It's a fresh new day.

The morning, not quite broken yet,

The sense that the world is new.

Then I remember the day:

Valentine's Day. br br

Instantly the darkness seems sinister and mocking.

I take a shower, hot water blasting,

Relentless anger at the day.

I throw on my rebel attire: black jeans,

Recently customized dark purple shirt,

New black-and-silver tennis shoes. br br

Tying a scrap of black fabric on my arm,

I conveniently forget my glasses as I walk

To the Transit stop, still in darkness.

I attempt to keep my "Life Sucks" attitude in place,

An unorthodox combo of apathy and irritation at life in general. br br

Wearing my old black coat today,

I walk through the halls, replacing my cheery

"Good Morning!"s with loath-y side-glances.

Trudging with my clarinet bouncing at my side. br br

"What's wrong, Kathryn?" my Orch. buddy asks.

"Why are you mad?"

"Not mad, just anti-Valentine. Proud to be single."

"And wondering if he'll notice." I thought silently.

"I just hope I don't over-do it." br br

"Aww, is Kathryn having a bad day?" my amiga asks.

"I'm anti-Valentine today. I'm rebelling against

commercialization and lovey-dovey gifts.

Proud to be single. Proud to not have a

Date to the Sweetheart Swirl tonight."

She smiles knowingly. I hate when she does that. br br

"Aww, you're just acting. I know you like V-Day."

"Act I might, hope I won't." I tried to sound determined.

"And yet, by saying that, you do hope."

Darn it, I hate it when she's right. "Well, hopefully,

If he's got any plans this'll discourage him.

It'd be too much for my system for a move today." br br

"I'm gonna laugh if he does something today."

She smiles, I sigh.

"We all know that he isn't interested and doesn't

even want a girlfriend in high school.

What makes you think today'll be any different?" br br

In walks Subject Number One.

Leaning with the weight of his instrument, as always,

He tries to make eye contact. I look away

Trying hard to portray a "Forget This" attitude. br br

I realize that I forgot my music.

I walk over to get it, and there lies a note

Folded tight, lying right there.

I pocket it, determined not to open it until

I at least get to my next class.

She gives me a "What did I tell you?" glance. br br

It's a nervous time in Orchestra.

I know he's watching me, and I sense

The tension in the air.

As long as he doesn't talk to me, I'll be fine. br br

"You look different." Darn it.

"Yeah? How?"

"Well, I've rarely seen you in dark colors."

"It just seemed like that kind of day."

He pauses. br br

"You do know it's Valentine's Day, right?"

I look down at my tee, with its artfully ripped heart

(with a shirt underneath, of course).

"Whatever gave you that idea?"

"Don't people normally wear red or pink or white on V-Day?"

"I'm Anti-Valentine today. I'm celebrating

The single life and rejecting the lovey-dovey

Sentimental goings-on of the day."

"Ok then, wait till tomorrow to read that note.

It'll go over better." br br

You can guess the rest.