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Chapter 11: Your Song

Down in the kitchen, Sissy, Maurice, and Matron sat together at the wooden table for a break from all their duties. Matron sipped her tea patiently as she watched Sissy and Maurice slap cards on the table, laughing as the German growled at the French man across from her, slamming her hand against his as he aimed for a winning card.

"When will it be safe to let the girl out?" Sissy asked, sliding her hand across the coarse wood to collect the cards she won in the round before. "It's really taking an effort not to pat her on the back and tell her 'Good job!' after what she did."

"I know…" Matron sighed, setting down the simple ceramic cup that held her drink. "I'm sure she must be shaken, though. It's a shame to keep her locked up, but it's to make sure he doesn't try anything with her…he'll surely drive her away at this point."

"Honestly, I, myself, am disappointed in the Master." Maurice told them as he took the cards from Sissy to shuffle them and get ready for yet another game. "That was WAY too foreword for my taste….that is no way to a woman's heart. You must treat her like a lady…."

"Like YOU would know, 'French man', you can't get a woman to save your life." Sissy scoffed, turning her head to Matron. "Mama, what set him off this time? It's not like him to drag them to his room like that without a cause…"

"Ah….that…" Matron got up and began to wander the kitchen, going over to wash the dishes so they would be ready for the evening's dinner. "He has that possessive feeling again….he had a client the other day, a handsome one at that, and didn't want the man to steal Azalea away." She explained casually. "So, viola, Azalea is almost seen, and he felt the need to claim her officially. Lucky for us, she fought her way out of the situation. I haven't met a single woman who beat him up, and left him amused."

"I see." Sissy nodded with a grin, holding back a laugh. "So she met Yvainne?"

"Speaking of which…" Matron paused and looked at the two. "I don't hear any violins…it is her practice time. You two, go find out where that girl is."

"And to work we go." Sissy stood up and grabbed Maurice, leaving to find the fae-child.

However, unbeknownst to them, Travis was already looking for little Yvainne. As was natural for children, he was looking under the tables, peeking into every room, even crawling under beds. Finally he stopped at the main sitting room, the very one that seemed almost forbidden to all when the Master was not in there. He walked in, avoiding stepping on the scattered sheets of music on the floor, making his way to the polished black piano. Travis sighed as he looked at the fae-child sitting on the bench in front of the keys, lightly tapping the highest note on the instrument.

"You're going to get in trouble." The young servant told her, sitting down next to her. He smiled his goofy, yet honest smile, knowing it was oddly comforting to the girl. "You're supposed to be practicing violin."

"I know…." Yvainne sighed, her sparking eyelids half covering her giant lapis orbs. "But I don't want to right now, my music room is just below her room." Her voice dripped with distain at the slight mention of Azalea leaving her lips. Travis frowned, slightly disappointed in his beloved friend.

"Well, I like her…" Travis told her, placing his finger on the key completely opposite of hers, pressing down for it to make a deep humming noise. "She's actually pretty nice…she doesn't mind playing around with kids." He sighed as he moved his fingers across the pale keys of the piano. "She's not like the other girls who were always going, 'Gimme this! Gimme that!' and never even giving us a second thought…or even a first one for that matter."

"So?!" Yvainne slammed her hands down, producing a loud mixture of hums that almost sounded like screams coming from the concealed harp. She stood up angrily, her cheeks flushed from the sudden change in emotion. "Maybe she's only pretending! Did you ever think of that?! So, she's nice, so was Karin! Until she tried stealing those jewels and we had to kick her out! Chrissy used to pretend to like us, and then we found out she was trying to weasel her way into trying to marry the Master! This girl is probably the same!"

Travis kept his expression calm as he looked at the angry fae-child, standing up as she did. He was only slightly taller than her, but the difference had a sense of power that led in his favor. He lifted his hand to rest on her shoulder. Yvainne shrugged away from him, her beautiful face contorted in fury.

"She didn't get scared when she saw you…" Travis pointed out, winding finger around a turquoise painted curl, she looked away from him, but allowed him that much contact. "Most people are…they usually scream something about you being bad luck."

"Master says I'm not bad luck!" Yvainne huffed, her hair almost puffing out in her rage. "Cy-"

"Travis! Yvainne!" Sissy barged in, a victorious smile painted on her lips. "Hey, idiot! I found them!" She called outside of the room. "C'mon you two, there's work to be done."

"Don't worry, we were just about to leave." Travis took Yvainne's hand. "I was gonna go take her to practice." And he hurried to pass the red head, pausing only to ask. "Will we be able to see Azalea soon?"

"Of course…" Sissy assured him, he grinned happily, before running with the fae-child to the music room.

"Yeah…we'll see her soon….but will she want to see us?" Sissy sighed, Maurice came running over to her. "Anyway, we have food to prepare."

"This is true." Maurice wrapped an arm around her shoulders, the German looked around to make sure no one was watching, and leaned her head on his shoulder as they walked back to the kitchen with him.


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