I felt as if I would faint from the pain as he pulled me mercilessly along. Is this what I was bought for? Did he buy me just to kill me? The more I thought about it, the more pain I felt and the more unbearable it seemed for me to go one. My feet struggled to keep up, but I yelped at the throbbing pain as they would hit small, sharp pebble rocks.

The sun burned on my back causing me to sweat profusely, my mouth to dry, and my lips to crack. I tried to lick them but it only made the dryness worse.

I looked up at my driver with a pleading face, but when he glanced down at me with that irritating smirk etched across his full curvy lips. With the anger in my heart I felt a renewed sense of spirit inside me. I stubbornly forced my aching body to lift itself up as I proudly upheld my head, my eyes holding a deep glare for him.

He seemed to find this amusing as he chuckled a softly. "My, you are a stubborn one aren't you?" he said with a smooth, silky voice. "No matter, I rather enjoy the thrill." I eyed him with a suspicious look wondering what exactly was going through his head, however on second thought I decided I'd rather not know. I fully planed on planning an escape either by slyness or by force. Nothing would bring me more enjoyment then to slap that smirk off his face while forcing him down on his knees as I threatened him with weaponry.

Certainly I would teach him a lesson about the cruelty he imposed on others. I was certainly not his amusement toy or some ass he could kick around at his own enjoyment. I felt a soft tug on the rope that bound my wrists together forcing them forward with a jolt. I struggled to contain the yelp that almost parted from my lips. I refused to let him see me in pain; I would not satisfy his want to brake me. My arms felt as if they would shatter from the pressure of the rope which constantly wore on my arms, forcing them in an angle position.

I closed my eyes and bit my dry lips until they cracked and bled in frustration of the continuous anguish. I was starting to think that this might be a war that I could not win, that perhaps I was a little in over my head. Despite my iron will, my body could not keep up and was giving out. My feet were scraped up badly, my arms were numb, my head was soaked with sweat from the burning sun, and my breathing was irregular. It was clear he had the upper hand and I was losing the battle quickly.

I yelped in pain as my foot stumbled upon another sharp rock and twisted a little causing my knees to crumble beneath me. My body only dragged for a moment before the force stopped. My hair clung to the sweat on my forehead as I tried to heave in as much air as possible. For the moment I was happy that my captor wasn't completely insane; deciding not to drag me to my death.

I heard his hard boots hit the ground as he demounted his horse. I heard him snort in what sounded like satisfaction at my position. Perhaps this was his plan. He most likely saw me as a threat so this was his plan to break me. No doubt the pitiful picture I painted brought him joy.

I watched as his black boots walked past my body. A small part of me thought that maybe, just maybe he would help me up however I quickly realized that this was wishful thinking. I lifted my head with anger blazing through every fiber of my body, but quickly widen my eyes. I realized I was in front of a large barn. I had kept my eyes shut from the pain for so long that I didn't even look at the landscape around me. I leaned up on my knees my still tied arms holding me up with what little strength they had left.

He squatted before me, a small smile still playing on his lips. I felt the ropes on my wrists loosen as they dropped to the ground, giving the picture of me now being on all fours.

I heard another soft chuckle from the strange man, "that position better suits you." I watched with anger and exhaustion as he stood up and led his mare into the barn, disappearing for a moment. I took this opportune moment to better take in my surroundings. I noticed the barn in front of me was centered in a wide clearing; behind it in the distance was a massive dwelling and further on there was a mass of lush green trees which outlined the beginning of a forest.

That would no doubt be perfect for my escape. There were no neighboring residences; even more perfect. That's when a peculiar thought crossed my mind. 'Why were there no residences? Was it just him that lived in this secluded spot?' I stood slowly to test and see if my legs would linger beneath me long enough for me to walk. They supported me, but were wobbly. My eyes were fixed on the forest wondering how long it went and if I could make it through with a night's journey. Could I make it though in a night's travel?

