Chocolate Covered Boxer Briefs

The Musical!


Jayden (Main Character)



Jayden's Father

Jayden's Mother



Mr. Wood

Michael Waltrip


(Dim lights start to brighten as the curtains rises to show a bedroom showing Jayden cross legged on his bed looking like he is thinking.)

(Freshmen Masturbation cue music starts playing: an upbeat tune that sounds a bit jazzy and swing.)

(Jayden starts to sing in his tenor voice)

Jayden: Freshmen year has started --!

My heart is about to burst!

I can feel the change inside of me,

(Voice starts getting louder)

A feel of wonder

Inside of me!

Freshmen year --- is something new!

Stealing your older brothers por—no.

(Voice gets a little softer again)

And taking it to school with you.

The new thing is mastur-bat-ing in the



(Music changes to a slow and in a worried tune.)

(Jayden's face changes into a worried gaze.)

But I'm not cool enough.

My brother would maim – me.

Plus I'm not even a—loud in the upstairs



(Suddenly there is a knock at the bedroom door and the lights dim again.)

(Jacob walks in and flips on the lights)

(Music still playing but just gets softer)

Jayden: Oh it's just you.

Jacob: My parents are fighting again.

Jayden: About?

(Jacob stands there for a moment before looking out to the crowd)

(Freshmen Masturbation music starts up loud again…)

(Jacob starts to sing in a light baritone voice.)

Jacob: About me…

The bills

The house

The dog we don't have

If I may remind you

And the flo-wers.

Jayden:So it's all the same again?

Jacob: Yes-----!

(Music stops playing with a fast banging chord on the piano)

(Jayden turns to the crowd and thinks: )

Jayden: Jacob's parents fight a lot so he comes over here.

(He turns back to Jacob)

Jayden: I'm going to take a shower.

Jacob: I don't care. Now stop being gay.

(Jayden turns to the crowd and says "Gay?" in a confused voice before moving around to get his clothes.)

End Scene I Act I.

Director's Note: I like musicals. I do. So I thought that I would make a musical out of one of my stories and I thought that this would be the perfect one to do it for. If you read the story-story it will be different from this and I'm probably going to end this at Chapter/Act 5 - Scene 3. The CHAPTERS ARE GOING TO BE REALLY SHORT! But this is just all fun in games. This is only going to have some of the characters in here. Not all of the characters in the story-story. The only people in this is the people on the cast list. Some might not even have a major part.

Okay? Have a fab day.