Teaching Me To Stand

by, Cassandra

In the darkness, nothing is ever what it seems.
Could you recognize me in the pouring rain
as I stand in the pitch black darkness,
screaming at the top of my lungs?
I know, it's not the me you thought you knew.
You probably would've kept walking by
if I hadn't called out your name.
The smile on my face took your breath away.
You see what you've been missing
in your busy, busy life, my dear?
You see what you've turned me into
with every knife you shoved into my back?
Betrayal does strange things to people
and nobody ever stops to think about
the phoenix that'll rise from the ashes
of all the messes they've made.
And to think that they're surprised
when every wound makes us stronger.
It's not like we could've sunk any lower.
The only way we can go is higher.
And the light is tainted, thanks to you,
so the siren call the darkness rings
is only all the more stronger, louder,
and there's no where else I'd rather be.
It's been awhile, but it's good for me.
You can see it with your own two eyes.
Once you've been to hell and back,
the flames don't seem quite so bad.
I've walked through fire, and I'm refined;
brighter, better then I've ever been.
And I guess that I have you to thank
for teaching me to stand on my own two feet.