Wouldn't it be lovely if we were all so naïve? To listen to the lies and just believe. To go astray without regrets. To FUCK it all and just forget. Its like walking the demons to free your soul. Just give in and let go. Yet struggle on we all must try. You live a lie and you let yourself die. Suicide is a sin they say. So put the blade down and walk away. The answers you seek aren't simply found in a book. There is no answer key to life. You won't find your answers at the end. Spend all your life to find the answers and in the end you've forgotten the question. Make your own answers. Its much harder, but you'll find its more fun. You stumble a little, at times you walk, sometimes you crawl, but there are times when you will run. Not away but towards. I know what it is to touch but not feel. Holding back and never knowing. Fear is not simply and emotion, it is a trap. Walking with blinders does not help you to see. At times it gets dark and I wish to see red, to feel the sharpness of pain just to know I'm not dead. I never place the steal to flesh. I am not naïve. I know the answers do not lie in blood. Naivety is a lie, and in lies hides death.