The Same

There is nothing left to say,
So don't say anything at all.

We sing the same song,
Hear the same call,
Play the same game,
Meet the same fall.
We lose the same dreams,
At the break of dawn.

The chorus swells; fortissimo,
Filled with anger and strife.

We save the same secrets,
Touch the same life,
Light the same match,
Trace the same knife.
We feed the same affliction,
Until it is gone.

Hard-earned and persistent,
Trust is impossible to deny.

We write the same word,
Tell the same lie,
Shed the same tear,
Say the same good-bye.
We ask the same question,
What has been stumbled upon?

No two days are ever alike,
This, we cannot explain.

We blame the same circumstance,
Numb the same pain,
Walk the same path,
Board the same train.
We desire the same future,
The curtains are drawn.

One equals another,
I can finally see
The fragile mirror of our obstinancy.

And nothing will ever again be the same.