here i am
in the shadows
of daylight
as i crowd the corner of noontime naps
slumbering over hills made of pillows and quilts and
a dream
(that i forgot)

here i am
but not here
i am not
and the questions of yesteryear are the
answers of today
and tomorrow is when we'll use them
(or so we claim)

here i am
the dreaming is sweet
but there is no order to be had
so perhaps i am not
here, either

do you dream like i dream
do you strive like i strive
do you know like i know
that all the little pieces
and all the little seams and stitches
will come together if you
wake up
before you finish falling?

the pauper gapes inelegantly
the rich man lets his eyes glitter
the wise man thinks that he does not know
that all the little paper monies
and all the copper fees of no direction
will go away if you
pay up
before you lose your credit

here i am
but you'll not find me
when you're looking at the world