I dunno. I just felt like writing this. So random am I. Heh heh. Enjoy, -BloodyRedEclipse

Kari blinked tugging at her bonds. She knew what was coming, she knew as surely as she needed blood, that soon Riu and Devrick would be here. They would always come to her, because they needed her.

Her 'room' was a large, drafty, dungeon-like number. It was designed that way to make her feel even more submissive. Not that she needed to be. And she really couldn't feel the cold. She was a vampire after all.

She heard the faint foot-steps of her dominators, and grinned, showing her fangs. She tossed her head and gazed at them. "Boys." She greeted, silvery eyes glinting. Heat built between her thighs.

Riu inhaled, then grinned. "Kari-girl, your already creaming. Nice."

"Very nice, brother." Devrick corrected.

Kari could see the large bulges in there pants. Smiling, she shifted slightly, letting them get a better view of her lithe, naked body. Her long blonde hair hung around her breasts, covering her nipples. She heard there intake of breath.

"Our little submissive is turning into a tease!" Riu grinned, shooting his brother a look.

"We should punish her. Go get the lube." Devrick's grin was all feral threat.

Kari shivered. Lube? What were they talking about? They had never used her like that, before.

Before she could think about it too much, Devrick stepped up to her and kissed her. His tongue invaded her mouth like his body would soon invade hers. She growled hungrily when he ran his tongue over her elongated canines.

His hands swept up to cup her full breasts, thumbing her nipples with practiced skill. He gently plucked one, being careful not to really hurt her. Then one hand traced a path downward, finding her mound and delving in her slickness. She made a purring sound, deep in her throat.

Suddenly she felt Riu slip behind her. Breaking the kiss with Devrick, she sucked in a breath. "What are you doing?" she whispered as Riu's hands slipped down her backside, finding her entrance there and sliding two slick fingers inside the scissoring them apart.

"I said we needed to punish you, besides," Devrick grinned like the devil, "This is so much faster." His mouth traveled down to her breasts, replacing his absent hand and sucking hard, gently biting.

Kari groaned, tugging at her bonds again. The didn't give, not that she expected them to, but she could always try. Riu chuckled softly, pumping his hand hard. A whimper of pleasure-pain echoed in the room.

"Brace yourself, baby-girl." Devrick murmured in Kari's ear, then picked her up, effortlessly and impaled her. She screamed at the sudden rush, wrapping her long legs around his lean waist. She felt Riu gently spread her backside. She whimpered as he too impaled her, one slow, thick inch at a time. Pain and please seared through her body, blending- and heating the climax she could feel building in her lower belly.

Friction. She needed friction. Now. "More." She begged, rolling her hips against Devrick. He laughed darkly, but complied, plunging in and out, Riu did the same, timing their thrusts so that the were in perfect sync. Pain and pleasure made her belly clench, aching for a release.

Soon, so soon...

Devrick drove as deep as he could, pumping his hot pleasure inside Kari as her climax burst free. She felt Riu's release in her other entrance.

Drained, Kari felt her energy give and slipped deep into vampire sleep as the two incubi removed themselves from her body and lay her on the bed in the corner, then left. They'd see her again next week.