In the Land of the Living (why I didn't want a day job)

Early morning

I can't remember who I am

subtle burning

I don't know if I can stand

stomach turning

Another day in the land of man

The sands of time creep slowly for this short life

It's gathered at my feet and it's dragging me down

I can't remember the last time that I died

But I think I might have drowned

simple yet

intrinsically difficult

never met

a human with a perfect soul

won't repent

I remain my own cult

Barely after noon

awake but on the edge

never not too soon

Still rather stay in bed

near about to swoon

Here's to getting up unfed

I miss the nights when I would find my rest with me at daybreak

The silence and the comfort of an uninhabited house

The light so shunned to prevent my wake

but it's warmth a pleasure profound

simple yet

intrinsically difficult

never met

the perfect in a human soul

won't repent

I disdain my own cult


So tired but not ready to sleep

The time is right

But my body doesn't seem to agree

Losing the fight

Stuck under electronic debris

I write these words 'cause I don't feel up to anything else

I'd much rather get a life and make a real change

I live in reverse of what my instincts impel

and my discomfort is hard to contain

simple yet

intrinsically difficult

never met

a victim of a broken soul

won't repent

I ascertain that there's no cult

We're all human adults who seem to see results