons, wyvrn, wraiths, and just about anything that the Church deemed to be an abomination towards God. Most modern-day descendants of those races bred with humans and are almost nothing like their ancestors. I'll have to take you to a modern-day settlement here in New York that has tons of them. Though…" I scratched my head for a second. "They don't take kindly to pure-blood humans. Maybe if Christine and I keep you close, they won't get antsy. They still live in fear of the Hunters."

"So the Hunters still exist?" Alan blinked again. "My family's Catholic, and I never heard of such a group in church or in my history classes."

"Again," Christine sighed, finishing her plate. "Zat information was removed from ze history books per ze vampires' orders."

"Yeah," I smirked. "But because the Hunters broke off from the Church and became a guild. Well, that and they didn't bother curing people of werewolfism or vampirism and just killed them on the spot."

"That's horrible!" our mortal partner gasped. "It's plain to see that vampires and werewolves aren't all bloodthirsty monsters with how you two behave….Well…barring the fight in the mall yesterday…" he shuddered.

"The Hunters are anthro-centric, though," I sighed after putting my empty plate up. "They believe only the human race is meant to live on this planet with flora and fauna as theirs to use as they please."

"I know it's clichéd, but, well, can't we all just get along?" Alan sighed.

"Apparently not," Christine sighed too. "Ze zree of us might be able to for ze time being, Alan," she clasped his hand with hers. Little tramp. "But vampires and werewolves are mortal enemies, and most humans would not take kindly to our kinds' existences in ze first place."

"Well, then I'll try to fix that!" our vision of manliness proclaimed with a stern expression to us both. "If your respected races were to see that we can live together fine, then that should be a sign that times have changed. Right?"

"Oh Alan…" the blonde bitch cooed dreamily to him. It took an ear-pulling to pry him off our mate. "OW! What was ZAT for!?"

"I'M the one who gets to cuddle him for the next two days. Take a cold shower, hag," I gave a smug grin and snuggled up to our man.

"Actually, Angie…" he stuttered. "I have to get ready for work at the library right now."

"Oh. Okay. Well, I actually gotta head back to my apartment I got and get some things, plus I have to do a little work myself," I added before kissing his cheek. "Have a good day at work, sweety." I could just hear Christine's blood boil at my display of love, prompting her to hug him too.

"I will try to tidy zings up here while you are busy today, Alan," she smiled happily to him.

"Oh?" I snickered. "Didn't think a pampered vamp like you could do actual work," I shrugged.

"Dog…!" she spat.

"Old-bag," I smirked back as I trotted off to get into the clothes I came over here with last night, Alan heading to the bathroom with a fresh change of work clothes. I was ready to go before he finished in the bathroom, and with a humph from the succubus, I left with a smile on my face. This was gonna be an interesting year indeed….

Author's Notes:

Holy Jesus Raptor! This chapter took HOW long to finish?? Cripes. Yeah, I have way too many projects…PG is on the way too. Sometime before Vicki's birthday in mid-July. Thanks for enduring these painful waiting periods…I'm truly humbled by your patience. -bows-