Remember when we were kids, stuck in school when it started to snow? That rush of excitement, we'd giggle and fidget in our seats, leaning over to look out the window. Teacher couldn't have that. She'd shut the blinds, she couldn't let us have that little bit of hope.

Years later, but it's still the same story, isn't it? But we don't question it anymore. We're here to listen, to learn, to pay our dues until we can get out there in the real world and live. So we sit and take notes in fucking science class and try to feel the world turn beneath our feet. But we're not part of it, not yet.

I have a question. Why isn't the sky as blue as it used to be when we were kids? Don't give me some bullshit science answer about pollution. It doesn't take a scientist to see that those monstrous hunks of metal we drive around are no good. I'm not asking about that. I'm asking, what changed in us that made us see it differently? What made the world grey for us? Why aren't we amazed by it anymore? Why is everything so much smaller and less impressive? Can we talk about that? I don't want to be lectured, I want a discussion. Let's learn from each other. Why can't we do that?

We've got to talk about science. What good did science do for anyone anyway? Machine guns and atom bombs? More advanced ways of killing each other? And we call it "progress." Fuck that. Let's go live in the woods and look up at the sky.