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Chapter Five

Ace glared at the door, not tearing her eyes away from it. It would open. Soon. They would come in. She would have to put up with their talking for a while… Then it would all be over, yeah? Then she could go back to her chamb- No. It wasn't hers. She didn't belong here.

"Loki, we should get our arses outta here."

"You know what, Stefan?"

Stefan glanced at his brother. "Yeah?"

"Ace... She's... Got such an incredible persona."


"I mean she's like… Powerful, confident, stubborn…"

"The sort of girl you'd love to have chained to your bedpost," laughed Liam, head of the assassins leaning into the conversation.

Stefan chuckled, nodding.

"And who are we talking about?" asked the man.

"Ace," stated Ryer.

"Aah… The new one."


"I want her to be trained as one of yours, Liam."

Stefan nodded at Ryer's words.

"Stefan is her Master, but will you do that for me?"

"She is fiery, my Lord… It won't be easy. From what I've seen of the girl, at least, she won't submit easily."

"Yeah, I know, but she'll be good, yeah? It'll be worth it?"

The man nodded. "I think so. If I may ask… Has the girl been with a man?"

Stefan jumped to the defense. "You are no-"

"Whoa, no, not my type. Before she because a full assassin, she cannot be a little girl. Many of our female assassins, if caught are raped and such, violated in such ways. If she is a virgin, there's no way she'll hold against something like that."

Ryer nodded his understanding. "No, I don't believe she has been with anyone."

Ace twisted in irritation against the stake. "Get the fucking chain off of me!" she whispered violently, writhing against it as it bit into her soft, pale flesh on the undersides of her wrists.

Blood spilled with soft splatters onto the stone floor at her feet. She wrinkled her nose at the sight of it before renewing her struggles.

The door creaked open, spilling light into the room. She ignored it.

"You can't break chain, girl."

"But I can try," she shot back, glaring at the man.

"Liam, meet Ace."

"You're bleeding," stated a softer voice as Ryer stepped forward, crouching by her side, reaching out to steady her.

"Get your fucking hands off of me."

Out of the corner of her eye, he caught Loki shying away from the tall stranger, Liam. And you call yourself a wolf.

"Ace, stop it, let me help you."

"Don't touch me, my Lord."

"Ace, listen to me."

"Here's how you do it," growled the tall assassin, striding forward and seizing the girl's wrists, twisting them up as she winced in pain. A well aimed kick struck him in the shins. But he didn't budge.

"Bastard," she whispered.

"Now, Ace, you will sit down and listen."

"Will I now?"

A boot struck her hard in the stomach. She doubled over, even as he held her wrists. The pain in her shoulders was terrifying. But he didn't stop, instead twisting them further back.

"Don't try anything, girl."

"Stop me."

"Oh I will."

Ace smirked. "Sure you will."

She watched as the man raised his fist.

"Liam, stop."

The man paused.

"Leave her for now," demanded Stefan. "We'll deal with her later. For now, let's sort out her training."

"Training?" asked the small girl looking up, curiosity and caution flaring in her icy blue eyes. What were these guys up to?

"Ace, you are to be an assassin."

"No I'm fucking not. You know what Ryer, you can't make me do that."

"I know," he replied softly. She arched an eyebrow, ever so slightly, cocking her head to the side. "Bur Master Liam can."

"No one can. I'll prove it to you. I'll never become your assassin. You'll never control me.


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