How many of you have been called Emo
Or Punk
Or Goth
Because you like the dark
Or they think you cut
Or have different hair style?
Well, you aren't alone.

No matter what people say you are
You mustn't let it get to you
That's just what they want.
Tell them to fuck off
If not,
You'll make their life a living hell

And for all you people
Who think you know everything,
Guess what?

You can't judge someone
By what they wear
Or their hobbies and interests
If you do,
We'll call you all selfish bitches.
Let's see how you like it.

You may not think labelling us is an insult
But you obviously don't know
How wrong you are.
I've called my friends bitches;
They made fun of me.
Made fun of my individuality
Even though we're pretty well the same.

To all of you who are reading this,
Don't judge us by our clothing
Or our taste in music
And especially NOT
By your own assumptions

To the people who don't do those things,
Keep doing what you do
And try helping the others to follow your example.