"It's further then you think," I heard a deep voice from behind me. I whipped around unaware that he was back. Apparently he was back and had been back for awhile as he was leaned nonchalantly against the doorframe of the barn, his arms folded across his toned chest. "Although," he smiled a grin that reached his eyes, "I encourage you to try."

I gave him a smug smile in return, "glad that my sudden disappearance will not come as a surprise to you."

His eyes seemed to darken a little at this comment as he focused them on mine. The look was a little unnerving, but I would not allow my fear to show through. His eyes held mine for a moment before he allowed them to take a journey down my body, lingering particularly on my chest and lower parts. I saw him smile again as his licked his lips. My face grew hot as I came to the conclusion that never before had I felt the feelings of being looked at by a man in a lustful way. His eyes drifted back to mine now with a glint of pleasure in them.

"What exactly did you buy me for?" I asked in distaste. He snorted at the apparent fear in my voice I did a poor job in hiding.

"All in good time," he said with another glint in his eyes as if that answer was all that was needed. He took one last quick look of my body and then smile a wide grin, "Please follow," he said motioning me to come with his hand.

Up until this moment I had not moved my legs from their spot and I didn't think I could. They felt like jelly beneath me. And far be it from me to ask him for help. I took a deep breath and moved one of my legs up to test if I even could take a step. At my weight being shifted from one leg to the other they quickly gave out. I cussed as my body fell with a hard thud on the dusty ground.

I looked up slightly to see his face only to become incensed with anger at the amused grin on his lips. I muscled up all the strength I had as I pushed my body up halfway, leaning on my palms of my hands. I saw his eyes light up even more as he watched my pathetic attempt to avoid asking for his hand.

"Shall I drag you then?" he asked with a serious stare. I winced in pain as I struggled to get up, only to slip again. He laughed a little, "perhaps you can try crawling, it would certainly do your pride well. Or," he said with a shin in his eyes, "dare I say, you could always admit you need your master's help." I glared at him in anger. If only I could get up and punch him in right in the face with all the blazing anger I felt.

"Touch me, and I will spit in your face. You disgust me." He frowned a little at this comment then returned to his smirk.

"Well if you're so keen on staying on the ground, not to accept any help, why don't we just you're your position down there permanent."

"If you think your threats are having an effect on me then you are even more of an idiot then you appear to be. You obviously know nothing about the common curtsey of women. You should know that your threats mean nothing to me. They're as worthless and useless."

His eyes become more entranced and intense as if he was becoming more pleased as the conversation went on. "Interesting. I have a feeling that our relationship will be a very," he seemed to think for a moment before saying, "pleasurable one." He smiled letting his teeth show. "However, I should warn you that I have a good mind to get some work done today. As much as I would like to play with my new toy, I simply don't have the time. Although you are making it quite tempting for me."

Without another word he walked the distance between us until he stood directly above me. I glance up at him only to instantly scrunch my face in disgust at his manhood that was directly in front of me. Almost as if he could read my thoughts he squatted down on his hinge legs and held my eyes in his.

I looked at him in absolute horror and rage as my hands unconsciously touched the collar around my neck in revulsion. "If you even think," I stuttered out, "that I would ever willingly-"

"First of all, let me remind you of your place." His patients seemed to be thinning just a little. "You are my slave now. You will do as you're told, only whoever said it would be willingly? As I said before, I would love to play with you, but I simply don't have the time at the moment." The heat coming off his body seemed to be abnormally hot, I assumed it was because of the heat of the sun but it didn't seem normal anyhow. Without another word he scooped me up into his arms bridle style and carried me across the flat distance to the huge residence just ahead. I felt like a rag doll in his arms; weighing nothing.

His body was hot and I could feel the powerful beat of his heart on my shoulder. Was it normal for a human to be this warm? His skin through his shirt seemed to burn my shoulder, as he carried effortlessly.

Unconsciously my thoughts went to were his hands naturally were holding a smug warning stare. He seemed to sense this as his hand inched up a bit to my butt. He chuckled a little as I gasped and thrashed in his arms. "Remember you place young one," he whispered in my ear. Young one! He did not seem that much older then I. Perhaps a few winters, but certainly not enough for him to refer to me as young one.

