I learned to knit yesterday.
It's a great way to hide things away.
Here's a warmer for your eyes,
You can't see thru? now there's a surprise!
Pull the wool over your eyes
You know you don't want to see
I don't think you even realise
That you've been fooled by me.

It really isn't all that hard
to make your worries go,
I tell you insignificant things
you think that's all there's to know.
You seem to forget that I learned to
act before I could even walk,
It makes it easy to hide the truth
and yet still allow you to talk.

I'll never let you know all this
Never burst your bubble
You've got enough upon your plate,
enough of your own troubles.

Psychology is such a simple art
helps define how we tell truth and lies apart
you only need the basic rules
even the best of friends to fool.
Not many people have empathy
That which allows you to truly see
Past the facade of well-meant lies
Past the well-constructed disguise.

I can see when something is wrong with you
You cannot hide it, your soul is too true.
But long ago I said goodbye
to my innocence and learned to hide.

I watch my sister
I watch my 'rents
I watch the people
I gladly call friends
None of them know what is wrong with me
The darkness would overwhelm them you see.
I do not mind, I am glad, for it cheers me to know
That innocence doesn't always fade as people grow.

I'm not bitter, I understand. Things
happen sometimes you see
I'm just glad that this time they
happened to noone but me.

It isn't really all that bad
I can take the axe that falls on my head
But when it falls on someone else
I wish it was me instead
Why is it that someone else's pain
stabs me ten times as hard
The deeper they try to hide their hurt
the further they bury the shard.

If I could take the world's pain
On my own shoulder's I would
Don't you start thinking, though,
that this means I am good
It's simply that it hurts me more
when others are in distress:
By taking away their pain from them
It would hurt me less.

It is for selfish reasons then
that I wish you no pain
I couldn't ever hurt you friend,
that would be insane.
Why should I cause harm to you
or try to make you sore
For any anguish felt by you
will hurt me even more.

So I'll cover your eyes
and hide the proof
so you don't realise
the painful truth.