to invite this character in
I open the door wide
tea and conversation drift
steam makes a lazy wave
away from my cup

about all the things we didn't plan
the plans that made their own circuits
threw the breakers and snap crackle

this one's live

you know, I had another route
in mind for those cables that are
the silver snakes of our paths
whether we slime along like slugs
or shiver the sky in a comet's tail
there's always a trail

just because it's not the way you'd have run it
doesn't mean it isn't there
this isn't a motherboard set in stone
which is silent
and shifts at the rate of millennia

our cells are in seconds
and we watch the water for Change
to surface like a movie monster
on the edge of our seats

we know all along
the most interesting monsters
are those that surprise us
and remind us of ourselves

I keep the kettle on