Sorrow's Melody

She closes her eyes
and rest her fingers
on the ebony and ivory keys.
Without saying a word
she plays
allowing the music to soar
and speak the feelings
she just can't let out.
The song begins light,
reminding her of the
summer afternoons at the beach,
the nights spent gazing at the stars,
telling each other their wishes,
and the gentle touches.
The midnight whispers of
" I love you."
A sob bubbles past her lips
and the music turns
as tears fall from her eyes.
The sound of glass breaking,
and the feel of being smashed against a window.
The blood,
the sirens,
the antiseptic hospital rooms,
the whispers of,
" She made it,
but her boyfriend wasn't as lucky."
She plays her music,
her only savior in such dark times.
And she can feel him beside her,
brushing back her hair and
placing his fingers over hers.

She cries with the unspoken lyric of,
" I need you."