This chapter is a work-in-progess, so just use this as a preview. I am currently rewriting this whole story, and this is the first rewrote chapter, so you can use this as a guide, persay. Check back often. :)

"Kora, you grab the necklaces while I fend them off!" A woman no older than 20, with wavy blonde hair, wearing an emerald blue robe with black trim, and an odd symbol sewed on the front, armed with a golden staff that had two dragons entwined around a green stone which had the symbol on the woman's robes engraved on it, jumped in front of Kora. Without making sure he had gotten a safe distance away, the strange woman shot arrow after arrow at the enemies floating above her, getting closer with every second.

"Hahahaha!" The enemy, a man around his 30s ,dressed all in black, spiked armor, with a sharp, jagged line down his face, which reached from right above his left eye and going all the way down to his chin, cackled malevolently at his attacker, sending a sharp chill down the woman's spine as she watching in horror, seeing him easily reflect every arrow she sent at him with his evil looking sword. "You really think arrows can stop me?"

"Selena! Get out of the way!" Arming his staff in both hands, a man around the lady's age, anxiously tried to get in front of her and stop the arrows headed towards her by becoming a human shield. "You can't lose your child now!"

Unfortunately, he wasn't quick enough, and the arrows met their target, piercing Selena's stomach, and causing a great amount of bleeding. "Kora!" Selena cried out in agony, clutching her stomach in pain, and falling to the floor in agony, a heap of blood and tears at her feet.

"Selena, I've done it, I've got the necklaces!" Kora came running out of the cave, a smile spread across his face, the necklaces held tightly in his left hand.

"Kora..." Taledaus walked toward the man with his hand outstretched, a mournful looking on his face, trying to tell him what had transpired before he saw it with his own eyes. "You should know..."

Kora's eyes traveled around Taledaus, who was now staring at the ground, not wanting Kora to know that he was trying desperately to stop himself from crying, yet failing miserably, then they went to the necklaces trapped within his tight hold, Selena's murderer floating in the air on his eagle, an evil sneer planted firmly on his face, and finally, falling to Selena, who was know dead on the ground. Her blood had poured from her vagina, from where the baby had died, and from her stomach where the arrows had hit, and flowed to the ground below, staining the beachy sand where Selena lay, and now running slowly into the shallow, baby blue water that surrounding the tiny island they stood upon. Terror flooded through Kora, as the awful sight met his eyes. Tightening his grip on his black and blue staff, he fought back the tears stinging his eyes. "You mother-fucker!" I swear you will be damned to Tartarus because of this!" Muttering a few spell words under his breath, he slowly raised his staff, pointing it at the warlord. The water around them rose, forming into giant waves, and headed straight for the warlord. Another spell muttered, and Kora caused the water to be jolted with electricity. An evil grin slipped slyly across Kora's face as he watched the warlord scream with agony. Kora was so distracted, he didn't see the single jolt of electricity headed straight for him.

"Pathetic humans..." The warlord muttered beyond the pain, "You can't kill me with just arrows or electric water. What you really need is the dagger of Corinth, for it is the only thing that can fully destroy me. You will regret your mistake." With an evil cackle, and a swish of the cape that was attached to his armor, he vanished in a wisp of smoke.

"Kora!" Taledaus ran for his friend, managing to grab him before he hit the ground. "Don't die on me now!"

Kora's voice crackled as he spoke, trying to stay alive. "You take care of Andro now." Smiling weakly, he handed the necklaces to Taledaus. "Protect these with your life."