Going Up ?

Note: A comedy about a bellhop/elevator operator who seems to have a bit of a "hard luck" life, but all of this changes when celebrities start visiting the hotel, and a bit of romance enters into his life.


Bellhop/Elevator Operator Antonio (Tony) Iacuzzo:

Justine Cotwell (famous opera singer):

Manager Stephen Pettigrew:

Administrative Assistant Trudy Pettigrew:

Clerk #1 (Robert):

Clerk #2 (Eddie):

Secretary (Terrie):

Maid #1 (Therese):

Maid #2 (Louise):

Maid #3 (Marie):

Maid #4: (Carole):

Maid #5 (Noelle):

Maid #6 (Angela):

Maid #7 (Belle):

Maid #8 (Madonna):

Maid #9 (Elise):

Maid #10 (Natalie):

Business traveler #1: (Samuel, "Sammy")

Business traveler #2: (Mohammed)

Business traveler #3: (Eugene)

Business traveler #4: (Laverne)

Boss of the travelers: (Mr. Juno)

Head Chef:

Cook #1:

Cook #2:

Cook #3:

Cook #4:

Cook #5:

Cook #6:

Cook #7:
Boston Pops Conductor:

Neil Cidaka:

Frankie Vallie (and the rest of the Jersey Boys):

Scene 1—La Rosa

(At first glance, La Rosa Hotel doesn't seem like much to look at, but it is a gem of sorts. Despite its age and fact that it is Victorian doesn't dissuade travelers to stop and rest before moving on to their destination. Also, it is very common for honeymooners to stop as well, as do other guests of many kinds…but sadly, La Rosa hasn't had very many special guests and it seems that nothing can pick business up. The latest bellhop, a charming, likeable, gregarious go-getter by the name of Antonio Iacuzzo, has been having a rather 'hard-luck' life when it comes to love, but it seems his luck and La Rosa's guest list is going to become interesting…)

Stephen: (properly making certain everything is in its rightful place) (claps hands while others are talking to snap them to attention) Alright everyone ! (smiles) As you have probably already noticed, I am positively ecstatic about our incoming guests. La Rosa hasn't had celebrities in the longest time, so I want everyone on their best behavior. Especially you, Mr. Iacuzzo. I know you're a newcomer here, so you probably expect me to take it easy on you. I like you, Tony, but take my word for it, I don't want any monkey business.

Anthony: (in a pleasant manner, perkily) Of course, Sir. Whatever you desire.

Natalie: (to another maid) I wish he had a brother, ooo ! What a perfect husband he'd make !

Elise: (chuckles) You and your love of the exotic and foreign…

(Both ladies laugh until the boss glances at them, and they stop)

Trudy: (nods) Very well. Everyone, you know what to do. Let's get started ! (puts on the radio so everyone can start working, rather upbeat music plays as everyone works hard and tidies up. By the time they finish, La Rosa looks absolutely stunning)

(Everyone wipes their brow from sweat, and sits down to enjoy some lemonade that Trudy made after finishing their work.)

Trudy: We actually look presentable ! (very pleased) I'm ecstatic ! I'm hoping that the new look we created will draw different clientele here. Remember, everyone, we must all work together as a team, we are capable of anything !

(Everyone is conversing, agreeing, and they go off to their own business)

Scene 2—Slow Day

(After Antonio delightfully delivers the mail, singing happily, he sighs.)

Steve: Hey, what's wrong, Tony ? I thought you were happy just a few seconds earlier.

Tony: (slightly flustered) Yeah ? Well, now I'm bored. We cleaned La Rosa spotless, inside and out. She shines so wonderfully, like the jewel she is. But here we sit, like a discarded diamond, waiting for some treasure hunter to seek us out. I feel like we're lost at sea…AGAIN !

Steve: Oh don't be so melodramatic, Tony. Don't take this the wrong way, but you Italians have a flair for drama.

Tony: (pouting a little) Which is what makes us great !

