Different Thoughts on Valentine's Day


Roses are red and violets are blue

Valentines are sweet, but you are sweeter still.


You are my Valentine

You are in my heart of hearts,

We will never part from each other.

You are my soulmate, and it was fate.

That brought us together forever.


Thank you for your loving care, which you have given me.

For I give you my heart to show my love.

On this Valentine's Day, and every day that we are together.


It is Valentine's Day again, and it is, time to have your say.

Of a love so true, at times it makes you so blue.

When you and your love have a fight, you just want to take flight.

Because you love each other so much that when you make up,

That when you get together you hold each other tightly,

Then you are both happy, and you get so mushy.


The idea of Valentine's Day is to show you love with flowers, candy, and stuffed animals so.


No matter who you are, take a chance on love.

Show that you care and love will come back to you.