It's raining and I'm running as fast as I can. My feet slam into the pavement as I try to make my way to someplace warm. I can feel my knees begging to give way. I won't let them. I won't let them get me. One of my feet hits the ground and my leg gives way. Suddenly I feel arms grabbing the back of my shirt and yanking me backwards. A scream erupts from my throat and I flail around hopelessly. I hear a whining in the background, high pitched and screaming in my ears. The water stings my eyes like its acid and I start to cry. My back hits the floor and my legs are held down my strong arms. My eyes widen.

I picked a great day to wear white.

"Too bad he never took you while he had the chance…" Kang's voice is in my ears.

The whining gets louder and I squeeze my eyes shut. I shake head furiously.

"Shut-up!!" I scream. And I my body shutters. My eyes fly open and I jolt up, breathing hard. I feel wet and sticky. A tremble runs down my spine and I hold myself. I hear a crying and jump toward the noise. Hwan-Hee is rolling around in his crib, cheeks wet with moisture. It takes me a minute to actually register to pick the child up before the shrieking pierces my ear. I get out of bed and stumble over to Hwan-Hee's crib. I pick him up hold him to my shaking shoulder. I feel him gripping my shoulder and it calms me a little. I walk out of my room rocking Hwan-Hee all the way down the hall. Hana meets me at the end of it, looking worried.

"Is everything alright Princess?" she asks.

"Yes I'm fine," I reply quickly. "I think Hwan-Hee needs a diaper change."

Hana nods her head but still looks worried.

"Are you alright, Princess?" she asks me, and I think she heard me screaming.

"Nightmare," I reply before walking by Hana. "Please go back to sleep. Everything's fine here."

Hana bows before heading back to her room. She is still worried but there's nothing she can do. If anything, I need to get over this nightmare on my own. I grip Hwan-Hee closer and walk into the washroom. I flip on the light and get a diaper from under the sink. I lay out the changing mat and gently lay the crying Hwan-Hee down. I begin to change his diaper, keeping my mind away from the nightmare. I needed to rest sometime this morning. Today was going to be a long day at school because I had to be nice enough to help some girls out with H.E.

"You get to go to appa's apartment tonight!" I say kissing Hwan-Hee stomach and making him gurgle a laugh. "Keep an eye on him and make sure he takes care of you."

After I finish throwing away Hwan-Hee's diapers and put everything back, I go to the kitchen with Hwan-Hee on my arm and fix him a bottle of milk. He drinks milk plus some of the soft foods Jung-Hee and I like to eat. But this isn't a full meal here, bud. You're only getting enough to make you fall asleep.

Hwani-Hee takes the prepared bottle in his hands and drinks it. I help him, but he's doing very well on his own. After he finishes, I burp him and walk him around the house a few times to get him sleepy. But to my luck, he does not want to go back to sleep. I look at the clock in the kitchen. It reads six o'clock. I've been up since three. Great, well I have to get up now anyway. I can't wait until Jung-Hee comes to take this kid. I need sleep, now. I glare at the baby happy bouncing away on my lap. This is going to test me more than I thought at first.

I take Hwan-Hee into the bathroom with me once more and run the water. I undress and take Hwani-Hee's clothes off too. I wet him, and soap him up before lathering myself. I rinse our bodies down before turning off the water. I dry our bodies and put Hwan-Hee in a fresh diaper. I wrap a towel around my body before leaving the bathroom. I come in contact with Jung-Hee smiling face.

"Good morning!" he says with a huge smile on his lips. I frown at him before pushing him out of my way. It is too early for his face right now.

"Aw sweet honey, why must you be so cruel to me?" Jung-Hee asks in a sour voice. I roll my eyes and hand Hwan-Hee over to him.

"It's your turn," I say smiling sweetly. Jung-Hee laughs and gives Hwan-Hee a pat on his diapered butt.

"You look like crap," Jung-Hee says to me.

"Why thank-you!" I snap and turn away. I stomp down the hall to my room once more. I feel Jung-Hee's hand on my arm and I am whipped back around to face him. Before I can say anything, I feel Jung-Hee lips on my forehead. My breath catches in my throat.