Steve: (rolls eyes) I agree, but please…could you keep the drama to a minimum ?

(Suddenly, a rather famous person walks through the door)

(Both Steve and Tony's mouths are agape)

Tony: Do you know who that is ?

Steve: No, but she is a FOX…

(Just then, Trudy is within earshot and hears what has been said)

Trudy: (slight glower) What was that, honey ?

Steve: Oh, nothing. (nervous laugh)

Trudy: Who's the beautiful lady ?

Steve: See, you agree with me ! (gets whacked on the back of the head) OW ! Hey, that hurt.

Trudy: Sorry, but you had that one coming. (looks at Tony) What's up with Tony…it's like he knows her.

Tony: (dreamily) It's the famous opera singer, Justine Cotwell. She has sung on many occasions with the Metropolitan Opera House group. Her soprano could easily make angels weep, and the crankiest baby slumber. Her voice is ambrosial…(sighs blissfully)

Steve: Snap out of it, she's coming to the desk !

(Tony does as he is told and takes his place over by the elevator. He is still very smitten by the woman, and has been since watching her on TV, but he doesn't have the courage to tell her that)

Justine: I am lucky to have found your lovely establishment. (smiles) I will be lodging here for the next few days before I leave for my tour.

Trudy: Very well then, Miss. (She fills out the forms that are needed, is given a room key and poor Tony is left with the bags, which he carries with a baggage cart)

Tony: So, what room are you staying in, Ms. Cotwell ?

Justine: Room 250. It's fairly small, La Rosa.

Tony: Yes, but hopefully you will find the accommodations favorable.

Justine: (smiles) I'm surprised you knew who I was. The only other person who knew me was your superior.

Tony: (surprised) Oh, that is such a shame. But it doesn't matter. (smiles gently) I would be honored just to hear you sing one of these days.

Justine: I could manage that. The tour isn't far from here actually. I would be honored if you came, Mr. Iacuzzo. Oh, and one more thing to remember me by, you cute little Italian…(kisses his cheeks, gives him an extra tip)

Tony: (drunkenly) Mamamia ! (falls over to the ground as she walks away)

Scene 3—Back From the Opera

(Tony is singing verses from the Marriage of Figaro. His uniform looks a bit askew in places, and the maids seem to know something happened between him and the Pettigrew woman. He winks at them, continuing to sing merrily, and then meets the boss.)

Tony: I came back right on time, just as you said, Sir.

Stephen: (sly smile) Young love, am I right ?

Tony: (a bit bashfully, head lowered) Yes. By God, Signore, that woman, she's unbelievable…

Stephen: (hand on his shoulder) You'd best forget her. She'll be gone in a few days. Best not to get too attached.

Tony: (a bit sadly) Yes, yes. I understand, sir.

Stephen: Oh, the guysll' be helping you tidy up for the night. Aren't many customers so it shouldn't be a problem.

Tony: Of course. (takes out IPod from pants, sticks in his ear buds and finds the clerks, who are getting ready for the evening)

(Steve completes his books for the night and goes to sleep in his own room, from the outside we notice his light turn off.)

Robert: Man, it's still dull here. I thought La Rosa'd be hoppin' right now, man. I mean, it's summer for heaven's sake.

Eddie: No doubt. All the other maids are asleep and we're up doin' their dirty work. It's not fair. Right, Tone ?

Tony: (listening to music and weeps)

Robert: Oh, dude…What's up with him ?

Eddie: I have no idea, Bob. (yanks his earphones out) Hey, what's wrong, man ? Why're you so down and out ?

Tony: (a bit frustrated) Why ? Why ?! (gesticulates wildly) I'll tell you why. I just met the woman who just might be the love of my life. I have loved her since I first saw her on the television, and tonight…I confessed my love. I had never been so elated !

Eddie: But that doesn't make sense. I mean, you should be happy right ?

Robert: No, no. This is bad. I can tell where this is leading, Bob. Go on, Ton'.

Tony: The boss snapped me out of it. She'll be gone in a few more days and then…I'll be alone like always. It's always the same damned thing.

