Author's notes: This is the embodiment of me being sick and tired of all those 'future fics' where gays are the extreme minority and oppressed. The first chapter starts out having very little to do with the story.


"So, like," The girl paused to snap her blue bubblegum, place her perfectly sculpted chin in her closed fists, and flick her bleached-to-a-frazzle hair over her shoulder. She snapped her gum again and started in on her tale of woe.

"I was, like, going to the coffee place, ya know, down the street?"

"Uh huh," Said her equally bleached friend.

"Well, I was, like, there, getting coffee, and this guy totally came up and hit on me!"

"No!" her counterpart gasped and smacked her pink bubblegum.

"I know, right? So, he was all like really subtle and stuff, and totally checking me out! And I was like, don't go there man, and he was like 'go where?' like he didn't have a clue!" She opened her mouth in a stunned look and her friend shook her head in sympathy.

"That is so sick! Those people will totally never learn."

"I know! It's like, no matter how many rules and laws and stuff we make, they always try and break them! And like, totally almost always get away with it too!"

"Oh my god, you turned him in right?"

"Yeah, like totally, I called the Enforcers and they totally came, and I was all freaking out! And they were like," Here she changes her name to sound more like a man, " 'Is there a problem miss?' and I was like, 'uh, yeah! That guy is totally hitting on me!' And they gave him those sad looks they do so well, and, like, arrested him!"

"Oooh, did you get to see them give him the injection?"

"No," She pouted and tapped one pink manicured nail against her strawberry-lip glossed lips, "They took him into their van thingy to do that. I was sooo disappointed!"

"I would be too, oh my god! They didn't even let you see it? You totally called it in!"

"Totally, but I guess, even heteros' are entitled a little privacy."

"Eww, don't say it like that. They aren't people."

"Well, like, I dunno, there was a time, like, a long time ago and stuff, when we weren't… Oooh, what's the word?"

"Oh, um, the majority?"

"Yeah! The Majority, that's totally it!"

"Oh my God!" Pink gum giggled

"I know lol!" Blue gum responded with a wrinkled nose and chat speak. The one with pink gum sat one elegant hand on her friends and for a moment I was hopeful that they would start to make out. No such luck, it was just a friend touch.

They burst into fits of giggles and I turned away shaking my head. This was clearly not going to be the conversation to end all conversations, and the eavesdropping was getting boring.

I looked back at my burger, now soggy and sad, and wondered at the ways of the world. My great great grandmother used to tell me stories from her great grandma, stories where 'gay' was tossed around the same way 'het' was now. I shuddered, that there could have ever been a time where gay wasn't the norm always scared the crap out of me.

I ate one of my near frozen fries and sighed in a way I knew always got the ladies to fawn over me. (I had to do this at least once a day, or I got out of practice.) After another moments contemplation I threw down a few dollars for my meal, which I hadn't really eaten, and wandered out into the open air.

I took a deep, smoggy breath to fill my self with purpose.

Time to find me a sexy lesbian.


Author's ending note of DOOM: It was really hard for me to write like those sorority sister types. Sorry if I totally messed it up.