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"Sweet honey!"

I cringe. It was a quiet morning, with the students of classroom 3-A entering and talking amongst themselves, until his war cry in poor English interrupts my smooth conversation with some of my classmates. Before I even get the chance to turn around, the notorious and annoying Lee Jung-Hee attacks me. I feel his legs wrap around my waist and his arms squeeze all the air out of my lungs. I crash onto the floor, side first, and glare daggers at Jung-Hee. He wraps his arms around me and presses his nose into my neck. I flush and try to get him away from me.

"Dong-Yul, I've missed you this weekend!" Jung-Hee cries as he squeezes me tightly. "We didn't see each other for two whole days!"

"Thank God! Get off me you freaking pervert!" I yell trying to dislodge Jung-Hee and his death grip. "And who said you can address me so informally?!"

"Don't act as if you didn't miss me, honey!" Jung-Hee says pouting. "We're dating! You're supposed to miss me!"

My foot lands in Jung-Hee's face and he flies off me. I glare murderously at him.

"Don't say things that aren't true!!" I shriek. I get on my feet and stomp over to my desk. My classmates laugh at Jung-Hee's not-so-humorous antics. I mutter angry things in my seat while I wait for the teacher to arrive.

"Hey man," one of my friend's greets me. "How was your weekend?"

I ball my hands into fists.

"Great," I say before turning in Jung-Hee's direction, "because he wasn't there!"

My friend laughs. I am breathing hard and make a strangling motion with my hands. I am going to kill Lee Jung-Hee one day. It is only one week after summer break and I am already tired of school. Jung-Hee is always so clingy and touchy feely. I can't get a break! And to make matters worse, he keeps spreading lies that we're dating! Doesn't he have any sense of morals? I'm a guy and so is he! Well…kind of.

"Well good luck with him," my friend says. "'Cause you gonna need it."

I glare.

"Whose side are you on?!" I cry angrily.

My friend scratches his nose sheepishly.

"I want to be on your side, but you aren't going to win," my friend is on my hit list.

And the problem with my class, wait, the whole school, is that they are all on his side! How is in the world am I supposed to work in an environment like this? I stew angrily over my desk and plot Jung-Hee's demise. My head lifts a little as the class starts to scramble around for their seats. The teacher walks in.

"Stand class!" my teacher walks in and starts barking. I am in no mood for this but I don't want to go to the guidance office either. I sluggishly stand up and tense immediately. Jung-Hee just ran his finger up my neck. Did I mention that the pervert's seat is right behind mine? How did that happen? Well, my teacher is a girl and she is a complete pain! Every other teacher has the class sit in alphabetical order. Oh, but not my homeroom teacher! "Free-for-all! Sit where you want!" she said the first class. Oh year sure, that was great and all, until Jung-Hee found himself rather comfortable sitting next to me. He wasn't nearly this bad last year. I think being a senior is getting to his head. Being a second-year was not this harassing.

"You're in a bad mood today," Jung-Hee whispers. "Just like a little kitty cat."

I snarl.

"And I wonder who caused it!" I snap.

"Jae Dong-Yul! Is there something you want to say to the class?" the teacher asks me. I cringe. Of course I'm the one who gets in trouble. I blush and shake my head. There are giggles and chuckles all around the classroom. It makes me wonder why I ran away in the first place. After a few more seconds the teacher tells us to sit down and class starts.

I wonder everyday why I put myself through this torture. I'm a girl and I'm a Princess. But right now, I'm a runaway and dressed like a boy. I don't want my people to find me just yet because I'm not ready to go home and face the people I've run away from.

Well, how can a girl dress like a boy and get away with it? Well I cut my hair into a short 'Bob' and now I just look like a very pretty boy. But I'm a pretty boy that my classmates seem to enjoy teasing because that pervert Lee Jung-Hee is always hitting on me! I wonder if they all know I'm a girl and just hiding it.

"I hate him so much," I grumble in my seat.

"Love you too, honey," Jung-Hee says loud enough for the people around him to hear. What makes me mad is that the teacher doesn't call him out. Only me. A few girls snicker. They are the worst kind of supporters because every chance they get, they remind me to give into damn Jung-Hee. I will never give into that pervert!

"Jae finish the sentence on the board!" my teacher calls to me.