"You had a nightmare today," Jung-Hee says softly, his thumb rubbing my arm soothingly. "I just want to make sure you're okay."

"…Kumao," I say feeling warmth spread through me. "But I don't think there's anything you can do to-"

"Don't say that," Jung-Hee says firmly. "I can always help. I can always make you feel better!"

That was something I couldn't dispute. Jung-Hee feels my nod before gently pushing me away.

"Go get dressed or risk me pouncing on you."

I punch Jung-Hee on the arm.

"Don't touch me pervert!" I cry, stomping back to my room.

I look at Jung-Hee handling Hwan-Hee, and the desire to have his child rings in my head. I can't help but stare and before I know it, I am smiling. Whoever he marries will be lucky. Thinking like this makes me upset. I think I need to stop now.

"I have practice today, love," Jung-Hee says to me. "And after that I want to go to the mall and buy some things for Hwan-Hee."

"That's fine," I say to Jung-Hee. "…I'm guessing you want me to go with you."

"You are the umma in this relationship," he reminds me.

"Araso," I mutter. "Idiot."

"Love you too," Jung-Hee says before kissing me on the cheek. The girls passing by "kya!"

Can I get no rest?

"Okay, I'm going to go first. See you after practice," Jung-Hee says.

"Bye," I say making Hwan-Hee wave to Jung-Hee before he goes. As soon as he is out of sight I sigh and rub my cheek. He's getting really into this whole parenting thing. I never would have guess Jung-Hee the fatherly-type…I mean not after his whole gang thing anyway. But Jung-Hee really takes care of Hwan-Hee and I honestly think that the child is a real breathing person. Hwan-Hee takes my hair and pulls it gain my attention.

"Sorry, am I ignoring you?" I ask and kiss the doll's baby cheeks. "Umma's going let you see your friends today. Aren't you happy?"

Hwan-Hee giggles and tries to get out of my arms. I swing him around a couple of times and rest him over my shoulder. I hold him there and he is squealing loudly. Little boy likes it rough. I blame it all on Jung-Hee.

I make my way down the hall and into the H.E room. Hwan-Hee knows this place very well and tries to squirm out of my arms. I laugh and put down the baby bag before letting my child crawl around on the floor. He moves quickly, and his butt waddles as he moves. I can barely contain my "kya!" before I dive onto the floor and lift Hwan-Hee into my arms. I lift him in the air and play airplane with him. He laughs I join in.

If Hwan-Hee makes me this happy, then surely the King's child will do the same. A tingling feeling comes inside of me… If only I could have the King's child… and then stay with Jung-Hee.

I jolt up, frightened at my thoughts. There is no way that is going to happen. I need to stop.

"Hwan-Hee, umma's a little crazy, isn't she?" and Hwan-Hee laughs in response. I'm just going to take that as a yes.

I play with Hwan-Hee a little longer before girls and guys start to come into the room. I smile at them and welcome them into the room. They return the gesture, some of the joking. Hwan-Hee is delighted to have people his own age to interact and goes with them toward the baby blocks. The "parents" start to have baby questions and we all start to share our advice. We sit for a while chatting about our dolls and then someone turns to me.

"How are you and Lee getting along?" my friend asks.

"Fine," I reply, curious to know where this is heading.

"I heard you two decided to live together," a girl asks excitedly.

I shake my head.

"We didn't," I reply. "Where'd you hear that?"

"We all know you love him!" another girl cries.

"I really don't," I mutter.

"Well I think the whole this is gross! Flirting away with him like that all the time!"

"Choi don't be like that!" a girl snaps.

"Well I do! Jae Dong-Yul should leave Lee Jung-Hee alone!"

Before another person opens their mouth I smile.

"Everyone is entitled to opinions," I say giving Choi an award-winning smile. My eyes travel over to Hwan-Hee and I gasp. "Hwan-Hee! Don't touch that!"

I rush over to my doll and grab him before he touches a table with pin-holders on top of it. I smack his hand lightly.

"Bad," I say. "No touch!"

Hwan-Hee frowns at me and moves to cry but I place him in front of his friends again. I lean down and kiss him on the forehead before standing up once more. He looks fine now. I smile at the group before someone rushes into the room.

