Scene II Act I

Scene II Act I

(The light grows brighter on the part of the stage that shows the bathroom.)

(Jayden hand shows as he grabs a towel. Steps out with the towel on.)

Jayden: Gay?

(Music for 'So I'm Gay, eh?' starts in a merry tune)

(Jayden moves left center to the mirror to look in it)

(As the intro goes Jayden plays with his hair and looks closely in the mirror)

Jayden: It's probably my hair,

Look at it!

All highlighted



(Softens voice)


No, nope,

It's probably my eyes,

Hazel with a hint of


No, that can't be it.

Then it's probably my size,


I'm am girly,


But not all

(Music slows a bit)

Ga--ay men are.

(Normal pace with a bang of chords)

(Jayden lets out a sigh and frowns towards the crowd)

My Uncle Larry,

He is gay.

Let's just say,

Not a tiny man.

(He rolls his eyes and turns back to the mirror)

It's my scent!

Has to be it.

It has too!

(Music slows again)

But wh--at do gay men smell like?

(Music speeds up to a fast running pace)

Like man sex and bears!

(Music bangs to a stop)

Jayden: Well that can't be it. (shrugs shoulders) Oh well.

(Lights Dim)

End Scene II Act I