I stand up and quickly make my way to the front. The more I'm away from Mr. Pervert the better. I read the sentence and take up a piece of chalk. The only problem with English class is that I'm good at it and because I'm good at it I can't allow myself to slow down my response. And it is expected that I answer quickly.

"Very good, Jae," my teacher says. "I guess flirting with your boyfriend doesn't injure your grades."

My blood boils. There are snickers around the classroom.


I stretch and yawn. Two classes down, four more to go. We have Home Economics when the bell rings. I'm hungry and ready to eat. My head falls into my desk and a second later Jung-Hee's butt's in my face.

"…That's so rude," I grumble.

"We're partners today, right?" he asks me grinning. I roll my eyes upward to look at him. He is very attractive, with his light hair and dark eyes, and he knows he is attractive. He is considered to be a half-breed. Meaning, one of his parents is Korean and the other is a foreigner. I know his mother was Korean but I can't really remember where his father is from.

Jung-Hee does not mind being half, rather he enjoys it. And most people accept him. And I know I can depend on him if I ever end up needing him, but why in all of Ivalica does he hit on me so much? He was such a sweet (if not so innocent) kid when I met him last year in this school. He is the first friend that I ever made in this world.

But if he touches anything in the kitchen it turns to stone and tastes like it belongs in a pile of manure.

"You can't cook," I say frowning.

"That's why you're there to teach me honey," Jung-Hee says. I snarl.

"I'm not your wife!" I snap angrily.

Jung-Hee frowns.

"Well I can't be it. I'm seme," he says. I blush furiously and shoot up in my seat. First he uses poor English and now Japanese. I wonder, very vaguely, if he is trying to tell me something about his preferences.

"You're absolutely disgusting," I mutter. "You're a guy if you hadn't noticed!"

Jung-Hee grins and tilts his head to the side a little.

"Well how do you explain our relationship?" he asks me grinning.

"We're not in a relationship!!" I yell furiously. I get my hands around Jung-Hee's neck and try to strangle him. He just laughs and smoothly releases himself from my grasp. Before I can shoot him a glare, his arms are around my waist. The girls in my class squeal and start gushing over us. I blush and lean as far away as I possibly can.

"But, honey, I thought all those memories we have together counted for something," he coos into my ear.

I push his pretty head away from me with my hands and try to wiggle out of his grasp again.

"There is no 'something'!" I growl angrily. Jung-Hee moves his arms from around my waist. I let out a sigh of relief… but oh too soon. Jung-Hee leans closer and I swear if his face were any closer he'd be kissing me. I flush and shoot back and crash into my chair. Jung-Hee grins and traps me under him with his arms on either side of my head and his palms flat on the desk behind me. His face- body is in no-personal-space proximity. It's as if the whole of him is leaning over me. The girls squeal again. I wish they'd just shut-up.

"You're so slight," he whispers. "Almost like a girl…"

My heart jumps in surprise but mask it by grinning.

"I'm sorry, did I upset your tastes?" I ask smirking.

Jung-Hee gives me a dangerous smile. Certain times, like now, looking at Jung-Hee makes my heart jump a little. I can't explain it, but he looks at me like he knows how it makes me feel... but I don't even know how it makes me feel. Suddenly Jung-Hee grabs me to him and embraces me. I tense.

"It makes me want you more!" he says, snuggling into my neck. I cry out and whack him in the face. Jung-Hee pulls away from me but is still grinning.

"Stay away from me pervert!" I cry angrily. I stomp away from him, but I am blushing faintly. My friends are laughing at me and I am in a poor mood again.

"Pass me the salt," I say as I stir the contents of the pot. Jung-Hee gives me the salt and returns to chopping. I peek over to his side and blanch. All his chopping is uneven and not even the passable uneven kind.

"What the heck are you doing?" I cry taking the knife from him. "You're making the pieces too big."

Jung-Hee shrugs and grins.

"That's why you're here," Jung-Hee says. "Am I allowed to stir?"

"Are you gonna burn it?" I ask trying to repair the poor abused pieces of meat.

Jung-Hee laughs and stirs the food.

"I want eat, so I'll make sure it doesn't burn," he replies. Two girls walk over with a small tasting dish and meek smiles.

"Jae-Nim, could you try this for us?" one of them asks,

I smile.

"If teacher catches you, you will get in trouble," I say taking the small dish. I sip the fluids and make my assessment. "It needs more stock, and some more hot pepper paste."