"Jae! There's a fight going on!"


"Lee's in a fight!" the girl gasps.

Great. Jung-Hee's in a fight. I ask my friend to take care of Hwan-Hee and jet out of the room. I burst out of the school, and look towards the gate. A large group of students is gathered there, a number of them from the basketball team. I wonder how big this fight is, and where Jung-Hee is. I push through the crowd and spot Hyun-Ki inside of the group of people. I shove my way to the front of the group but I feel a hand yank me backwards by the wrist. Pak Sunmin holds me tightly.

"Men came here asking for Lee," he says in a soft, feminine voice. "Apparently looking to beat him up."

"Why is Hyun-Ki with him?" I ask.

"…He wanted to keep him from fighting," Pak Sunmin replied. I moved forward, with Pak Sunmin keeping a hold on me. Hyun-Ki has Jung-Hee in an arm-lock. Hwan-Hee's father jerks trying to get out of her hold.

"I told you not to come," Jung-Hee growls, the veins in his neck are protruding from his struggle against Hyun-Ki and from anger.

"Lee! Not here," Hyun-Ki warning in low but loud enough for me to hear. Hyun-Ki's eyes dart to the crowd. I catch her eyes and they widen. She inhales sharply. Hyun-Ki's momentary distraction allows Jung-Hee to break out of her grasp and lunge at Kang. Three members of his gang surround Jung-Hee and he takes them all on. I feel myself tremble and a burning grows in my throat. I want to stop Jung-Hee, but seeing him touched by them makes me sick. I want to throw-up and fight all at once. I hold my head in my hand, straining to watch.

Jung-Hee's fist connects with a member's face, and the man falls. The two others charge at him, both with fists raised. Jung-Hee takes one of their arms and twists it behind them mans back. He yells as his shoulder pops out but the second man punches Jung-Hee in the face. Jung-Hee stumbles back slightly and engages the man's nose with his knee. But creeping behind him is Kang. Everyone is screaming but none of them are making and sense. I jerk my hand from Pak Sunmin's and run toward Jung-Hee.

"Behind you!" I scream, my voice being drowned out by everyone else's. Jung-Hee turns around too late and a pipe connects with his head.

Something snaps inside of me. I felt it break when Jung-Hee hit the floor, his eyes rolled behind his head.

It is silent, but only in my head. My ears are ringing with it. I can't even hear my feet hit the ground when my legs take me toward that man. My body moves on its own and slowly I see Kang hit the ground. I see the iron pole drop the ground and I pick it up. Hyun-Ki rushes, the gang runs toward Kang, everyone watching is screaming and yelling. But it is still so silent.

"Hu…?" I am confused. Did I just do something? All of a sudden I feel my body being pulled backwards and Pak Sunmin's arms around my waist.

"Drop it," he whispers in a low masculine voice. One of his hand slides up my arm, finding my hand, and makes me loosen my grip on the pole. I hear it clatter to the ground before my mind returns to normal. I shake my head and feel myself sink into Pak Sunmin's hold. Out of the corner of my eye, the students share looks of fright and confusion.

"You little devil," Pak Sunmin says in an almost proud tone of voice. "But this is not place for you Princess."

I ball my hands into fists, frowning. Kang is starting to get up and it makes me angrier. I try to wrench myself free of Pak Sunmin's grasp. Kang's eyes lock onto mine. The pit of my stomach falls.

"Look at that boys. Lee's pup has some bite to her after all," Kang grins, spitting some blood out of his mouth. My knees feel shaky. Kang's gaze makes my heart freeze.

"Jung-Hee is injured, let me go to him," I whisper in a panicked way. I need to feel him next to me. I need to know he's going to protect me.

"Allow Kim to go to him. I am not letting you go," Pak Sunmin replies, holding me closer.

Kang with three others takes a step closer to me and Pak Sunmin.

"I fine let me go!" I cry, struggling to get out of his grasp. My head is pounding like the morning rush to school, my eyes are stinging, and I feel my stomach lurch. Images of the alleyway flood my brain and I feel my eyes tearing. I feel my mouth start to form words. "…fine. I'm fine…"

"The puppy looks scared," Kang leers. "I hope I'm not the reason."