He must've seen the confusion on my face from his small comment as he laugh quietly to himself but refused to answer the obvious question he knew weighed on my mind. How old was he really?

Instead of asking I focused my attention on the scenery ahead of me. My heart jumped a quick jolt as I looked at the massive residence in front of me that only seemed to enlarge with each step we took towards it. I thought it was huge from afar, but with every step my eyes kept widening at its magnificence. The gardens the outlined the front of the house could now be seen. The color of the flowers and ferns painted a picture of radiance and shimmer that walled the pathway up to a great iron gate.

In the silence of our march towards the large dwelling, I was starting to realize how worn down my body was. My joints ached and my eyes wished they could close to enjoy the gift of sleep. Unconsciously I felt my head lean slightly against his warm chest as it felt nice to give my neck a rest. He at once noticed this small action as his head glanced down at me, surprised at the act.

I bit my lip, not knowing that such a small deed would gain so much attention from him, and I weakly pulled my heavy head off his chest and forced it to stay erect. I heard him snort with disbelief and amusement.

"You are more stubborn then I first perceived." I said nothing to this as I was becoming more and more physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. "Even at the expense of your worn down body. So young to have so much pride, which at times is quit fascinating, but I would prefer you start controlling it. Pride can often be a great downfall even to those great in heart."

I closed my eyes at his ramblings. I cared nothing for his sayings, but his voice was what entranced me. An enchanting sound it was, that relaxed my body and disarmed even the best of my pride. It was smooth as velvet, soft as silk, and warm like a midsummer's breeze. His heart beat steady as he quickened his pace, and the heat from his chest radiated through my thin attire forcing my body to release a warm sensation of comfort.

In my mind I wanted to rush from his arms, but my body wanted to stay wrapped up in his embrace if only for a restful sleep. The enticing call of slumber was almost too much to bear and almost claimed me until I suddenly felt the brake of warmth from his body, cold air swirling to take its place. My eyes opened in slight irritation at this only to see that I was now in a dim lit room, sitting on a cushioned bed. With its cold, dim-lit atmosphere, and no windows to the outside sunny world, one could make the assumption that they were perhaps underground. Confusion spread across my face. Had my eyes really been closed that long? I do not remember passing the vibrant and colorful gardens, nor do I remember hearing to the sound of a large metallic gate being opened at our presence. And yet I now sat in an enormous, well-furnished chamber who's predominate colors were gold and red.

A blood red comforter lay elegantly over the large bed, with gold lining at its edges. A collection of great decorative pillows the color of angelic white sat at the front of the bed to add just enough innocence to the room to make it look inviting.

I looked up at the thin light red curtain that hung around the bed as if it were a graceful ruby fog that surrounded those who slumbered here. The carpet was the same color as the outlining of the comforter; the deep golden color of a type of roasted honey. I caught sight of a dark wooden chest of drawers with a mirror at its top and a small bookshelf sitting at the far, far end of the room, but before I could further inspect it He stepped in front of my gaze.

I had been so caught up in the sophistication of the chamber that I forgotten about his presence until now. "I would love to give you more time to look around my chamber but as it were, I have some errands to attend to and you would best serve me when you are more rested."

He smiled at my half panicked face as his earlier words, "his chamber", caught me by surprise. Of course I did not think it were my room, I had not completely forgotten my place but I had hoped it would be one of the many random rooms in his great palace; not his room.

"I know you already have your own agenda, but you will sleep first. You are not to leave this chamber until I return, and I will know if you choose to disobey in this order so I urge you not to test me in that regard. I had some chores ready for you, but they are as useless as you are if you cannot complete them. So you will rest." Before I could say any quick-witted remark he turned and walked to the wooden chest of drawers at the far end of the room and opened one of them. He pulled something out but I could not see what it was.

