Sarcasm Laced Voices

by, Cassandra

"You should have known,"
She whispers, as she paces.
"You should have tried,
You should have cried,
You should have…"

"What, died?"
(but I already have.)

"Would you stop fooling around?
This is serious here." she says,
exasperation written across her face.

(like I didn't know that already.)
"Well then, what do you have in mind?"
Sarcasm laced voices in dire situations...
(it never falls on deaf ears.)

"Is this some kind of joke to you?" she shouts.
"Do you find this funny somehow?"

(it is amusing to watch you break.)
"I was just asking a simple question!"
(under layers of satisfaction.)

"You are the most infuriating" she stops abruptly.
Calm is just a façade, not to be believed.
(just breathe, just breathe.)

"The most infuriating what?"
(I could have some fun with this.)
"Come on, just spit it out!"
(and, no, I'm not cold hearted.)

She takes a breath, and begins to speak,
but as always, nothing goes the way we want.
(saved by the knock on the door.)
Oh, she's pissed off now…

"What?!?" she exclaims
(interruptions are something she hates.)
(but life cannot be controlled.)
(you should know that by now.)

A timid voice outside;
"Is everything alright?"
(why wouldn't it be?)
"I thought I heard voices."

She drops her head in
(barely) veiled frustration.
She's not going to answer this time.
(of course, she'll leave this to me.)

"I'm fine." I state,
glaring at her bowed head.
(she's so infuriating.)
"Just talking to myself."
(arguing is more like it.)

An argument with myself
and I can't seem to agree
with anything I say…

(now how messed up is that?)