-- ok then. This is what happens when I get extremely pissed off at the world, take a few more than the recommended dosage of prescription meds, can't fall asleep, and stick Fall Out Boy on repeat. A scary mix, with a scary result - but trust me, if you know some of the other shit I was tempted to do, you'd be glad that I wrote instead, and proud of me for creating this piece of crap that won't make sense to any of you, because at the moment I don't make sense to myself. And in case you hadn't guessed by now, I'm still under the effects of the medication. Can't wait to crash and burn in the dark AM hours to come. Have fun reading. Review if you like. Tell me how crazy I am, suggest that I book myself into a mental institution. Won't be the first time I've heard and considered that option. But it just sounds so much more appealing when it's in that little box marked 'review'. And some people who know me in real life might read this, and think they know what it's written about. To them, I say; it's under the category of 'parody' for a reason, so don't go getting any smart-ass ideas.


It's just so much easier
to crash and burn
Than attempt to hold ourselves up

With bruised and slipping fingers
That intertwine
And won't ever let go
- I pinky promise –


Because we just adore
the feeling of

As our heads spin,
our stomachs churn,
our -hearts- flutter
and b.eat
In time to the music


The only thing that keeps us sane
(we lost our minds so long ago)
As we drive each other mad

By breaking all the rules
And playing all these silly l.i.t.t.l.e games
And just trying to have some fun


Before life finally gets the better of us
And all our empty threats
Start to look so very appealing

As we work and waste our time
Striving for a future

Better than what we have today

Though really it's nottoobad
Coz we know that we'll never leave the other
Alone, like everyone else


Let's get HIGH
On your (not-so-)secret stash
Yet another of my addictions
(You know you're my
absolute favourite, darling)


And forget for a bit
That we're broken
and s.h.a.t.t.e.r.e.d
Like those bottles you tried to hide
from me

Forget that we're bruised
And t-o-r-n
Like the pale skin of my thigh
That I don't really try to hide
from you


We'll jump
And we'll fly
And we'll keep on

And sugar, we all saw this coming
(But you know, and I know)
If we're going

We're going down s-w-i-n-g-i-n-g.