He then disappeared around a corner; a corner I had not seen existed until now. I heard the sound of running water but it disappeared quickly. I saw him reappear with a small black bag in one hand and something white in the other. As he came closer I could see that the small white item was a white cloth that appeared to be half wet.

He didn't seem to respond to the curiosity that was etched across my face as he squatted down to where my legs dangled over the side of the bed. I watched as he dabbed the red sore spots on my ankles and feet with the cool wet cloth. I jumped and jolted at the sharp pain when my wounds came in contact with the cloth.

He did not look at me, but simply grabbed my heel as he started his work on my right foot. His hands were firm and secure as he held my foot in place. I gritted my teeth as he dabbed a little harder the dried blood around the cuts on my feet. I saw him smile a little as he continued his incessant dabbing, and just when I felt the urge to kick him he stopped. He put the rag down and unzipped the black bag he had carried with him. A clear tube, is what he pulled out along with some white wrappings. Unscrewing the cap on the tub he turned it upside down and poured some of the silk looking liquid into the palm of his hand. He then dabbed a finger into the glop and lightly began to rub it over my cleaned cuts.

I thought it would be painful but it released a warm tingling feeling that seemed to numb the pain. That was when an irking, sharp smell reached my nose. I scrunched my nose at the harsh rancid odor. It smelled of dead, rotting plants mixed together something sour. I heard Him laugh at the look on my face as he quickly began to wrap my feet and angles with a thick binding that helped conceal the smell.

He followed this same chain of events with my left foot. When he was finished he looked at his work with satisfaction. "They should heal quickly with good rest." He then took the wet white cloth and brought it up to my face patting the brown and black smudges that soiled my face. When finished, he cupped my chin roughly in his hand and smiled again at his work. "Better."

I didn't say it, but I was thankful for his kindness. I never would have thought he had it in him.

Now Rin, I give you only three orders. There new unsoiled attire behind you, change into them before you sleep. Rest. And do not leave this room until my return. A swift punishment will come to you if you chose to disobey any of them. Do you understand?"

"What's the punishment?" I instantly said without thinking. I bit my lip at my blunt questioning. I expected a harsh look but instead he smirked.

"I can only assure you that it will be painful, it will be cruel, and before it is over you will beg for mercy that will not be given." I felt my eyes widen a little at the seriousness of his voice. "However if you are so curious and willing to know you have my permission to find out. And believe me when I say it will most certainly hurt you more than it will me. Do yourself a kindness Rin, in not making me regret mine." With that he turned exiting through the dense, dark lumber door. When I heard the soft click of the door I wondered if he locked it. A part of me wanted to satisfy my curiosity and check but the fear of seeing his angered face made me think twice. He would no doubt probably be waiting outside to see if I would disobey his orders.

I would hate to be caught by him. 'Not that I'm afraid of him,' I thought shamefully to myself. I turned around and looked at the clothing left for me. I unfolded it and laid it out on my lap. It was light and thin, but it had a long length that came about two inches below my knees with a scoop neck. I quickly slipped off my old, tattered, soiled dress. It used to be white, now it held the colors of brown and black slashed across it from the harsh travel.

I felt the icy, damp coldness of the room on my naked body. The cold gave me goose bumps, to which I rubbed with my hands. Quickly I slipped the dress over my head which because of its thinness helped little to warm me. I would have chosen to look around the chamber more, but I was quite cold and tired.

I pulled back the blood stained comforter as I scrambled to get under it for warmth. I had hoped that there would be more blankets underneath the comforter but there was only the one along a thin sheet. I slid under the blanket which was surprisingly thicker than expected. It seemed to hold in the little heat that my body had left. I curled and snuggled into it surrounding myself with it.

I laid my head on the soft feathered pillows. My head seemed to sink into them as they conformed to me perfectly. Finally able to let sleep claim me I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and let it.

I woke up with an ache in my back. I moaned a little at the cramp that wouldn't seem to leave as I opened my eyes. The sleep in the corner of my eyes suck like a crust to my eyelashes. I brought my hands up to my eyes and rubbed them roughly while licking my lips at their dryness.