"Get away from us!" Pak Sunmin shouts, pulling me further away from Kang and closer to the crowd.

"You're outnumbered girlie," Kang says to Pak Sunmin before lunging forward, grabbing my hand and yanking me towards him. I let out a scream, terrified. The three men at his side seize Pak Sunmin and pin him so that he cannot move. He looks furious.

"Get away!" I cry, but my body freezes.

"Price for Lee's betrayal," Kang mutters before my body is forced to the ground. I hear Hyun-Ki cry out my name. And see her punch man in his face. She is trying to reach me but there are too many surrounding her. I feel Kang's hands on my shirt before everything shuts down.


Jung-Hee's roar stops everything. In a flash Pak Sunmin is by my side again, picking me up so I can stand on my feet. I hear Jung-Hee fighting with Kang, and a rush of people coming into the circle. My mouth keeps moving and words keep spilling out.

"You're not fine," Pak Sunmin says and my knees give way. "But the police are here so…"

I sink to the ground, body shaking. Tears are spilling down my cheeks. The faint cries of the police ring in my ears.

"Please calm down," Pak Sunmin says almost in a pleading tone of voice. "I'm not cut out for this…"

"Damn you, let me go!" Jung-Hee's voice breaks off in the distance.

I start coughing. Kang fingers on my skin won't leave me alone. I cringe, trying to pull my mind away. "I'm fine," keeps spilling from my mouth. Suddenly my body is knocked over and warmth floods me. Jung-Hee is holding me tightly. I'm shivering and I know he can feel it. He holds me tighter.

"I'm here," he whispers and my arms snake around his neck.


"Shh," Jung-Hee whispers. "Don't talk. We're going."

Jung-Hee gets off of me and stands up, helping me along the way but my legs refuse to move. I stumble along after Jung-Hee blinded by my tears. Finally Jung-Hee stops and pushes me against a wall his body lays flat against my own; every contour molding with me. His arms wrap around my body and I flinch away. His essence is all around me trying to invade but I can't open up. I keep coughing and gasping; feeling Kang's breath on my cheeks, fingers on my body.

"It's me baby," he whispers to me. "Just me."

I want to be comforted by him, but I can't. It doesn't work. I don't want anything touching me.

"Get off!" I cry. "Please just let go of me!"

I feel Jung-Hee's hand run up my arms, pausing at my neck before going back to my shoulders.

"Just breathe. Breathe me in," he says before his fingers find their way back down my arms. "I'm the one touching you. Me. You're Jung-Hee."

Jung-Hee then touches my face and lifts my head. I feel his knee part my legs slightly so that he can lean in even closer.

"Breathe baby. Don't make me grope you."

I let Jung-Hee's hand run through my hair, pulling slightly at the roots. It felt fabulous. I wrap my arms around Jung-Hee's middle and feel him chuckle.

"Touch me anywhere else and I might kill you,"

Jung-Hee fully laughs and pulls me into a twirling hug. I am surprised for a moment before I try to hold on for dear life.

"Let me down! Let me down!" I cry, knowing that I am fully capable of projectile vomit.

Jung-Hee does what I ask and sets me down gently. He kneels down and looks me in my soon-to-be sick face.

"Baby promise me you'll never do that again," he says, his voice serious.

"Do what?"

"Try to protect me again," Jung-Hee clarifies.

I glare at him and push him away.

"No! I am just as much of a man as you are!" I snap. "Why can't I protect you?"

Jung-Hee's face turns dark and I know exactly what he's thinking. I continue before he can even continue.

"We are supposed to be lovers for this project Jung-Hee. And if I am going to be your wife, then I will not sit by and watch you get hurt and not do anything about it," I try to choose my words carefully. "Is it not also the duty of a wife to protect the husband whom said wife loves?"

Jung-Hee is silent for a moment, his face returning to a normal expression.

"Did Jae Dong-Yul just confess?" I hear behind me. I blanch. Oh crap!
Jung-Hee's face turns into a full-on gushy smile.

"B-baby! Did you really just tell me you love me?" he runs over to me, grabbing me into a tights and suffocating embrace. "My lover Dong-Yul! I love you too!"