Robert: That sucks, man.

Eddie: BOB ! You're not helping the man !

Robert: Uh, whoops. My bad.

Eddie: Bob can be…sorta thick in the head sometimes, but heavens know we all love him. (laughs)

Robert: My man Ed's right…(chagrined) unfortunately.

Eddie: So, what makes you think she'll forget a man like you ? You've got the whole Italian lover thing goin' on…I've seen how women follow you. They're like flies and you're the honey my man.

Tony: (cockily) True, true. But, one must be humble. Women also catch on the stereotypical "scumbag" traits that some Italians have…They're intelligent. You have to woo them, slowly. Just like anything in life, do so with gusto and savor each moment.

Robert: (impressed) Dude, if I were a chick, I'd so be hanging all over you right now.

Tony: (freaked out) I'll pretend I didn't hear that…Let's just get back to work, shall we ?

(Still working but chatting at the same time)

Eddie: Anyway, I doubt she'll forget you. Maybe she'll forget all about the opera…

Tony: That's nonsense. But thanks anyway.

(All of them continue cleaning to "You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet" over Tony's Ipod with a bit of dance and showy moves until the work is done, and the scene fades…the hotel is spotless once more)

Scene 4—Business Travelers Rest Their Weary Dogs


(Maids are all ready to go, welcoming some new travelers in. They're signed up and find the accommodations preferable)

Mr. Juno: (ebullient) It's providential we were able to find you in such short notice. All of my employees were starting to complain about aching feet, and backs. I didn't know La Rosa even existed into now. Lucky for you !

Judy: Yes, lucky for us, Mr. Juno ! Our maids and bellhop will gladly help you with your belongings and take you to your rooms.

Traveler #4: (to traveler #3) Eugene, look…Special tonight is lasagna, ravioli, Caesar salad, cheesy garlic bread and cheesecake. Oooh, it says it's "Iacuzzo's specialty". It sounds absolutely superb !

Eugene: Laverne, you know cheesecake is my weakness !

Laverne: So ? Live a little, indulge ! (laughs)

(The business travelers are shown to their rooms and not much sooner does a famous face walk through the door, after Tony and the maids have helped them, he has sneaked a piece of cheesecake to Justine, with a bouquet of a dozen red roses.)

Tony: (knocking on Justine's door, sings) Oh my darling please, surrender. Your eyes, your lips so tender. Be mine forever. Be mine tonight.

Justine: (grabs him by the tie and pulls him into his room)

Tony: (expectantly, a bit lustfully) Oh, Madon !

(Door shuts quickly behind them, and the maids snicker as they help the guests)

Sammy: (wiggling eyebrows) This will most assuredly be an interesting stay.

(scene fade)

Scene 5—Celebrity Status

Trudy: (going over records) Honey, this is the most guests we've seen in a while. I actually feel like we're going to make it for once !

Stephen: (hugging her and suddenly starts stammering)

Trudy: I know, I know ! It's enough to make you weep for joy ! (jubilantly laughs)

Stephen: No, Trud…LOOK ! (turns her around and they see Neil Cidaka)

Trudy: (astonished) Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit.

Stephen: (happily) Mr. Cidaka, such a pleasure ! What brings you here ?

Neil: (grin) I was in the neighborhood. Plus this little outfit seems nice. Can't wait to meet your staff.

Trudy: (can hardly speak, and neither can Stephen)

Tony: (not long after hearing the bell ring) Yeah, boss ? (noticing Neil) Blessed Virgin Mary…

Neil: Not the reaction I was expecting, but pleasure to meet you, (reads name tag) Tony.

Tony: Oh, the honor is mine, Mr. Cidaka…I'll take you to your room immediately. (escorting him) I'm one of your biggest fans, Mr. Cidaka.

Neil: Please, call me Neil. No need to be so formal.