The girls giggle and nod,

"Thanks, Jae-Nim!" the other one says. They make their way back to their station, successfully not caught by the teacher. I return to my food repair and feel Jung-Hee's eyes on me.

"Can I help you?" I ask him testily. Jung-Hee grins. He hands me our own small tasting dish and I frown at him.

"I already know what it tastes like," I say looking at him questioningly.

"Do you?" Jung-Hee asks me. I don't like his tone of voice and snatch the tasting dish from him. I pour the liquid into my mouth and I'm sure my face is a strange shade of green.

"What'd you do?!" I yell, before coughing. "That's not what I made!"

"I added my own stuff," he replies. "Don't like it?"

I look at him appalled.

"You don't even know what combinations taste good together!" I mutter pushing Jung-Hee out the way. "Get away from my food!" I dump the meat into the boiling liquid and glare. I stir everything and start adding anything my mind says will make it taste the way I had intended it too. I add the rice with thirty minutes left of Home Economics.

"If this doesn't taste right at the end of this, I'm going to kill you!" I cry furiously to Jung-Hee. He just stands to the side and watches me coolly. After I repair the damage, I begin to clean up.

"Don't just stand there," I snap. "Come over here!"

Jung-Hee smiles and tilts his head to the side.

"Do you need me?" he asks.

"Obviously, that why I'm-" I stop myself short after realizing what he asked. The girls next to our station are positively gushing. My face turns red.

"You know what I meant!" I say quickly. Jung-Hee grins and walks over to me. He leans over me and puts his hands into the sink over my own. I knew he was tall, but having him so close makes me realize just how tall he really is. I barely reach his shoulders and I am eye-level with his chest. My breath hitches. I feel his breath in my ear.

"I'm here, so you can do whatever you want with me," he whispers. I want to throw his head into the burner but I can't. I can't even move.

"I'm going to stab you if you don't get away from me," I manage to growl. I can feel Jung-Hee's breath move as he laughs.

"Mm, it looks like the food's done," he says. My head whips in the direction of the food and see that the pot lid is starting to jump.

"Aiya!" I exclaim and rinse off my soapy hands. I open the lid and check on it's contents. I taste them and smile. I fill the taster and hand it to Jung-Hee, whose hands are busy.

"Feed it to me," he says. I give him a poor look.

"No. Get it when you're done," I mutter. I place it next to the sink before going back to the pot and turning down the heat. I close the lid, leaving it cracked and smile. I check the time and notice that the teacher is going to start checking everyone's pot in a few minutes.

"This is good," Jung-Hee remarks. "Aren't I lucky you can cook?"

I smirk.

"Aren't you?" I reply. "I'm the only reason you're passing."

"Jae, Lee, show me what you did," the teacher says. "Or should I just say Jae?" I nod grinningly and break out a fresh tasting dish. I stir the contents once more before giving the teacher some. She raises an eyebrow.

"What'd you touch Lee?" she asks. Finally someone on my side!

"Nothing I knew Dong-Yul couldn't fix," Jung-Hee replies. The teacher chuckles and places the dish in the sink.

"Tasty," she says. "Lee Jung-Hee, you're going to be lucky having Jae Dong-Yul as your wife."

No one is on my side!

"I'm a boy!" I cry as the teacher walks away. Knowing full well the school staff knows I'm a girl.

Jung-Hee laughs.

"Let's eat, wife-y," he says kissing me on my cheek. The girls (every single one of them) start squealing like pigs. I hit Jung-Hee in his pretty face.

"This is amazing, darling!" Jung-Hee says as we eat in free period.

"I'm not your wife!" I snap.

"I'm not sure, Jae," a girl says. "You're a really good cook, you have a small build for a male, and I bet you'd make a pretty girl 'cause you already look so nice."

"…I wouldn't," I mutter slightly flattered, "but thanks… I think." It's hard to lie about something you are.

Jung-Hee laughs and hugs me into a headlock. I glare at him and tell him to get off of me. Of course he doesn't listen to me. It would be against his policies to do anything I ask of him.

"You two are going to do well together," another girl says.

"We're not together!" I cry and I am out of Jung-Hee's grasp. I can finally eat in peace.

"But we all know it's going to happen one day," a classmate says.

I glower at him.

"Is not," I mutter. "Not if I can help it."