"G-g-get off of me right now!" I cry. "I meant that only in the context of this school project!"

I hear chorus of fangirls "kya" and I want to die.

"Now!" Jung-Hee grasps my hands in his own and looks at me with twinkling eyes. "Let's go make beautiful children together!"

"I am a boy!" I shout, kicking Jung-Hee in the shin. "We can't make children together!"

Jung-Hee stops rubbing his shin and looks up at me with a dark grin.

"…That doesn't mean we can't do the fun part," and with that the LJLOVE's go off like sirens, wishing us good luck and other such congratulations. I push Jung-Hee's body away and stomp off to the classroom. Hyun-Ki and Pak Sunmin are by my side in a second.

"Please do not do that again Princess. You gave me too much of a fright," Hyun-Ki says softly.

"I'm sorry Hyun-Ki… I just snapped," I say.

"You sure as hell did," Pak Sunmin says. "Scared the mess out of me too. Then you went all pale and cold."

I don't say anything to that.

"Lee was fine. So Princess please?"

"I will try," I reply. "But I don't know if I'll snap again…"

"We're here to protect you," Pak Sunmin sighs. "And with all the trouble you give us we have a lot of work to do."

"Didn't know you cared," I snap.

"Oh you're just so cute cuddling next to Lee Jung-Hee like that," Pak Sunmin grins. "How does it feel to be in another man's arms?"

"I bet you'd know all about it," I quip. Pak Sunmin growls and whips around to face me. I face him back. We glare at each other.

"Please, stop," Hyun-Ki breaks us up. "We are going inside to retrieve our children."

As if on cue I hear Hyun-Ki's name being called.

"Kim! Wait!"

We all turn around to see Hyun-Ki's partner walk up to us. Her eyes throw daggers at us.

"Are you alright?" she asks Hyun-Ki who nods.

"Yes, thank-you," she says with her polite smile in place. At my side I hear Pak Sunmin growl. I grab his hand.

"We're going on ahead," I say. "Talk to you later Hyun-Ki."

"Yes, we will walk home together," she says.

"Okay!" I say. Once inside the building I release Pak Sunmin.

Teachers rush past us to quell the business outside.

"What's your deal?" I snap.

"…Nothing," he says folding his hands over his chest.

"Didn't look like nothing," I remark. "That girl just has a crush. She has a thing for glaring at people."

Pak Sunmin's upper lip curls into a snarl.

"Hyun-Ki does not belong to that… thing," he says,

"Girl, not thing," I correct. "You're acting like she belongs to you. What with you growling at all."

Pak Sunmin looks me straight into my eyes; his face furious.

"She does belong to me! I'm her completer!"

My mouth opens with an "oh" as I stand there processing the information.

"Well that makes more sense," I finally say. "I was starting to piece everything together. I guess Hyun-Ki doesn't know?"

"Oh she knows," Pak Sunmin replies. "She just doesn't want to admit it, the little minx."

I chuckle.

"Well, I fully give my support and help," I grin.

Pak Sunmin cocks his eyebrow.

"What help is a Princess whom isn't even completed yet?"

"Shut-up!" I snap. "I will go home eventually."

"Well no one can get married until you are, my dear, and I would prefer to deblossom her while she's still up for defying me."

I stick my tongue out at the man.

"Okay ew. Too much information," I say moving away from the man.

"Sweet honey!" I see Jung-Hee running towards me.

"Oh look, there goes the gardener," Pak Sunmin says in an offhand kind of way.

"Can I help you?!" I snap at Pak Sunmin before Jung-Hee tackles me to the floor.

"Baby! I look away from you for one second and you're gone! I was so worried!"

I can't push him off and his knee is not in the best of places.

"I went inside to get Hwan-Hee!" I say. "Yah- yah! Watch where those hands are buddy!"

Jung-Hee laughs and sits up.

"Our love child must be missing us," he says. I don't even bother trying to get up. He's still sitting on me. Students begin to pile into the building once more some of them ogle at us.

"…Baby," I say slowly. "Would you mind getting off of me? You're not helping the situation."

"Feel good?"

My face turns red and I push Jung-Hee off completely.

"I'm going to kill you!"

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