A Symphony in my Soul

I am fully convinced that my body is 95 percent music.

I tap rhythms on desktops,

Hum harmonies as I walk through the halls, my feet in time with the beat.

Chords make me smile, the intervals shimmering together as they ring and fade away.

In my mind, a thousand-piece wind ensemble lives,

made up of the world's greatest musicians.

They play the songs of my soul, perfectly in tune and balanced,

in a whirlwind that courses through me.

All of the instruments play together, in time with my footsteps.

In my mind, I have the largest, most beautiful choir in the world,

voices singing in harmony,

Their timbre perfected and their ranges unrestricted.

I analyze chords for my own enjoyment,

Listen for every glissando, every crescendo, every accent.

Most people need to have music played for them,

on a radio

a CD,

an out-of-tune piano

But I need only to become a temporary introvert,

and listen

To the symphony in my soul