A Poem For You

I'm sorry, for all the pain I caused,

I'll love you, 'til the last day dawns,

Please don't leave me, alone and lost,

The price of me and you, was a very high cost,

Don't make it for nothing,

It has to mean something,

Our love was so strong,

But I guess our prediction of forever was wrong,

My heart eternally breaks,

I'd do whatever it takes,

To win back your love,

Because it's as sweet as a dove,

Of course, hearts shatter,

So to you, what does it matter?

My head is spinning so fast,

And I look back on the memories of the past,

And I wonder how I loved you so,

I can still answer it though,

Black hair, hazel eyes,

And don't forget all the "Be Mines,"

Your love for me fell short,

In the end, I couldn't begin to sort,

So much confusion in the air,

The one clear thought, back at the fiar,

We were friendly, and happy,

We liked each other, nothing sappy,

The movements slow,

Feelings a flow,

My soul is sleeping,

My body weeping,

How I wish you'd ome back,

Without you, my heart lacks,

It's empty and cold,

To your love, I hold,

The bitter sweet farewell,

The ringing of a small bell,

It told me to forget,

And that I get,

It's what I'm doing,

To stop all the cooing,

I'm writing a poem...

For you.


This one took me like four days to write... I'm not sure how good it is, as I'm like only like three days old on this site, so giving any feed back would be absolutely great! Thanks so very much!