"But you won't be able to fight me for long," Jung-Hee says. "We'll be together forever."

I glare.

"No we won't," I say. "I'm moving right after school is finished."

It is as if the whole class heard me say that.

"What?! Jae you're moving?!"

It wasn't like I was really moving. It was more like I was going to get caught and I knew it. I was already pushing my luck by staying in one place for so long. It is a depressing prospect knowing you're going to get caught and married all in the same day. I don't want to marry someone I have never met, don't know the name to, and know that the person is old. I'm a Princess and I'm betrothed to a King. Kings are old aren't they? I don't want to marry someone like my father! How gross!

"It's not like I'm going right now," I say taking a mouthful of food. "I have the whole school year."

"Lee! You don't have much time! Take him while you still can!" I hear someone cry. I glare in the direction of the voice. These people are crazy! Don't they have any morals? I feel Jung-Hee's hand around my waist and I am effortlessly pulled into his lap.

"If that's the case, let's elope as soon as possible, Dong-Yul," I am staring up into his eyes and I can't move.

"Kya! Go Lee, go!" the room seems to be cheering.

"Don't goad him on!!" I shriek. "Get off of me!"

Jung-Hee smirks and hugs me closer. If his arms moved, they'd be touching my chest and then we'd have a problem. Not saying having him on me isn't a problem now.

"Mm, my honey is so soft! Let's get married right now!" Jung-Hee coos into my shoulder. I jump in surprise and slam my elbow into Jung-Hee's gut. He lets me go, and falls to the ground.

"Jerk," I mutter but no matter what, Jung-Hee is never injured. I can beat him up all I want, but nothing fazes him. It's aggravating. Suddenly I hear a small ringer and notice that it's coming from my bag. I go to my desk and look for my phone. The girls in the class are squealing over Jung-Hee, who will be tuning into my phone conversation in about three seconds.

"Hello?" I answer into my phone. It's my "sister". I came down to this realm with one other person. Her name is Hana. She understands my need to run away but will not allow me to stay here forever. Eventually she says she is going to pull me back to the Higher Region. I am actually able to be down here because she is married to the intelligence master in the Higher Region and is doing her best to keep me happy. But she does not want her husband's position to be in jeopardy for very long… and I know I'm being selfish but I just want to stay here a little longer.

Hana tells me that I am about to be in trouble.

"Why?" I ask softly so that other people don't hear me. Hana tells me that the Higher Region and the Lower Region are starting to get restless. She says that the Lower Region has sent people to find me. Thanks Hana, now I am feeling restless.

"What am I supposed to do? I'm not ready for… you know," I mutter noticing that my class gives me little privacy. Hana says that I need to be careful and that I know that the Lower Region can see my essence.

"I know they can, but I can't really hide it can I?" I whisper frustrated. "I'll do what I can, but…oy Hana don't hang up on me!" Hana tells me that she has to go. She also tells me to tell Jung-Hee she says hi. Did I mention that Jung-Hee is my best friend? Hana likes the fact that I am making friends and enjoys Jung-Hee's annoying company. She tells me it is good practice for when I get married.

"That woman…" I mutter as I stuff my phone back in my bag. It seems as if the whole class has paused to look at me. My business was none of theirs.

"Does Jae… have a girlfriend?" one girl asks, breaking the silence. Her face looks so hopeless. I sigh and sit at my desk while all hell breaks loose. The poor girls are losing their minds because of the love triangle that is now taking place between Jung-Hee, my girlfriend and me. I shiver in disgust. I cannot and do not want to think of myself as having a girlfriend. That is just as bad as marrying that old King from the Lower Region.

I close my eyes and try to calm racing heart. If the Lower Region has already sent people to find me, than I'm in trouble because that means the Higher Region will be sending people as well. And although the people from the Lower Region can sense my essence, the people of the Higher Region are attuned to it from birth, because I am from the Higher Region. This means that I am not going to be in this realm for very long. I may even be found before school ends. I'm afraid to know what the people from the Lower Region will do to me if they find me first.

I'm so scared… I don't want to be found. Not yet.

"Dong-Yul," Jung-Hee acknowledges me. I don't bother to look up. Jung-Hee moves to the other side of my desk (the side my head is facing) and crouches down. He looks genuinely worried.

"Are you alright?" he asks me.

I shrug and sigh.

"Who knows?" I reply.

