What the hell should I do?

Do I buy one and run the risk of being yelled at?

But then my heart yells at me for not doing such.

Or do I not buy one and make you think I don't care?

But all who knows me know that I adore you.

Why does this have to be so hard?

When once upon a time everything was fine,

I wouldn't play this 'what if' game with myself,

And just give you the world.


Who knew they'd cause me such turmoil,

Enough to make grown man cry.

I wish I could show you how much you mean to me,

Without you getting upset,

Or me stumbling over myself.

It used to be easy,

Now it's far from it,

Damn me and my romantic tendencies.

God knows you aren't mine,

So why do I still try to impress you,

Try to show you my love?

When none of it really matters.


Maybe I'll flip a coin,

Heads: I buy one,

Tails: I don't.

I can't do that, basing my gift giving on a coin.

Maybe I'll just do it,

To hell with the consequences and do what my heart wishes.

Or maybe I'll just be absent that day.