Tony: Dear God, pinch me ! I must be dreaming. (giddy)

(Tony and Neil start talking about his songs in the past, which is completely ad-lib. Tony happily shows Neil his room, and is stopped suddenly by his friends. The maids squeal a bit after seeing Neil, and wave and wink flirtatiously at him.)

Eddie: You helped the Neal Cidaka, man ! You lucky dog !

Robert: What's he like ! You gotta spill, man !

Tony: Believe it or not, he's really down to earth. Absolutely a pleasure to talk to. He's not like some of these celebrity types that are holier-than-thou. I heard he was going to be playing La Rosa's piano at the dinner this evening…out of the goodness of his heart.

Eddie: Man, it's been a while since those ivories have been tickled, let alone by someone famous. But you, Tone, you have quite a talent too. It's no wonder the dames love you.

Tony: (bashfully) You know if I didn't know you guys any better, I'd swear sometimes you were hitting on me.

Robert & Eddie: (both disgusted, but laugh anyway)

Tony: Anyhow, Neil is incredible. He's young at heart, which does my heart good.

Robert: You're like a lucky charm, man. Since you've been working here, we're getting more customers like that.

Eddie: May your lucky star never diminish !

Tony: (laughing) Eddie, my friend, you are strange.

(That evening, Neil plays the piano, and all the customers are enjoying their meal. Justine is savoring her plate and sees Tony in the kitchen; she has her eye on him, and winks at him playfully. He blushes deeply and then hears the voice from his boss in his mind.)

Tony: (fighting back tears, thinking to himself) "Don't get too attached ", is what he said. (sighs in frustration) I cannot possibly do that. (looks back at her behind the kitchen and she smiles at him affectionately) She loves me, dearly. More than any other woman I've ever met. Somehow, this will work out…I sense it. I mustn't give up so easily. Love is worth fighting for, and if I must, I shall fight to keep our love alive.

(Soon after all the guests are gone, Trudy walks into the kitchen)

Main Chef: No guests in the kitchen, shoo, shoo !

Justine: (a little upset) (scoff) How rude ! I just wanted to give my regards to the mastermind behind the specialty. Exquisite, sir…I felt as if I had taken a trip to Rome.

Tony: (bashfully) Ah, Signiorina, you flatter me.

Justine: No…I speak the truth.

Main Chef: Alright, if you two are done making goo-goo eyes at each other, could you please leave my kitchen ?

(both of them nod quickly and head off)

Tony: I am not sure what upset him so much. I guess he only wants staff in the kitchen. I'm only part of Italian theme night, which happens now and again.

Justine: I can tell that you're right at home in the kitchen.

Tony: (poetically) I now have the perfect muse to guide me.

Justine: (amorously) Oh, really ? Mmm…Can I guide you to the elevator, my beautiful Italian stallion ?

Tony: (wriggling eyebrows, and rather seductively) Lead. I will follow, my love.

(They walk into the elevator, and "Love in an Elevator" plays…We see nothing, only hear exclamations of love…scene fade)

Scene 6—Stay Awhile

(Justine's stay at La Rosa has ended and she is needed on her opera tour, but as she wakes with Tony in her arms, surrounded by roses, she doesn't want to leave him.)

Tony: (softly) I'm sorry I have to leave you, cara mia…(kisses her cheek)

Justine: (rhapsodically) My GOD, I love it when you speak Italian…

Tony: And I love the way you wrap me up in those eyes of yours, those silken arms, and those glamorous eyes. (sighs blithely) Ciao, principesa…

Justine: (savoring the rose petals around her, sinks back into the silk covers) Ciao, amore mio.

Tony: (blows a kiss to her and leaves, he sings along to his I-Pod as he goes downstairs via the elevator and meets the madam and sir owner as usual)

Steve: Ah, good morning, Tony.

Tony: Boun Journo, Boss. It is a most glorious morning to be alive. (inhales deeply and exhales blissfully)

Steve: New espresso today I take it ?

Tony: Oh no, nothing like that. Just the old 'vim and vigor' as you would say.