"What'd Hana say?" Jung-Hee asks quietly. For once the class is too occupied facing the end of the world, as they know it, to pay any attention to us.

"Stuff," I mutter. "Oh, she says hi."

Jung-Hee makes a short grunting noise (the kind where you're saying "cool" or "alright") but his face remains concerned.

"For 'stuff', your face looks pretty upset," Jung-Hee notices. "Is it about your…situation?"

I vaguely remember telling Jung-Hee about my 'situation' but I do remember his face when I told him I was engaged. And I remember that I didn't tell him I was a girl.

"Yeah," I mutter. "Listen can I talk to you about it later? I want to think about something else."

Jung-Hee nods and changes the subject. At times like these I realize why he is my best friend. Jung-Hee may be a complete loser and pervert, but he knows when to drop something when it's hot. Unfortunately he picks it back up again when it's cool.

At this time, the class notices that Jung-Hee and I are having a perfectly perversion-free conversation and knows how to ruin it. Jung-Hee also knows how to ruin it and joins the madness. Does knowing I am engaged not matter to him? Obviously not. He flirts until his heart is content.

"Finally!" I cry as the school day ends. "We can leave now."

My head flops onto the desk and I sigh at another day's hard work. Jung-Hee laughs and swings his bag over his shoulder.

"Let's walk home together," he says. I nod. Jung-Hee and I live on the same block except, he lives basically by himself in an apartment and I live in a house with Hana. Jung-Hee's father works overseas more than he is here so Jung-Hee has a lot of free time… time that he devotes mainly to harassing me.

Jung-Hee and I leave school together most of the time. The times we don't, Jung-Hee's father is in town and picks him up. Occasionally, his father has offered to give me a ride, but I decline. I took it once and felt extremely uncomfortable being in the car with Jung-Hee and his father. But I noticed they barely spoke to each other, with the occasional question to me.

I look to my side, as we pass a corner and see a "Now hiring" sign in the window of a small bakery. Hana tells me that I should work because when she has to leave for 'business' I should have something to occupy my time. The only problem with that is that Jung-Hee has a habit of finding me wherever I go. So if I work somewhere, give it a week and he'll be right there to harass me. I won't even have to tell him that I'm working. He just finds me. It really is sort of… scary.

"Do you have class duty tomorrow?" Jung-Hee asks me. I shake my head.

"No," I reply. "I think… wait a minute! You have class duty tomorrow!"

Jung-Hee smirks.

"It must've slipped my mind," he says offhandedly.

"Well every time it slips your mind I end up picking up the slack for you! You already owe me three!" I cry angrily.

"But I always wait for you until you finish," Jung-Hee points out. I frown.

"Yeah, but you also don't bother to see if I need help," I mutter.

Jung-Hee places his large hand on my head and ruffles my perfect hair. I grumble in frustration and try to get away from him.

"Next time I'll ask," he says after I get away. "But I don't promise I'll work."

"Lazy bum," I mutter angrily. I am a Princess! I am not supposed to even know what manual labor is! But I cook, clean and work! That no good human boy won't even touch a broom handle! I am fuming inside.

Jung-Hee and I walk down the streets of the city. I dislike this route the most (but it's the only route to the train station) because we are always ogled at by girls alike. I happy I'm not like that when I see a boy. Well I can't considering I'm dressing like a boy and that wouldn't be right. But it never stopped Jung-Hee.

"Tomorrow, wait for me and we'll walk home together," Jung-Hee says as we reach the train station. I frown.

"I can walk home by myself," I mutter. Jung-Hee laughs.

"But why would you want to walk by yourself when you have me to charm you all the way home?" Jung-Hee asks and scowl at him.

Jung-Hee and I wait for the train to arrive and he starts fidgeting. He looks like he has to pee, or that he's really anxious.

"Geez, stop holding it in and go to the freaking restroom already!" I snap.

Jung-Hee laugh as me and puts down his stuff.

"Watch it for me. I'll be right back," Jung-Hee says, before he turns around to walk to the restroom. "And no walking home without me!"

"Why? I can walk home by myself," I say to myself, but just as I finish my sentence a group of thugs stop in front of me and look me up and down. I am repulsed. Can they keep their eyes to themselves? What are we, porno books or something? I gag at the thought. The leader, with his nasty, greasy, dyed blonde hair and ugly face, gives me a bold look up and down and grins. I look away and move a little closer to Jung-Hee's bag. I try to ignore the nasty man.

