"Eat this."

"Excuse you?"

"Put this in your mouth and chew it." she said, her arm still extended.

He looked down at her hand, then back at her face. "Why?"

"Because it's delicious." she said, as though stating the obvious.

Blinking once again at his friend, he replied, "No, I think I'll pass."

With her brow furrowed, she crawled across the disheveled kitchen, coming close to her friend's face, and looked him square in the eye. "Can you at least try it? For me?"

Stealing a final glance at her face, a fusion of mischief, frustration and humor, Chase, took the tiny morsel of food. Alex's piercing glance sent his hand to his mouth, and he took the food in and chewed cautiously.

"So?" she asked, excited that he tried the food at all.

"It tastes like…"

"Like…?" she prodded, her smile growing.

Chase paused and chewed, quietly.

"It tastes like tacos!" he said, turning back to his friend.

"I know, right?" she screamed, falling on the white linoleum in a fit of laughter. Chase looked over and laughed also, noting the location of his best friend in the room. She was on her back, dark brown hair fanned out under her. She wore a wrinkle down the bridge of her nose and the muscles in her neck pressed against her skin, taut and strained from laughing.

He wondered momentarily why she laughed like that only in his presence. He surmised that it was just one facet of her personality that only he was privileged enough to see.

Once she regained her composure, Alex sat up, and reached over to her abandoned her bag of chips and resumed eating.

"Unbelievable." Chase sighed, shaking his head and smiling.

"I know." he said, her mouth full. "It's like, how did they get the chips to taste like ground beef and salsa and cheese? I think it's magic." she stated.

"That's not what I meant, cornball." chase said, tossing an empty plastic cup at her. "I meant us."

Alex refused to let his use of the word "us" be the cause of the shiver that crawled up her back and to the sensitive spot behind her ears. She shook her head for a second, and tried to reply as coherently as she knew how. "Yeah." she said, mentally kicking herself.

"I kind of get how people ca say they know someone better than they know themselves."

Alex quirked an eyebrow. "You think you know me better than I know myself?"

"I might." he teased, meeting here eyes again.

"Please, Chase. I bet I know more about you, than you know about me."

"You're on."

"Alright, tell me something about myself. Anything." she challenged. "And nothing blatently obvious."

"Okay," he said, pretending to think for a moment. "I know that you can't sleep without sock on."

"Hmm, not bad. Well, I know that you tried to take your braces off when you were twelve with a pair of pliers and some vegetable oil." she said, laughing at the memory.

"Ouch, had to break out the big guns, huh?" he said, chuckling as well. "Well, I know that you have an unhealthy obsession with peanut butter." Alex laughed loudly again, throwing her head back and hitting a cabinet.

The two continued exchanging knowledge of each other throughout the night. The state of the kitchen remained as it was; plates, glasses and a generous portion of food strewn about eh room, taking up every available inch of space, aside from the floor on which he pair sat.

Alex had cleared a mountain of garbage from around her, and lay on the floor, her head supported by her forearm, on the verge of sleep. Chase was leaned back on a dishwasher, still wide awake.

"I know…" Alex began, pausing to yawn loudly. "That you…are the…mmm" she said, drifting off mid-sentence, and falling asleep.

Chase snickered to himself for a minute, but didn't bother to rouse her. Despite her surroundings, she still held a peaceful expression when she slept.

"Hey, Alex?" he said, knowing he would get no response, but speaking freely anyway. "Can I tell you something you don't know about me?

Her steady, rhythmic breathing was his only reply.

Scooting forward, he brought his face close to hers and left a chaste kiss on her still, parted lips. Reeling back, he smiled and spoke again.

"Did you know, that I think I'm falling in love with you?" he asked.

Chase nearly jumped back, as he watched her lip widen and curve to a delicate smile.

"No, Chase, I didn't know that." she said keeping her eyes closed.

"Looks like I win."

I liked that. Hope you did too. Inspired by some taco flavored chips my dad brought home the other day. They really do taste like tacos. I didn't go too far into the setting, or the story behind the setting, because I tend to go overboard with it and it can detract from the plot.

Again, hope you enjoyed.