Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"Hey! Wait up!" a voice called as Katrina hurried down the hallway towards her next class. She whirled around, only to find Damien, calling after her, waving his hands. Assuming he was calling for Hope, or one of his newfound friends, Katrina ignored his cries and continued down the hallway. "Katrina!" he yelled again. Katrina stopped, whirled around, and looked Damien straight in the eye.

"What do you want?" she asked abruptly

"Listen, about earlier…" he started.

"You can just save it!" Katrina snapped. "You did that on purpose!"

"Katrina, seriously, it was a total accident, I messed up the dance, I learned the moves backwards, I never meant to knock you off the stage…"

"And your point is?" Katrina asked, talking with her hands.

"Look, I just wanted to apologize, you were right…" Damien continued.

"About what?" Katrina began as she continued to shuffle down the hallway, Damien following by her side. "I told you, it wasn't going to be a picnic here…guess you didn't believe me…"

"You were right, you're one of the best dancers here, and one of the prettiest too, if I might add…" Damien finished as they turned the corner.

"Flattery might get you everywhere with Miss. Barret, but it's not going to get you anywhere with me. Now, why don't you take your big-shot, Hollywood attitude and go back to California or wherever you came from!" Katrina snapped, clearly annoyed with this jerk's pathetic excuse of an apology.

"Katrina," he began again. "I was serious, you are a good dancer, and you're a really nice person too. If you gave me the chance, I could show you I'm not the big-shot you think I am!"

Katrina whirled to the right, into the entryway of her next class, Music Composition. "Damien, just stop! Okay? Go back with Hope and your real friends! Leave well enough alone! I'll know change when I see it!"

RING! The bell rang as students scurried frantically to their seats. Katrina trudged to the back row to her usual spot next to her friend Daniel, a musician. He was tall and athletic, with an amazing body. He had chestnut brown hair and puppy dog brown eyes, and a thousand watt smile. He was an amazing guitar player, one of the best at South-Magnet. Today, Daniel wore a navy blue t-shirt, ripped jeans, and brown flip-flops.

Daniel scurried in and plopped down into his usual spot.

"Cutting it close, again! What were you doing? Chit-chatting with Amber?" Katrina teased.

"Oh, be quiet!" he replied, rolling his eyes, "We're just friends and you know it!"

"Sure…that's what they all say…" Katrina retorted sarcastically.

Suddenly, Mr. Moore burst into the otherwise noisy class-room. At slightly under six foot, Mr. Moore was a middle aged man with dark brown hair that had a few grey hairs in certain places "worry hairs" as he called them. He had brown eyes, almost like that of Daniel and a reasonably athletic body. Mr. Moore was one of the more well-liked teachers at South-Magnet. He was kind, yet firm, and his classes were usually fun.

"All right, listen up!" he announced, walking in front of his desk, slightly leaning on it. "My voice for today is shot, allergies and what not, so, you're all going to just take this period to work on your compositions which are due next Tuesday, and I don't want any excuses! Dancers, I don't care how late Miss. Barret kept you, Tuesday is Tuesday not Wednesday or Friday! I've given you more than enough time in class to work and I expect it on time! Comprende?"

The class nodded and immediately pulled out notebooks and began writing or turning around to chat with their friends.

"So, what's this I hear about you and Damien…" Daniel started.

"What did you hear? About the stage thing?"

"Yeah I heard from Ben, and I just heard your conversation with him like right before class started…" he replied turning in his desk to face Katrina.

"Ugg, you actually heard that?" she moaned

"Yeah, I was kind of right behind Damien…"

"Oh," Katrina replied, slouching in her seat.

"So, are you going to give him a shot?" he asked curiously.

"And why would I do a stupid thing like that?" she questioned "Do you actually think I like that jerk?"

"And why is he such a jerk? Cause the new kid made a mistake, obviously didn't know the routine and pushed you off stage? That sounds really reasonable Katrina, it just does!"

"No, it's not so much that he pushed me, it's that he went over with Hope and her giggling pack of dreadful hyenas and started laughing at me! I was the laughing stock of the Advanced class!!"

"He's just trying to fit in, Katrina! Cut the dude some slack! I mean think about it, he's in my Theory class and after just hanging with him for a day or two, he seems like a nice person…"

"Things aren't always the way they seem! Neither are people! People like Damien!"

"Will you just chill? Breathe, Katrina! Breathe! Just give the guy a shot, who knows maybe you two will grow to be something more…"

"Like you and Amber?" Katrina teased.

"Yes, like me and, hey wait a minute!" Daniel said, "You sneaky…"

Katrina grinned; her eyes almost seemed to say "Got ya!"

"So, you going to give this guy another shot?" Daniel asked again.

"We'll see…" Katrina replied as the bell rang. She jumped out of class and ran to find Damien, Daniel was probably right, new guy, just wants friends, he probably was just trying to fit in. As Katrina walked up the hall she felt her heart skip a beat and land in her throat. There, at Hope's locker was Damien, and Hope. Hope smiled flirtatiously as well as Damien, as the two appeared to chat up a storm. Katrina blinked her eyes in disbelief as Damien put his arm around Hope and the two started to walk up the hall.

"Hey, Katrina!" Izzy called from down the hall, Katrina didn't even notice, she was too shocked by what she just saw. "Katrina, hello? Earth to Katrina! Come in Katrina!" Izzy shouted, moving her hand up in front of Katrina's face.

"What?!" Katrina jumped at unexpectedly hearing her friends' voice.

"Katrina, are you okay?" Izzy asked, rather concerned.

"Yeah, although I'm not sure I just saw what I think I saw…" she replied.