today was orgasms and sex phantasms and

not so zingy comebacks

clothes crumpled in a corner

clingy and damp

my hair and my hands and my

cloying tea dregs

all participants in humidity humanity

eschewal of my sanity


dark dewy eyes

dilated skies too light head

too bright bed boom

chucka bang banjo twang

bottleneck blues

scratching gliding grating

sliding rhythmic shaking

quaking igneous rock


magma: melted lava liquid

heat hardening hmmm

into islands splayed like fingers

cool wavelets lapping mapping

new terrain. a frozen feeling

lingers after the tenor singers

hush: flush but in no rush

to tame this teeming flame.


the flux of fire- desire erupting

as moist music

from a shuddering sea

an archipelago of

staccato songs smoldering

below the surface as limp

tea leaves and sodden laundry

solidify: lush afterglow air.