A/N: this is the only love poem you will ever get out of me. We had to right them in Latin class, so it's in "Linglish" lmao, that means part english, part Latin. i'll put the latin words at the bottom.

and the

way you love me

will forever live, yet we

will die young as out amities

and carmenamabile exanimo

and your desideratio for me,

mea voluptas and forever,

as your dulcedo, mae

deliciolae, will stay

we amore ardeo

and end as all

death, mae






-carmenamabile exanimoerotic verses from the heart

-desideratiolonging; desire

-mea voluptasmy love


-amore ardeoburn with love

(it's a shape poem btw, it's supose to be a heart, but the stupid formatting on this thing is fucked like crazy... ugh)