Steve: Excellent. Keep it up. Our new customers should be arriving any minute now.

Judy: (about to explode) I wonder who they'll be…Things have really gotten remarkable…Can't wait, I can't wait ! (almost jumps up and down in excitement)

Steve: Please, sugar-bits, calm yourself. (Places hands on her shoulder and rubs them)

Judy: (almost becomes so sleepy she has to snap herself out of it)

Secretary: I'm prepared. Bring on the new guests, I can type as fast as they enter ! (cracks knuckles)

Maid #1: (gasps softly) I hear automobiles.

Maid #2: We have more guests. Everyone…attention !

(everyone waits for the guests to arrive)

Boston Pops Conductor: (coming in)

Everyone (that's available on the floor, not including the business travelers who are still asleep) Bien venue a la Rosa.

Conductor: (in his mind) "Welcome, indeed !"

Maid #3: Oh my God, do you know who that is ?!

Maid #4: Yes, of course I do. I'm not totally culturally inept, you know ?

(the maids do their best to contain themselves)

(The Conductor makes his reservation and is taken to his room on floor 2 by a couple of maids, and the rest wait to wait on the other customers coming in)

Maid #5: Even more ? Mon dieu !

(Frankie Vallie enters with his group)

Tony: (to his friends) I'm dead, right ? I'm dead, because this has to be heaven !

Eddie: No, but keep this up, and I might send you there…Get a grip, Ton !

Tony: (Doing his best to contain himself) Yes, of course…I can control myself. But you must understand, Mr. Vallie is one of my all time idols.

Robert: Bigger than Cidaka even ?

Tony: (nodding) Yes, even bigger than old blue eyes himself.

Robert: (clueless) Who's that ?

Eddie: (sighs) Sinatra, you dolt !

Robert: Oh, yeah…Right. (feels rather stupid) (pause) Woah. (reverently) Why would he and his group want to stop here at a fairly unknown hotel ?

Eddie: No earthly idea, but ain't life grand ! (smiles widely) And looks like some maids will be helping us getting him situated.

(A sequence of the guys helping the Jersey boys is shown as well as them getting friendly with them to the tune of Oh, What a Night until finally at night, they are actually singing that very song, and Tony is asked to join with them. He sings with gusto, enthusiasm and energy. By the time they finish, there's a burst of applause for all of them. Justine takes his hand and leads him out of the restaurant.)

Tony: Come to give me more praise, cara ?

Justine: Yes, of course. As usual, your singing was stupendous. (sadly) But I have some sad news.

Tony: (a bit afraid) What is it, amore ?

Justine: (holds him affectionately and crying softly) I have to leave tomorrow. The opera company was calling me, demanding I would finish the tour, as promised. If I do not, my fans as well as the Metropolitan Art Society will be terribly upset. I cannot afford do that, even at the peak of my career.

Tony: (sadly) So that means…

Justine: (places her finger to his lips) No. We always have love, as well as this. (pulls a card from her brassiere and gives it to him)

Tony: (takes it from her and holds it close to his heart) I shall cherish it and call you as much as I can. (kisses her warmly)

Justine: I must be on my way. Any longer and I will weep…and I don't wish for this to be a tragic parting. Goodbye, love.

Tony: Ciao, amore mio…(kisses her one more time before she leaves) (sighs sadly) (to himself) Love finds a way. I'll write to her until my hand falls off !

(The next sequence is a rather poignant one, tinted with blue lights to an instrumental jazzy version of "Blue On Blue". Tony walks away in slow motion, a single tear falls from his eye.)

Scene 7—Some Things Are More Important

(A year passes, and celebrities have come and gone. Tony has been conversing with Justine by letters and has been optimistic about her return. He has also been reading The Secret.)

Tony: (singing) Justine, come back ! La Rosa's where you want to be ! I'd do anything to have your love again ! Justine come back ! (gets stopped by Eddie)

Eddie: What…the heck…are you doing ?!

Tony: (stupidly) Singing, what's it look like ?