"My, what a pretty boy you are," he says. "You look so innocent and feminine."

Is that a proper pick up line? At least Jung-Hee presented me with flowers the first time we met… and then I told him I was a boy and he made me keep the flowers. Never mind. Humans don't know how to do things correctly.

The greasy man lifts his hand to touch my face and I move to slap away his hand but Jung-Hee gets there first.

"Touch my little brother and I'll rip your chubby fingers right off," Jung-Hee's voice is low and cool. I have no idea why he used the little brother excuse. It makes his flirting sound even worse! I'd much rather be his boyfriend in this case because at least that way it's almost sane.

"My, my Lee, I didn't think I'd ever see you again," the nasty man takes a swipe at Jung-Hee who easily dodges it and moves me behind him. Jung-Hee is never serious, not around me, and so right now it's awesome to see him like this.

"I thought you would have been dead by now Kang," Jung-Hee says with a grin.

"Same for you. You left us and now we want payback," the nasty man says.

"Let's not bring up old things," Jung-Hee says offhandedly.

"Your brothers will never forget," the nasty man says. "And you will get what you deserve."

The nasty man's eyes turn to me and for a second I can feel Jung-Hee's body bristle. I knew Jung-Hee was part of a gang, and I know he left them but are these people really it? He could have picked more attractive people to terrorize the innocent with.

"Don't touch my brother," Jung-Hee says, clear as day. "Don't even think about touching him or I will kill you."

"Heh, you've gone soft Lee!" the nasty man says and charges at Jung-Hee.

Jung-Hee and the greasy man start fighting and I feel my heart start beating quickly. The nasty man takes a hidden knife from his sleeve and manages to cut Jung-Hee's face. I gasp when blood starts dripping. Four more men rush toward us and surround Jung-Hee.

"Jung-Hee! Are you alright?" I call over to him. I take a step forward but he holds up his hand and stops me. The nasty man and his group of hygienically challenged thugs chuckle. I notice that one is missing. My warning bells go off.

The nasty man charges again with his knife raised. I gasp but then someone shouts, "Behind you!" and I the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I turn and with my whole body and shove my elbow into the guy's abdomen. He gags and then I take his arm and throw him over my shoulder. At the same time I can hear the greasy man's knife fall to the floor and Jung-Hee's fist in the man's gut. I am breathing heavily because the man I threw was so heavy. Even after using his weight to my advantage, my back hurts.

I look up to see Jung-Hee grinning at me. I give him triumphant grin back. The thugs take their fallen and scramble away from us. The people at the station applaud us. Jung-Hee picks up our bags and I walk to him. He was still bleeding.

"Are you alright?" I ask as I take his head in my hands and examine the knife wound.

"Yeah, it doesn't hurt," he mutters. I am still worried and take my handkerchief out of my pocket. I wipe away the blood and cringe.

"Those jerks, what'd they want?" I ask angrily.

Jung-Hee chuckles.

"Well, you are a pretty boy…" he says offhandedly.

"Can it," I mutter. "I think we need to the office and see if anyone can bandage you up."

"Is it bad?" Jung-Hee asks.

I shake my head.

"No, but I don't have any antiseptic on me," I reply. "And we need to go before the train comes!"

"Alright," Jung-Hee mutters. I take his hand and quickly walk to the station directory. People thank us as we make our way there. A police officer (who should've been at the scene) helps bandage Jung-Hee. I wait in the same room in case those greasy monkeys show up again.

"You were pretty good out there," Jung-Hee comments. "I saw you throw that man!"

"It was hard though," I say blushing. "That nasty fool was heavy."

"Well that's because you're so light," Jung-Hee grins. I stick my tongue out at him.

"Shut-up," I mutter. The policeman announces that Jung-Hee is done and we make our way back to the platform. The train arrives just as we get there and we actually find seats. I sigh and let my head rest against the window. I don't want to admit it, but I'm slightly shaken up by those nasty men.

"Jung-Hee?" I question lightly.


"…I'm waiting for you tomorrow," I say quietly. Jung-Hee chuckles and nods.

"Wouldn't want it any other way," he says turning his head to me. He isn't as serious as he was before, but something about him is very attractive right now. Not saying I'm attracted to him in any way.