The Fantasy Has To End

by, Cassandra

This storm is getting fiercer,
this rain is getting harder.
And my will is getting weaker,
as my hope is getting stronger.
It doesn't make any sense,
yet here I am…

Standing in this downpour,
screaming out my pain.
And I think I'm feeling better,
as the sorrow starts to fade.
It's something new to me,
because here I am…

Smiling despite the tears
that are streaming down my face.
Mingling with this soothing flood,
that's slowly washing away my fears.
And yet somehow I know
since I'm still here…

It's only going to get harder
before it gets any softer.
And I can't forget this place,
outside my world of disgrace.
It would drive me insane,
yet here I am…

Willingly walking toward
all I thought I left behind.
And the laughter doesn't blind
the pain that lingers inside.
Because I know that this is
somewhere I won't be again…

and the fantasy has to end.