I took a deep breath of the cool air in the room. Underneath the blankets a cloud of warmth surround my body and I hesitated to lift them to let it out. I opened my eyes a little wider now that the sleep was clear off my eyes.

It felt as if I had been asleep for decades. 'I must have been in a really deep sleep,' I thought. My head felt permanently imbedded into the pillow. I wondered how long I had been asleep. I wondered what time of day it was. There were no windows to tell, but I had the feeling that it was approaching nightfall soon.

I slowly sat up and leaned against the back wall of the bed taking in my surrounding again for the second time. Only this time I was not exhausted. The room still held as much majestic presence as it did before I went to sleep. The only thing that still continued to bother me was the fact that there were no windows. How strange that a chamber this well decorated had not one small window.

I jumped a little as I suddenly felt the need to use the restroom. I looked around for a moment for the restroom. Then suddenly remembering the corner that He had gone around to wet the cloth he used to clean my feet with, I hopped out of bed and traveled over to the corner.

The cold air hit me like a hard blow to my body, but I cared not for the cold as the urge to urinate was far worse. I turned the corner and gasped at its vastness. As if this chamber could get bigger. I hadn't realized that the place where I slept was only half of the room, the restroom and bathing corridor was the other half.

I took a step forward through the already opened two wooden doors. My feet went from the soft gold carpet to the cold, icy, cream marble floors. There were gold carvings of on the floors that made it look like churned milk and caramel swirled together.

This room was light and cheery compared to the dim lit room I just came from. It had one small window in the top of the ceiling that would have shown light into the room if were still daylight. As it was, I could see that the sun had just gone down it was now approaching night. The small square window at the top, held a full moon in it. It looked perfectly made to hold the moon inside of it. How strange to have a window up there. It had a high white celling with the same gold cravings as the floor. A deep wide pool was centered in the middle of the clearing. On both the left and right walls of the room there hung large, wide shower heads. If they were turned on they looked as if they would spray onto anyone, on both sides of their body, who stood in the middle of the room. Who would need this big of a bathing corridor? A deep pool, and two waterfalls that sprayed on to you from both sides. This room was an entire shower. There was a large drain near the toilet which was over in a small corner.

I turned and shut the two heavy oak doors behind me, and then quickly scampered off to the toilet. Quickly I did my business and flushed. I washed my hands at the one small sink a few feet from the toilet. It was more like a nearby fountain that trickled with the pleasing sound of a small waterfall. I put my hands under the water and rubbed them well. With a smile I wondered what it would be like to turn on the massive shower heads and stand in the middle of the room.

I walked the distance back to the two closed doors and opened them letting my feet touch the warm honey glazed carpet again. My plan was to explore the chamber more until my eyes landed on the figure that sat on the edge of the bed with a an amused smirk.

"You look overwhelmed."

I wanted to glare at him but I had no reason too, he had been nothing but kind to me since I arrived. "I'm not," I said simply. "I've seen many like it."

"Have you," he said with a gleam in his eyes. Surprisingly He chose not to ask inquiring questions about it, but instead in the silence took the time to let his eyes linger down my body. "Much better attire. It pleases me more than the rags you wore before."

"I've worn better," I said still looking for a way to stab him for some unknown reason. He seemed to sense this as his eyes narrowed slightly.

"Perhaps you would prefer to wear nothing then," he said with a sharp edge to his voice. My eyes widened just a little at the picture it painted and slowly tried to back out of the hole I had dug and fallen into.

"I'm sure I can manage with this," I said gesturing to my dress in slight panic.

A wicked grin crossed his lips, "I'm so glad to have the lowly approval of my slave," he said in a mocking tone. I bit my lip to hold my an insulting comment for fear that I would only fall back into the hole that I just barley climbed out of. He seemed to see that I had something to say and eyed me dangerously. "You have something else to disagree about?" he asked in a testing tone.

