The Darkness of Love

There is a time

in every persons heart

when they do something

that wasn't very smart

This is the story

of that time I had

when I did that something stupid

it was so very sad

A long time ago

I met a boy who meant the world to me

I gave him my heart

How stupid could I be

I fell for him fast

He said he fell for me

Only I told the truth

How could he lie to me

He played along like he cared

I really thought he did

Only I was mistaken

I couldn't see what he had hid

I knew he spent a lot of time with her

She was his best friend

That never bothered me

But I never figured that she would be our end

He hid his love for her through me

until that night he never came home

I wasn't sure where he had went

Suddenly a bell rang on my phone

He called to tell me he had stayed with her

All I could think was ' Why are you doing this to me?'

He said he never loved me and there was nothing I could do

I cried so long I began to see

I saw what I never wanted to see

All the time we spent together

He always wished I was her

He made me think we'd be us forever

I wiped the tears from my eyes

Sat up from my bed

and decided I would never

let it happen again

I grabbed the knife

from my dresser drawer

and went to her house

so much anger had bore

The anger had overwhelmed

all the love I had

so I took that knife

and with a great stab

I stabbed the love of my life

and the girl that he left me for

and I feel no better

my heart is still sore

Don't let it happen to you

The horror above

of the tale of when I was taken over

by the darkness of love