This is a rant I put up on Facebook a while ago (don't look down on me) because at that time, I kept seeing rants... so here ya go!

The Questions That Plague My Mind

Why is the sky blue?

Well, I know why it is, but why does it have to reflect THAT color? For that matter, why does the... ah, I forget the word... the stuff in leaves make it green and red and orange and yellow? Why can't there be any blue leaves? There's not enough blue in the world, and yes, even though the sky's generally blue, it isn't ALWAYS that way! Sometimes it turns grey or light grey or dark grey or black or green when there's gonna be a really, really, REALLY bad storm?

Speaking of blue, why is that always associated with boys? Is it because it's the "opposite" of pink (supposedly a girls color?)? It's not even the opposite! The opposite of blue is yellow! Wait... (checks on paintbrush) yep, it's yellow.

Why aren't people afraid of the dark?

Better question- why do elephants have such short tails? I mean, they're freakin' MASSIVE, and then you see this itty-bitty little tail... it just doesn't make sense! How can a humongous (sp?) animal be so disproportionate?

Why can't people spell the simplest words right, or know the difference between there, their, and they're or to, too, and two (in desperate cases)? Honestly, what are they teaching kids in school these days?!

Speaking of school, why do we have to get up so early? Do the teachers honestly think we could ever stay awake after possibly doing hours upon hours of homework (OK, slight exaggeration) and also cram in whatever else we have to do and then wake up at freakin' SIX IN THE MORNING?! It makes me unhappy on the inside.

Why do people look at you weird if you start singing in public? Or if you cause a scene? I mean, there are people who are MEANT to cause scenes, like Improv Everywhere!

Why do people associate some books or movies or abilities with being a nerd or a dork? What's wrong with being a nerd or a dork? Nothing, really...

CHAT SPEAK! Every time I see "u" or "ur" or "lol", I die a little inside. Sorry to all who use it. It's YOU and YOU ARE (or you're) and WHY ON EARTH DO YOU NEED AN ACRONYM FOR LAUGHING! Whatever happened to grammar and spelling? Whatever happened to using actual words?

Why do some people call the aurora borealis (sp?) the northern lights (I think that's supposed to be capitalized, but I'm not sure...)? The aurora borealis sounds so much prettier... plus, it can be BLUE!

Why is blue associated with sadness? Purple and black are sadder colors. Blue is more of a color for purity and wisdom and serenity and innocence... (depending on the shade, of course).

Why is it so hard to find the right color text to go on top of black and white pictures in Powerpoint or Windows Movie Maker? It's nearly impossible...

Why do cartoonists put rainbows across a bright blue sky, when in reality, you're much, MUCH more likely to see a rainbow across a grey sky...

Why can't you mix brown and black? They look fine together... or maybe that's just me...

What did Jesus and his disciples do in their free time, or when they were traveling? Did they have any road trip songs?

Why do people swear? I know the better half of you do swear, but honestly, there are better words that can be used instead...

In short:

More blue is needed.

Pink is a silly color.

Elephants make no sense.

Spelling and grammar. Learn it. Breathe it.

More sleep is needed.

Eccentricity is what makes life interesting.

Chat speak is overrated.

It's the aurora borealis, not the northern lights. (Seriously, is that supposed to be capitalized?)

Blue doesn't equal sadness.

Avoid using black and white backgrounds if you can...

...What is that strange wooshing sound? It's scaring me a little... oh... anyways...

You won't see a rainbow while the sky is blue.

Brown and black are OK together!

Someday, I have every intention of asking Jesus what went on during those periods of travel.

Expand your vocabulary. Don't swear.

And don't you dare get offended.

It's just a joke.

Seriously. I don't want to see any reviews about people being offended. And even if there are flames, I will use them to make s'mores.

Today, I give you brownies. :)