I felt this was a battle I could not win. I shook my head even though every fiber in my body was wishing to stab him with an mocking comment. Anything to redeem my pride.

"Good. At least you know where your limits are." He folded his arms and looked me up and down with a pleasing glint in his eyes. I sighed inwardly at the frustration that was building up in me from his irritating gazes. 'Why did he keep doing that!' His eyes traveled up my body until they met my angered eyes. He smiled at the expression on my face. "I trust that someone who sleeps like the dead slept well?"

His comment made me think back to his kindness and I nodded trying to avoid his eyes. Wait. How did he know I slept so hard? My eyes jerked back to his with a questioning look.

"After a few hours, I got a little worried when I saw no signs of escape so checked in. I have to admit I expected to find an empty bed, but you slept as if it were your last. I left again for a few more hours, only this time when I returned the bed was empty." He smirked again as he looked to his bathing chambers.

"I couldn't wait," I said with slight embarrassment.

"Well, I'm glad you chose the toilet over my bed." I almost laughed at the thought of going in his bed, but held it in. Instead there was a long silence between us as he did minutely eye scan up my body. He let out a loud breath as if he had been holding it in the whole time he did his scan. 'That was getting really irritating!'

"I also noticed that your feet and ankles are better. You seemed to walk quite well." It was only at this moment that I remembered the previous excruciating pain of my feet. It was true, though the bandages still wrapped my feet, there was no pain. I had completely forgotten about the injuries. "Come," he said waving a hand at me, "let me have a look."

I walked slowly over to him, putting my weight on each foot to see if I would feel a twinge of pain. But I felt nothing. It was as if they never existed. I stopped in front of him, to which he motioned for me to take a seat next to him.

I did just so. He grabbed my right foot and unwrapped the tight cloth nonchalantly. My eyes widened as the once bloody cuts and wounds were now thin faint scratches. I watched in disbelief as he inspected the healing of my feet with satisfaction. He then did the same with my other foot, to which I was just as surprised.

"Very good. You slept hard, so the healing took less time." He then dropped my feet loosely to the ground. "Now, I've made a list of chores you are to complete," he said pulling a small list from his pocket and handing it to me. "I want them completed by our next meeting."

'What did he mean by that?' His eyes seemed to widen a little, as if he sensed something. Almost like a deer erects its head when it scenes danger. I felt his hot hand grasp mine in an iron clasp. I winced at the sudden pressure, but he did not loosen his grip. He quickly pulled me from the bed, through the massive wooden door thus exiting his room, through a dark, cold stone hall and lastly through a small stone door which looked impossible to move but he did without hesitation.

He threw me through it with force causing me to hit the floor. "I am not to be disturbed under any circumstances. Do not attempt to come back through this door." He seemed to be quickly backing up into the darkness of the hall that we had traveled down too quickly. As a monster cowers from light. But through the darkness I could see what looked like a pair of glowing golden eyes that only seemed to be getting brighter the longer I looked at them. "That is an order," he growled through a deep grumbled voice that was not his own.

The stone door shut with a hard smash. 'As if I could even budge that door.' But then again he did say attempt to come through.

I took a deep breath as I ran over in my mind what I had just seen. Golden eyes? Why was his voice so deep? Almost like growl.

I heard the soft crinkle of the list of chores I was assigned under my hand as I struggled to sit up. I remembered he said I was to have them done by our next meeting, whenever that was. I looked the list up and down and realized that it was whole bunch of meaningless things to do.



Making of beds

Dusting ….

I looked back at the stone door with curiosity. What was it that I really saw? I stood up and walked over to the stone door and put my hand on it. It felt strangely warm for being made of stone, as if there were a fire on the other end.

I sighed and turned to get started on the chores. There were lots of windows in what looked like the entrance we should have come through when I was first carried in. It was lit nicely even though it was nighttime, but the full moon gave a beautiful lighting of its own.

PS: to all readers: This story previously was known was Fantasy Freedom. It was changed to A Wolf's Weakness