Eddie: You haven't sung for a while. Why so upbeat ?

Tony: (beams) Justine is coming back to La Rosa.

Eddie: Really ? Woah, no way !

Tony: (wriggles eyebrows) Way, dude.

Robert: You have got to let us borrow The Secret. That stuff actually works !

Tony: Yes, of course it does. But you must know that it doesn't happen instantaneously. You must be patient with it.

Robert: (exhales sharply) I get ya, I get ya. I'll do my best. Thanks.

Tony: No problem, brother ! During our break, I'll go to my quarters and let you borrow it. You both have to share though.

(Both of them pout)

Robert/Eddie: (childlike) Fine.

Stephen: (walks by, checking on his employees) Another stellar day, isn't it ?

Robert: Oh, definitely, Sir.

Tony: Yes, it is indeed.

Eddie: Yep, you bet !

Stephen: (leans over to Tony) I noticed who your letter was from, and perhaps it was wrong for me to let my curiosity get the best of me. (pause) I realize what I said about you not getting too close in the past was wrong. If anyone supports you in your endeavor to find happiness, it's me, Tony !

Tony: And Trudy too…

Stephen: Well, yes…of course. She was actually the one who scolded me after I said what I had. I haven't had a day's peace since then. Hopefully I can make amends.

Tony: So, even if it means a change of pace for me…

Stephen: I say, go for it. You only live once !

Tony: Now you're thinking like an Italian !

Eddie: (laughing) God help us all !

Stephen: So, when is the lovely songbird coming ?

Tony: In a few days actually, with a special announcement.

Stephen: (pats him on the back) I couldn't be happier for you ! I just hope everything works out for you both.

Tony: (enthusiastically) It will, I know it ! I've waited patiently. Justine is the only woman I have ever loved, and there is no other.

Stephen: True love. Cherish it, it is a rare thing.

Tony: (slaps him on the back) You are a romantic at heart, boss !

Stephen: (smiles) True. Keep up the good work, Tone. Guys. Everyone !

The guys: Sure !

(Stephen walks away and they keep working)

Robert: (comes up to Tony) Come 'ere, man.

Tony: Why ? What's this all about ?

(Robert hugs him)

(Eddie joins in)

Robert: We love you, man ! We couldn't be gladder.

Eddie: Whatever happens, we wish you happiness ! (weeps a little)

Tony: Ok, even for me…this is awkward. But I love you too.

(They enjoy the hug for a bit and then some cars are heard, the maids go into action and some guests are let in…Justine comes in as well and Tony sees her. She rushes toward him and picks him up in his arms to kiss him passionately)

Tony: I thought you said you'd be here in a few more days !

Justine: The tour ended early, and after all, some things are more important.

Tony: (bashfully) Oh, cara…You could've put your career in jeopardy.

Justine: Yes, and for you it is worth it.

Tony: (holding her close) What have you come to tell me, tesora ?

Justine: (holds out a black box) Actually I've come to ask you something. Will you marry me, Mr. Iacuzzo ?

(everyone gasps)

Tony: (almost beside himself) Yes, yes of course !

(The two kiss)

(The crew shouts bravos, claps and whistles)

Justine: Life without you has no meaning. (strokes his hair gently)

Tony: Neither without you, my darling. (kisses her)

(Everyone else says "Awww", and they break into "Love Will Keep Us Together")

(Flash forward to a wedding scene, and the bride and groom kiss, dancing as the song comes to an end)

(Confetti and such falls as Tony picks Justine up in his arms and carries her down the aisle.)

(Roll credits)

(Justine and Tony sing " I Will Never Let You Down" in the first few verses, then the chorus sings together their version of the song called "La Rosa Will Never Let you Down")

(Also as soon as the film is through, there will be a blooper reel, thanks and dedications, as well as a full cast photo signed by all the cast members. In the DVD, the actual photo is included. In the Limited Edition, there will be a blueprint of La Rosa, and detailed character layouts for the ultimate fans.)

Finito y Perfecto