I knitted a cover for the world
to place upon their eyes
I stole away their pain from them
And heard no more cries.

Evryone was happy
I saw all this and knew,
And the pain was lifted from me
And I was happy too.

I saw it leave my shoulders
and slowly start to rise
and then it simply melted,
disappeared into the skies

Cos noone now was hurting,
so how could I feel pain?
My hurt was caused by sadness
which wouldn't happen again.

And as I looked up skywards
Rain and sunlight fell on me
And in the place of our world's pain
A rainbow I did see.

The rainbow was all colours
of hope and joy and love,
And underneath the rainbow
there flew a flock of doves.

And when I opened up my eyes
The world more cheerful seemed
And the pain in my heart eased a bit
With hope there's truth in dreams.