Pen To The Paper

by, Cassandra

Put the pen to the paper and write out...
something, damn it!
It really isn't all that hard.
But that hand around your throat
(that hand belongs to me)
is choking all the words
you could ever want (need!) to say.
And there's nothing I can (or will) do to help.

You've never needed my help before
so why should I go out of my way now?
You've seem to got this under control,
and knowing me, I'd probably just screw it all up.
(your words, not mine.)

In exiling me, you exiled yourself,
so don't blame me; the choice was yours.
And don't worry; I got the hint this time.
I'll leave you alone to your inevitable failure.
(you can insert malicious laughter here.)
And, believe me; I'll be laughing all the way.

Do you still think you're so perfect?
Well, look at you now, my dear.
Your once loyal admirers are nowhere to be seen.
(of course you'll be blaming me for that.)
I guess they're disappointed to learn that
even the flawless eventually have to fall.

A rose by any other name would still smell as sweet,
but I highly doubt it'd hold the same shock when that
perfect rose (by any other name) causes you to bleed.
Thorns, my darling, cannot be disguised.
And that's what you are... a thorn in my side.
(and I mean that in the worst/best possible way.)

You're still standing in my way, (unbelievable!)
even when you're shattered on the ground.
We're inexplicably bound (unwillingly as well)
and no matter how I pull, how I push, it's never going to break.
I guess it's up to you (as it always is) to breach this gap
and get us (me. I couldn't care less about you) to the other side.

You're never going to let me go, now this I know.
You can't let go of the past, no matter what shame it holds.
So I'm back under lock and key, until once again... you break.
But you'll see (the world will see); I will eventually break free,
and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

The game is set.
The game is matched.
And very soon...
(victory will be mine.)