Mad Man

Gloria is crazy. Gloria is aesthetically odd because her wig has a short fringe. Gloria is eating a strawberry flavoured yogurt. Gloria is not part of everybody. In a picture Gloria will be part of the group but in a figurative sense, she is not part of everybody.

That's why the brunet is envious and puzzled when Adam speaks to her.

Everybody is in a rectangular firm covering. It has a floor, a ceiling, an entrance and exit way and a scene. With a splash of young males and females. It is called a room. In a school-a secondary institution in which young males and females attend for ten months to receive the essentials to be successful in a mutual truth titled the real world.

Adam is referred to as a young male with a height of five foot ten to six feet. The Adam in which I speak of is five foot eleven with thick short brown hair, a long torso and a muscular build. His complexion is fair, spotless and almost porcelain.

Gloria does not refer to any set description. Gloria is an individual. She does not require any set description.

The brunet raises an eyebrow as the Adam strides over to Gloria. As mentioned previously, Gloria is eating a strawberry flavoured yogurt and that is her main concentration. She is also daydreaming.

Adam takes a spare seat next to Gloria and narrows his eyes in thought. We never know what is going on in an Adam's head. We will never know. Never knowing increases Curiousity. Curiousity is good. It makes one want to discover things.

"Hey, what's your name?" Adam asks. Ask is not required in this sentence because in school, the objective will be to know when a question is asked. Incase you don't know, a question is ended with a question mark. A question mark will follow inside brackets with this sentence (?). It is your job to answer a question that satisfies your asker. Satisfaction is not necessarily truth. It varies. Tangent is not always good, either.

Gloria does not respond to Adam because she does not hear him. This is not because she is deaf. It is because she is very deep in thought.

"Uh what's your name?" Adam asks again. This Adam is patient, not all Adams are patient. This is a good quality in a male.

Gloria is thinking of best sellers, one about sucking in the reader's mind with short questionable sentences. She leaves this thought for the time being and turns to Adam.


"I said what's your name?"

"My name? Oh, it is Gloria." As we can see, it is not necessary for Gloria to repeat her name because she clearly heard Adam this time.

"How come I've never seen you in this class before?" Adams are not necessarily attentive or observant.

Gloria shrugs, "I do not know. I always sit here in the middle."

"I do not know?" Adam repeats. He, like Gloria, heard it clearly but he repeats this fact.

"Yes, I do not know."

"I mean, I never heard someone say 'I do not know,' that is all. But it's cool."

Gloria raises her eyebrows, "Well, okay. I am going to go back to daydreaming."

Adam laughs with the impression that Gloria is making a joke. She is not. We mentioned that Gloria is exceptionally odd. She also always means what she says.

Gloria turns to the front and her eyes focus on the blackboard. Rectangular. Four sides. Black. Also called a chalkboard because of ethnic reasons.

Adam furrows his eyebrows and walk back to the third column in the first row. He takes his seat next to the brunet.

The brunet says, "What were you doing with her?"

"I wanted to talk to her."

The brunet cannot seem to fathom this.


"I don't know, I just think she knows something." This particular Adam knows that there is something to know.

The brunet cannot seem to fathom this either. "What do you mean she knows something? She is weird. Don't talk to her."

The brunet is also very controlling. If nothing seems to fit or goes against her vision she tries to obliterate that threatening issue.

"I can talk to whoever I want Uliza. You're so cute when you're jealous." Adam pinches the brunet's cheeks. In response, she slaps off his hand. The Adam then pokes the brunet in the ribs causing her to giggle.

"Stop it!" She giggles, not doing anything to stop this.

"You know you like it."

"Fine I do! Stop!" They laugh and that is the end of their scene.