make me s t a r l i t, baby,
with words i've never heard;
make me blind to the truth
behind your harlequin eyes
don't let me feel or experience
those lurking sinister thoughts
always there, but never seen
make me starry-eyed;
to sugar-coated words that
make me fall over and over
you're not who i thought-
and you disappoint, darling,
with lies and deceit-
your strongest forte
but no one was to know;
and in your absence
the stars have cleared
the nights are dark
and your world is no longer
s t a r l i t

and yet;

your return makes those
vibrant stars shine so lustrous
and all is 'forgive then forget'
as ebony meets chartreuse
with a gleam only i understand;
antics that never cease
and smiles that never fades
but imprints upon my heart
it is then i realize-

((i'd be lying if i said;
i didn't love you))