if i don't make itout of here alive,
don't come back for me.
leave me here in between
these rocks
(someone once said
between your heart
and a hard place.

thats where i am)
so i'm trying to figure out
what made
forever turn into never
and, why i thought
telling you that i don't love you
(just the idea of you)
would make me feel better.
i guess i wanted it to be
true. sometimes
lies from pretty lips
sound sweeter
than the truth.
because the truth is,
i do love you;
not just the idea of you.
the idea of you
is attractive,
no doubt about it,
but thats not all
that i love about you.
i love the way you
make me feel,
and i love the way you
make me smile,
and i love the way i
thought you loved me
the same way i loved you.

why can't i get over you?