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Chapter One


Terrifying winds swept through the mountains, whistling as they roared through the valleys and sped above the cliff tops. Ace's eyes lifted to the sky, her gloved hand rising to shelter her icy blue eyes from the pelting hailstones. A rough nose rubbed against her leg. She laced her fingertips through Loki's black, grey and white fur as the wolf rested against her leg.

"I guess it's all started again then, hasn't it?" she laughed, her voice soft in the wind. "The war's on again… and it's not gonna end well for us at all… I can feel it."

Loki looked up at her, his deep, amber eyes soft. Ace smiled softly, dragging her fur cloak tighter around her, tugging the hood over her coal hair. "We'd better head back; we don't want to get stuck out here…"

Head down, Ace began to make her way back along the track, slowly vanishing beneath the falling snow. Loki froze. Ace arched an eyebrow, watching him, following his gaze. There was something ahead… something in the snow… No, there were lots of somethings in the snow… and they were headed this way. Horses… and riders. She couldn't be found. Not by anyone from this side of the Border or the other.

Ducking low to the ground, she sprinted silently through the snow, careful to not leave any signs of her passing. An arrow sunk into the snow beside her, a piece of cloth wrapped around it. She froze, spinning around, seizing the shaft as she did so. The men were still a distance off… But within shooting distance. Tearing off the cloth, she read the message printed on it.

Don't even try running.


A frown darkened her forehead. Lord Ryer? was he was… He was the one who called all the shots. Only the Emperor ruled over him. Irritated, she stood. What did he want? Why was he here? How did he know she even existed?

Loki looked up at her questioningly. She shrugged.

The sound of hooves reached her. They were close. Dangerously close. Gritting her teeth, she rose to her full height. Much smaller than most.

Her pose tensed as snow flew towards her, off the horses. The glitter of armour was impossible to miss as a dozen mounted soldiers came to a stop before her, one horse dragging some sort of cart. At their lead, was a man dressed to look above the others.

"We're here on behalf of the Emperor of Kryslan," he stated, slipping off his steed to land steadily on the snow covered ground. "You're to come with us to Kryslan. You've been recruited for the forces."

What? Ace backed away, shaking her head… What was going on? Kryslan? TO join the armed forces? No… It wasn't happening.

His formal tone suddenly dropped as he stepped forward. Closer than she would ever have liked. She made to push him away.

"Don't try to oppose me," he demanded, a leer forming on his thin lips. "And when you come…" He ran his fingers over the side of her face, even as she cringed. "I'd love to get to know you more… intimately."

"Fuck off."

He looked startled. "But you don't have a choice… Orders of Lord Ryer. He sent me personally."

"Well you can tell your Lord Ryer that he is not my lord and I will never answer to him or Kryslan."

"Then you belong over the Border!" he spat. A smirk slipped over her face. How ironic he should say that. His fingers dropped to her neck, his nails digging into her pale skin.

"I told you to fuck off."

His other hand flew through the air, slapping her hard. She stumbled back, icy blue eyes blazing in fury.

"Don't touch me!" she yelled.

There was a deep growl beside her as Loki lunged at the man, knocking him to the ground. Ace grabbed his fur, pulling him back. They'd hurt him if he killed the man. She heard the ring of steel as weapons were drawn.

"You little-!" he trailed off, slamming his fist into the side of her stomach. Ace felt the snow beneath her as she hit it, her fingers still woven into Loki's thick fur.

"My Lord Stefan."

She looked up at the sound of another voice. One of the soldiers had left his mount to stand beside the man before her.

"My Lord, your brother requested you didn't harm her."

"Ryer isn't here, is he?"

"But I am, My Lord and I am obliged to inform him of anything that happens. Girl, don't make me force you. You're coming with us."

"You can't make me," she whispered, her voice whipped away by the howling wind.

"Men, get her into the cage… that dog of hers too." Ace looked up to see the cart being brought closer. It was only then that she noticed the iron bars that sealed it from the rest of the world.

Arms seized her as she kicked out. A yelp met her ears as Loki was grabbed by hands. She smirked as she saw his teeth sink into a hand here, and arm there… But it wasn't enough. She twisted helplessly, her body writhing in the grips.

She shot a glance at Stefan, grimacing as she saw him watching her body twist. Perverted man. Hard wood met her back as she landed on the floor of the cage, Loki by her side.

"Well I'd say we're pretty much fucked," she whispered. Loki whined helplessly as she tangled her fingers in his thick fur.

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